Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oct 2/14 - A little Snow with +20 48hrs away

Howdy, rain in the wee morning hours turned to snow as forecasted. So I will completely believe that also as forecasted its supposed to be +20 all weekend! Sky is clearing (as it shows in the photo) and snow is already melting. It will be a fresh ride this weekend if you are out. Our cabins are open this weekend but we only have the Divide for next weekend and then we are booked til the 25th. November is our gap month. We tend not to have anyone for the month. We do a bunch of deep cleaning, repairs and maintenance and get ready for winter. So if it catches your fancy that you need a cabin in Nov - don't worry - we don't usually need much notice. Its kinda a month off for us from cabin rentals. I have been sitting on news about Corbin staging area and its not very good but talks were still going on so I decided to wait and give it a bit of time until more details are straightened out and then I will give you the facts that are up to date in time for sled season. Fair? Good. Until then - have fun at sled shows and out hunting and getting ready for the next season or livin' it up by extending the wheeled season! Cheers - V