Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feb 27/13 - Light Snow

Morning, it is -2 and snowing lightly here and our buddy Ray is in Fernie and said it is snowing hard there right now. Our guests were up in Limestone yesterday and said there was 8 inches of fresh snow up there and ran into two guys on Cats from Sparwood - said they were so helpful and that they had a great time riding with them - Thanks to sledders that are friendly! Curt just spoke with the club about grooming on the Flathead and they had problems with the groomer. The parts will be here this week and they will hopefully have them in and working on Sat and groomed on Sunday. We are off to Fernie this morning to ride in from Coal Creek Rd. Cheers - V

Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 25/13 - Rain Gauge info

Sorry no pics today you guys - I was having too much fun climbing stuff, jumping over drifts and carving in thigh deep snow to stop and turn my phone on and take a photo. Wind up top was strong but it was snowing there, down on the Flathead and at our place a bit. We played for a couple of hours before Curt and I had to get home for appointments and our tracks were already being covered over. We only had a few cms down here at the lodge but up top in Rain Gauge there were a few inches in a few hours. Our trail is in pretty good shape but Curt going to groom it tomorrow. Got a bit warm this afternoon so we held off. The the roughest I have seen it in a very long time. I thought the guys were coming out to groom this past weekend but I was wrong ...believe they are coming this weekend. Curt will confirm that tomorrow and I will let you know. It is rough past Heartbreak turn off - approx 7km and gets a wee bit better by Rain Gauge. I would not recommend riding it til it is groomed. We were in Fire Lake and it was excellent. Lots of deep snow and the consistency was perfect. Traction, coming up over the hood and easy to roll your machine to get unstuck. The back of Rain Gauge is blown to the rocks but the trees were fantastic! Complete opposite. Watch the cornices gang. They are ripe. Some of our guests were riding the Elkford area and said it was great - tons of snow at the Glacier/Misty Basin. Fernie Snowarama was excellent for turnout - congrats gang. They are cancelling the Snow Drags due to lack of man power this year and poor snow conditions at their regular venue. Next year they are planning to move the venue to cut down on the prep work so look for that to kickstart again next March likely. I am hoping March comes in like a Lion or goes out like one - just as long as its a Lion in snow. Cheers - V

Feb 25/13 - Snowing again

Morning, just wanted to give you a quick update. It is -3 and it is snowing. Visibility up top is limited. Supposed to keep up through Tuesday with warmer temps by weeks end. They are forecasting rain but I am betting that that will change to snowing by Thursday again. Even if it rains down here that tends to be snow up in the alpine this time of year. But for now....looks like another significant snowfall. Cheers - V

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb 24/13 - Bit more snow

Hi - sorry there was no grooming of the Flathead this weekend. Hopefully next weekend. It is rough but, there is lots of snow to get to so that is the price you pay right now. We got a couple of more cm here today - bit of blowing going on but it was snowing lightly too. Lots of snow up top - Heartbreak was in fresh form today for our guests. Cranbrook got a foot of snow Friday night and it blew a bit too so some places have more than that. Cooper said he was having snow flying over his head hitting drifts on his Timbersled. They had a great time at Cranbrook - thanks gang! Our trail is in great shape and we are likely headed to Rain Gauge tomorrow with Greg and his crew so hopefully I will have some photos to share with you. Snow is good and deep here and we are booked solid til March 7th. We will not be open for late season sledding (which is usually a good time) between April 19th and 30th so if you want to get your dates in for March - better book them soon or be really fast on the trigger when I report a big snowfall. Our summer is booking up ridiculously fast so if you know your weekend...can't believe I am having to say this now us or you may miss out. Timbersled gang here again March 3rd! Luc, Christophe, Titi....OMG I wish you guys were here now....still not as much as we are used to but snow coming over your head riding right now......see you are selling the enduro racing truck...great - put it towards a trip out here in March next year! Oh just want to mention...if you have never cat skiied and it is on your bucket Fernie Wilderness Adventures....have gotten great feedback on those guys and the photos were amazing this Feb. Congrats on a great business you guys! Cheers - V

Friday, February 22, 2013

Feb 22/13 - Getting that Storm Snow today

Sorry - its too dark to take a photo but it has been snowing all day and we have better than 5cm in the yard and the guys got back from Limestone and they had better than 20cm as they were coming out - tracks were covered. Visibility poor up top but hey...its guys wanted more snow right, were tired of spring like conditions and hero snow right? Also with this weather its better to ride the lower angles right now til the new storm snow can consolidate - avy report advises that as risk ratings climb. Soft slab activity has increased. So visibility will be better in meadows too. Other guys were at Elkford area and said lots of snow there too. Rhonda from the Betties had told me that a couple of days ago - will be great for their Poker Ride this weekend. I am getting SPOT reports from Curt's spot so I know they are out riding in Cranbrook this afternoon before the poker derby tomorrow. I think Fernie Snowarama is on this weekend too - sorry if I have that wrong but worth a call to check if you are interested in getting to know their area better. Curt groomed our trail yesterday, Flathead is getting groomed this weekend. Cheers - V

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb 21/13 - Light Snow, more expected

Snowing lightly today and up top per the photos to the West and south. We are at -8 today with 5-10cm of snow forecasted for tomorrow with stong ridgetop winds. We are getting steady light snow down here. There is lots of snow at Corbin and it gets deeper the further south you go to Harvey and Shepp. Flathead is a bit rough at the start but they are going to be grooming on the weekend. Check out the Fernie Snowmobile Club website for updates on their events and grooming and know the closed areas so you don't jepordize riding areas for all of us okay. Cheers -V

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feb 20/13 - 2 inches and still Snowing

Good Morning, we have had 5cm (2 inches) overnight and it is still snowing down here and by the photo you can see its snowing a bit harder up top. Its -3 right now at 8:30am. Like I said before....we have the Divide cabin (3-4 guys comfortably ...have had 5 in there a few times) open as of today through the weekend so if you want the new snow just call. Cheers - V

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb 19/13 - 2ft of Fresh Snow

Hi - just an update from today's ride from the guests....2ft of fresh snow in the trees off the Pipeline around Leach Ridge. They said there was more than that in Limestone yesterday...."a car width of snow wake coming downhill and over the hood snow". Guys said it was snowing up top today pretty well too. We didn't get more than a couple of cms down here but you couldn't see Phillips from here at times. Temps warmed up too to -1. I have the Divide cabin open tomorrow through the weekend if you want to take advantage of the snow. Cheers - V

Feb 19/13 - Snowing up top a bit

Morning, Guys were out at Pipeline yesterday and said it was a bit rough the first short bit but then everyone had dispersed and they rode trees with a foot of fresh easy in them. Cooper, Hank, Jeremy and Shannon headed out today to that area and we'll get another report for ya while our other guests are headed to Limestone. It is snowing up top and with this new snow it would be better to wait to ride Rain Gauge and Heartbreak til you know what is hanging above you and give it some time to consolidate. The trees in there would be fantastic though if you know the area and know to avoid certain slopes. Read your avy reports. It is cold here today LOL compared to what we have had is -6, ya that seems cold this year. It is supposed to snow tonight a bit - not forecasting a big dump but it is to warm up Wed to -1 and run that -2 to +2 all week with some more light snow falls. This weekend is Cranbrook Poker Derby - Cooper and Curt going, Elkford - The Betties Poker Derby - so lots to do again! We had a great turnout at the Poker derby and fantastic attitudes about trail fees too - Thanks gang - and thank you Francis for marshalling and securing prizes for the poker Derby - you are much appreciated! Cheers - V

Monday, February 18, 2013


WAHOOOO! Finally. Luc, Christophe & TiTi....I didn't think I would be addressing you so soon to say we got our snow finally! In the yard this morning we have 20cm (8 inches) and it is -5. We are supposed to get more snow Tuesday, Wed, Sat and Sun with temps sticking around the 2 to -3 range. Okay so Corbin Poker Run ...was great! We started out a little snow at McLatchie...the snow got deeper and deeper as we went to Lodgepole and then between Lodgepole and Harvey and on stretches on the way home up the Flathead you could hardly see. There was a foot of fresh by Packhorse Creek Outfitters by 2:30pm and we were cutting fresh trail ...ON A POKER DERBY! Okay so I am being conservative because I don't want anyone thinking I can be swayed into frenzy by one snowfall. As we all stood around the fire at the end of the day we had inches of snow piling up on our heads. Pure joy. By the time we left around 6:30pm there were 2ft ruts in the snow on the Corbin hwy with one car in the ditch and evidence of another that got pulled out. Traffic is slow even today over the Pass but the snow thinned by the pipeline access to hwy 3 from what it was at Corbin to B road access. It is snowing in little flurries here but looks like visibility up top is restricted by continued snowfall. The lower angles will be amazing today. A very good time was had by all. We got home and Curt had to plough the yard and we shovelled off the steps. It is perfect mid weight snow. Cooper rode his Timbersled the whole way and had an awesome time of it. No trouble at all on the trail with that new ski. Curt and I could hardly keep up with him. He whipped up into cut blocks and side cut the trail like mad. Curt will be putting video on Summit Creek Cabins facebook today. Keep doing the snow dance - Enjoy! Cheers - V

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feb 16/13 - Vintage Run today

Young (we have two 120 Polaris kids sleds driven by the kids themselves all the way to Rain Gauge and back) and OLD joined in the Vintage run with a great amount of enthusiasm. Now some are setting the trend of sourcing out the matching vintage snowsuits for their machines - competition is getting detailed! We had 54 sleds entered this year and only three or four I think had to be towed. The red one is a Fox Paw I believe - so sorry if I have that wrong - and its 1963 or 4 - took about 90 mins to get to the end and 60 to come back! It was awesome! Congrats to Chantel of A&E Racing for winning an award! Her Uncle found the sled that was her father's first sled and gave it to her for Christmas. Not sure of its age but its the primer coloured sled in the photos and is a Skee Bee so now Chantel is Queen Bee! Our kids woke up this morning and you would swear that it was Christmas. They could hardly wait to take their 1970 Snow Cruiser out and ended up winning the Rat Rod award. It was a wonderful family event and so much fun. Thank you to all who participated. Now for the is snowing and the kind of snow that might end up being note worthy. Started this afternoon at Corbin and snowing a bit less here at our place but we have a cm with fingers crossed it will be a 5-10cm accumulation at Corbin by tomorrow. Regular Poker Derby is tomorrow - be prepared to buy memberships or pay $15 as it has been groomed and will be marshalled. Cheers Gang and have fun sledding this weekend! V

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feb 14/13 - Yesterday in Heartbreak

Christophe, Luc, Curt, Christophe and I went up into Heartbreak yesterday. Flathead had one groom on it and it was wonderful! Heartbreak snow is very well consolidated with 2-4 inches of fresh on top. The back part of the bowl is showing rocks so we just played on the big drifts jumping off and climbing up those for hours - landings were soft. We climbed up through trees over and over practicing new lines and squeeeezzzing between them where ever we could. Was a very good day and the guys worked alot on their side hilling. Everyone was very tired and enjoyed the day and the smooth ride out on the trail. Our trail is still in pretty good shape. Curt going to groom it again tomorrow. There isn't powder anywhere but we were making fresh tracks everywhere and there was more than enough to get stuck or sink in to make a carving turn to get out of a tight spot. Corbin Vintage poker derby Sat, regular on Sunday, Crow Snow Riders having a ride on Sat too. I believe Fernie Club having a Thunderstruck Premier - check their website. Next weekend is Elkford - The Betties - Take a Newbie Shredding Poker Derby and also Cranbrook Poker Derby. No shortage of riding fun to be had! No new snow in the past 24hrs but temps are holding. Has been a bit windy but today that settled down. Cheers and Happy Valentines Day - wish I got snow for a present that day like we did last year....V

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feb 12/13 - Grooming correction

Hi - just wanted to change the grooming info....Fernie Club is grooming tomorrow night and not tonight. We are headed into Heartbreak tomorrow and I will update the info on snow and Flathead grooming tomorrow night when we get back. Cheers - V

Feb 12/13 - Alexander report

Hi Gang, well Curt, Luc, Christophe and Christophe went into Alexander today and Curt said it was ridden out. There were a few sweet spots where the snow was 3 inches of fresh but up to your waist when you stepped off in the wrong spot. Basically we ALL need snow EVERYWHERE. Just accept that it is going to be basically spring riding until we start getting some big dumps of snow. March I am sure will be great. If I am wrong I don't care I will still keep hoping but reporting the real conditions. Fernie groomer out tonight again I believe. Those guys have been working really hard to get caught up after MAJOR repairs to the groomer. Corbin groomer will be out Wed to start getting trail back in shape for the poker rallies this Sat and Sun. Trails are rough everywhere - makes you appreciate grooming and hopefully pay your trail fees! You may find it hard to find the numbers that match up to your maps that you purchase from Fernie Snowmobile Club and Corbin Country Club. Someone has been ripping down signs. Just try to work together to re-mark spots and since more and more people ride with garmins we will have to get more savvy at putting together way points for reference. We are getting something on our website to help you navigate the Corbin/Flathead and Fernie riding areas but they work best in conjunction with maps. Weather is supposed to be -2 to +2 this week with only a skiff of new snow on Wed and Sun. Keep your scratchers at the ready and go places you haven't been able to get into instead of sitting on your sled in the garage waiting for powder. Keep your riding muscles toned LOL. Hey just want to thank all the volunteers and club members who make this one of the best places to ride in Canada year after year. Weather has been tough and equipment has been having its better days but its still a great place to ride! Cheers to you! V

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feb 9/12 - Snowing! Up there, down here

It was snowing up in Limestone and on the Flathead this afternoon after I took these photos - it started snowing more - BIG FLAKES. It is now snowing big flakes down here too. Limestone had about 8cm of new snow and by now that is likely more like 15cm. We have 5cm of new snow down here at the cabins. Reports from the Jody Hackett gang were 15cm of fresh snow further down by Wrangler's Cabin. Lyle from Lethbridge on a Timbersled snowbike said there was a small slab that slid in Jerome's Bowl so keep your eyes sharp and look closely at slopes before you take them and be up to speed on the avy reports. Terry, George and the guys and Brayden's gang got the groomer/bombi unstuck and track back on and will be grooming the Flathead to try to get it back in shape. It was pretty rough for the usual first 5km but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Good job you guys! Luc, Christophe and Christophe (hope I spelled it right guys) were out from France and having a good time getting all their way points! Justin will be so impressed with me next time you are here - Luc is getting me Garmin-ized! Toni our web designer has gotten me versed on KMZ files and we should have it downloadable from our new website soon! Saw Darcy and Justin at Corbin staging - hope your day went great! Met lots of people out there today and I just want to say the friendliness of everyone out there today was so refreshing! So its supposed to be sunny tomorrow but -8 in the morning warming to zero. Watch that temp change - could start to see some slopes move. -3 to zero seems to be the trend for the next week with snow on Wed. Whatever you guys are doing .....keep it up - this snow is nice to have! Cheers - V

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb 6/13 - Snowing up in the Bowls

Hi - report from Heartbreak and Limestone yesterday was that it was snowing enough to limit visibility and cover our guests tracks from when they rode in. A few inches of fresh. Still traction city under that but it is snowing again this morning down here enough to put a couple of cms on the truck already so that means more up top. Keep snow dancing gang! Cheers - V

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feb 5/13 - Snowing - fingers crossed

Just a quick update. It is snowing - started this morning. There aren't predictions for a big dump but the flakes are big and steady. There is a wind as the warm temps stir stuff up and alpine is supposed to be in the -7 range with strong winds. Cranbrook, Corbin & Fernie groomers are all down! Bad luck and lots of work and investment to go into them to get them all back up but thank goodness these clubs have those kind of people capable of making it happen - everyone is working hard on the situations. SUPPORT GROOMING! You will be appreciating it by the end of the week! Don't ride trails "ducks in a row" - ride the edges and criss cross and don't rev rev rev leaving little piles of spun out snow to create mogules. If you try to keep a steady pace and don't follow in your buddy's trail it makes it better for the groomer to keep it fairly level and wide and not be fighting the rut created. I have been checking snow everywhere and we are all in the same boat. A couple of cms here and there but no big 2-3ft dumps yet. Must not have had a big volcanic eruption anywhere this year to seed the clouds! So adjust your expectations and climb and go places you couldn't get to before. Keep your riding muscles in shape so when the dump comes you go ride that TOO. Cheers - V

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4/13 - Spring like Conditions - lots of Events

Good Morning. I know it has been a while but we haven't really had any changes. Temps in the 3 to -2 range, a couple of cms here and there of new snow so we still aren't losing any snow but we aren't getting the big dump....yet. Was up in Limestone yesterday with guests Mark and Jonathon and met up with a couple of guys from Calgary out for the day. It is perfect conditions for new riders. You can climb just about anything and if you come back down in the trees then there is 6 inches of snow to provide some resistance but some places it is a quick ride down. Remember there is ALWAYS a price to pay for anything good. If there were tons of new snow then it would be very difficult to get into some places let alone go to the high spots but there would be great boone docking. Right now you have the traction to be successful at seeing the tops of a lot of things but you have to hunt the trees and more backcountry (less accessible) areas for that deeper snow and believe me its out there! I think I can tell now that the guys that told me about it have had their fill riding it but Big Sand and Little Sand by Jaffery had 3 feet of untouched snow. Not fresh...just untouched. There are still places like that out there but not every rider is going to be able to access it. Curt groomed our trail two days ago at night to try to get it done while it was cool enough. The Flathead is in good shape - not too rough. Poker Derby at Corbin for Vintage is Feb 16 and regular derby is Feb 17th. Fernie Snowmobile Club is having expensive repairs to their groomer but will be up in a week or two and ask that everyone ride the trails conservatively. Trail passes and the donated and volunteered work from businesses and regular people are what keep our grooming programs on track so please pay the trail fees. They have their Snowarama- Family Ride on Feb 23rd and the Snow Drags on March 2. They are reminding people strongly - "DO NOT GO IN MORRISSEY - the Conservation Officers are checking and will ticket you and if there is a accident with a logging contractor Tembec/Canfor could close the whole area." Don't shoot your motorized family in the foot. Go in Coal Creek Road via Fernie. Also on Feb 23rd is the Betties - take a Newbie Shredding! in Elkford. These poker rides support the clubs and are a great way to get new riders out having success and also an easy way to learn a new area. You have a bunch of club members happy to chew the fat with you. Guys - if you want your girlfriends or wives to ride with you - the girls on the Betties crew are a perfect way to get them some female riding advice and enthusiasm. Don't let the idea of spring conditions stop you from riding. The big snow will eventually come and you want to be in good riding form for it! Get snow dancing! Cheers - V