Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec 7/14 - Photos of Yesterday in Rain Gauge

Curt and I headed out yesterday and rode with the Corbin Country Club crew.  Our trail had a good enough amount of snow on it that you could float here and there - in the well treed stretches and not always at higher elevation.  On two stretches where the flood damaged the trail we encountered rocks.  We kept an easy pace.  The ditch ride to Corbin was fine - we went up and around the creek.  The first couple of kms of the Flathead was icy here and there but a truck had been up it and the tracks had frozen but again that was a small stretch. You didn't have to go far and you were floating on the sides.  It spit on us a bit at that 5000ft mark but above 5500ft it was snowing a bit.  Rain Gauge had more snow than expected with spots where you could sink to your hips and others where you sunk to your knee.  No bottom but this warmer weather today will help it form a good base.  There were pinwheels so watch for wet slabs over the next week or so and if we happen to get a storm (not forecasted) then give it a few days to play nice with the snow it now covers - the added weight on the wrong degree slope could force it to give way - just a mental note.

We went into both bowls and got stuck, had it to the pin climbing up to get to spots and encountered very few stumps or rocks BUT we also knew where to venture and where to hold off.  We were boon docking in some areas going up to the back bowl to the south but once up in the bowl visibility was very low and it was really windy and snow pack was hardened up and thinner.  In the trees it was perfect.

Curt and Cooper went out today to do some trail maintenance and prepare the creek crossings for the Timbersleds.

Had guys in two cabins this weekend and the Flathead is booked for next weekend.  Its supposed to snow Monday and Saturday with periods of rain and fog in between.  The temps on both sides of the Divide are going to be in the +6 to +9 range mid week.  As temps drop a bit on the weekend I would expect to see snow up top regardless of what it is doing down here.  (In that last photo - that is our trail near the Corbin Hwy and all the foot prints belong to our pack of wolves that live out behind us).  I am going to enjoy every day of sledding I can this year - Cheers! -V

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