Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 29/13 - Snowing and Cold

Hi - just a quick note to let you know this morning is -13 and supposed to go to -19...yikes and it is snowing at the same time...odd but true. We have a couple of cms. Tomorrow is supposed to be -2. Really. Our area may get a significant snowfall out of this temp swing back to -2. I will keep you posted. Cheers -V

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan 26/13 - Evening update

Reports from the slopes were that there was 5-6 inches of fresh snow up in Limestone and their tracks were getting covered on the way out. A bit of lowered visibility from the snow. Flathead a bit rough again. Tent area was looking great with the new snow as opposed to wind blown. Trails behind us are in really great shape. Pipeline is rough but again - can't groom that so you need to expect that when you go that direction and enjoy the riding areas off the trail. Snow never got that wet as expected and the alpine cooler temps were great for dry snowfall. Only have the log cabin available this up coming weekend. I believe the Fernie Poker run is on this coming weekend - check their website - Fernie Snowmobile Club. Great way to support the club and all their efforts with grooming and the new warm-up chalet and get to know the area! Cheers - V

Jan 26/13 - Another day of snow

Photos don't really show it but it is snowing dry flakes this morning and socked in up top a bit. Yesterday it snowed all day but it was wet snow that melted on the vehicles. There is a crust this morning with about 2cm of fresh snow on top of it. Supposed to keep it up all day and be zero and +1 today with more wet flurries down here and a colder alpine temps around -7 per the South Rockies forecast with 5cm expected up top or more. More flurries expected Tuesday so this weather will likely continue. As I look out the window and while writing this the flakes have increased in size and intensity 10 fold! Not like the photos I am just posting so the day can swing either way for light or heavier snowfall. Either way we will take it. The wind stripped many faces and loaded the wind in pockets and filled the trees. Avy reports are moderate til they can see what is happening with the bonding between the weak layer formed by weeks of little new snow and this new snowfall. Great for our guests - they got fresh groomed trails on the Flathead yesterday and snow daily. Now remember - its not powder out here yet - there is lots of great riding but snow over the hood is going to be in isolated areas til we get more of what we are getting today. Just keeping your expectations in check lol. Oh and a GO AUSTIN GO - to Austin Luhning racing his Timbersled in McCall Idaho this morning! Cheers - V

Friday, January 25, 2013

Jan 25/13 - Snowing up top

Quick update this morning, it is snowing up top but we have only gotten about 1-2cm down here. Supposed to have flurries and temps from +2 to -5 til Sunday. Cheers - V

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jan 24/13 - 5 inches of Snow!

Finally! That 1-3 cm forecasted turned out to be 13cm! (5 inches) of fresh new snow that fell later last night til about 3am. Its a bit wet but there is more in the forecast and its the first significant snow we have had in a while. Like I said before we had lots and it wasn't melting but it was set up. Good to see the cycle mixed up a bit with this snowfall. More "flurries" forecasted for tonight through to Sunday. Temp is -1 and it is supposed to stay between -5 and +2 for the next week. Good snowing weather. Keep doing the snow dance gang! Cheers - V

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jan 23/13 - A few light flurries expected tonight

Well not much to report snow-wise. We have lots, its set up like spring riding and we aren't losing any to melt. Flurries and a few cms are expected tonight and 5-10cm are expected Friday per the avy report with more light flurries happening Sat & Sun. Temps are running -4 to +1 for the next week. Everything close and easy has been ridden on so you have to have that hidden favorite spot, travel a bit further or ride a Timbersled to find fresh stuff. Its out there and in the trees. This is however the perfect time for new mountain riders to come out. You can travel anywhere so you will get to see the tops of terrain that you won't get to in deep powder likely in Feb/Mar. Frustration levels for these new riders decrease when they get to experience the alpine areas in this type of snow with traction and no requirement for a huge tracked mountain sled. Beware of the big dump of snow that if it comes and this layer is hard and subjected to lots of freeze melt cycles will change the avy reports from the low and moderates they are now to considerable over the concern of slab formation. Until then....ride EVERYWHERE! A note - Corbin Vintage Poker Derby is Feb 16 & regular derby the 17th. Cranbrook Poker Derby is Feb 23rd and new this year is THE BETTIES sled rally in Elkford also on the 23rd. There is lots to do those weekends with the Cranbrook and Elkford derbies having a dinner as well as the customary raffles. Support sledding and get to know a new area! Cheers - V

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan 20/13 - A weekend of Timber Sled Snowbike Heaven

It was a beautiful day to go learn how to ride a Timbersled Snowbike! We had Shawn Luhning and Sheldon and Darcy with us and connected with our guests who were demoing the bikes and they were hooked. (So were we!) Lots of areas to ride have been ridden out or are set up especially if they are close and easy. We haven't gotten any real significant snowfall but as I said the trees are still really really good. We went out 4km from the resort and were up in cut blocks with the sleds but the bikes got to play in even tighter spots with tons of snow untouched and untouchable by sled. The one photo is of Shawn getting me going on my first Timbersled ride! Lots of laughs and lots of fun! Cooper rode all day with Shawn, Sheldon and Darcy and a new group of Timbersled demo/snow checkers in Limestone and he is going to get the Timbersled to put on his 350KTM. He is hooked. I like that he can ride safe areas too and be all over the snow. When things are bad in the avy forecast there are plenty of raging fun areas to ride that are very safe but give you the same adrenaline and challenge factor on snow bike.
Here is Cooper side hilling like it was nothing on the west slope of Limestone on his first full day on a Timbersled. Thank you Shawn! So forecast is -7 to -10 all week with a little bit of snow forecast for Wed maybe and the weekend. We groomed the trail to Corbin and the B Road to towards the Pipeline Staging area. Flathead was groomed but has seen lots of action and is getting rough. You will have to venture into less well known territory, not have a specific destination that you are locked into getting to and find the fun where you get it to get away from set up open areas. Its further down the Flathead - use your curiosity but know the avy forecast which is looking good and take a look around before you make any decisions and you will have a blast poking through hidden meadows and rolling treed areas. About Summer time - we are watching people book a few weekends ahead of time. So if you know you want to come out and when it is is not too early to call me and see if I have it available. Cheers - V!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Jan 14/12 - Zacs Tracs Avy Course

Thank you Lori & Randy and Jeremy for the excellent AST 1 (Avalanche Skills Training - Snowmobiler) course on the weekend. Lori was ill and still persisted and delivered an full, memorable, relative, professional course backed up with lots of personal stories from the staff and students. Hoffmans from Tracs 2 Treadz were there, Kristen from Snowriders West was there and we had students from Idaho to northern Saskatchewan and the Cardston group - hi gang! Was great riding with you guys from Cardston - I would feel safe riding with you - those boys can dig too if it came to it. The whole concept of being up to changing your plans on where to ride given the conditions and risk is so important. Be flexible and know the group you are riding with. Get the skills, get the knowledge and Know that you don't know it all - there is a lot to be learned. Get a course - www.zacstracs.com Oh - Thank you Lori for making sure we didn't give up on trying to get to the field session and to Cooper for problem solving with the 370 Arctic Cat/Clown Car for the day and to Randy for doubling me back to the staging area - you guys went above and beyond to make sure it all came together for us! Weather:.......Report from Fernie - it has been cold and there are a few inches of new snow on a layer about 25cm below that is not bonded yet and then stable set up snow under that. Seeing that in Lower Harvey from the Edenwold, Sask, Dave Radmacher's crew from riding it this weekend. Seeing that here in Corbin area also - Limestone is set up but the concensus for all and in Rolling Hills is that the trees have lots of snow and are terrific riding. Watch your reports though - trees have been higher warning than alpine so just know what to look for and ride accordingly. Hope to have a report from Elkford as Justin's crew is headed that way today. Snow is set up. Thin in open to wind areas with redeposits of snow in depressions or shelters and lots in trees. Supposed to go from the -12 we have now to +3 by Wed. Not really liking that big of a swing this time of year but then we sit in those low minus and low plus' all week til Sat when we are supposed to see a little bit more snow. We are booked all week but have the Divide cabin (sleeps 3-4) open starting Friday night. Hope everyone is having a fun start to their riding! Cheers - V

Friday, January 11, 2013

Jan 11/13 - Cold Snap

Evening, it is -12 tonight and no wind but oooo it is cold feeling. Guys hit our trail and said it is in really good condition with a few inches of fresh snow on it - only went to Tent Mtn (4km down our trail) but that had lots of wind and was set up and thin in spots where the wind re-deposited the snow in pockets. You are going to find all kinds of snow in some places and thin spots in others depending on the altitude and slope face direction. Everyone going to the Rolling Hills area and terrain tomorrow. Supposed to feel like -15 tomorrow but temps improve to PLUS 1 on Tuesday and -2 Wed etc. Cooper heard that Atlas area wasn't very good right now but no specifics so take that however you wish. More snow south and towards Fernie in behind us. Snow may accompany that warming trend. Dress well this weekend! Cheers - V

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jan 10/13 - Snow and tough roads

Sorry for the late report but I was in Lethbridge picking up Curts new vintage sled. Mark Eliot does great work if anyone needs someone who is exceptional at restoring original equipment. This sled is in mint condition but I can't talk about it yet - it may be a secret for the vintage run at Corbin on the 16th of Feb! LOL (regular poker run is Sunday the 17th). Grooming at Corbin is in full swing now. The support with passes is what makes grooming possible everywhere so anty-up and save your back. It was snowing at our place ...we got about 3-4 inches and it was blowing a bit and there is still a crust from the +4 yesterday and the +1 today. It was really snowing between Lundbreck and Pincher and Fort MacLeod and then it became a nice easy snow but steady at Lethbridge. Roads were 60km at the worst and 100km the further east you went on Hwy 3 after Fort Macleod. Roads actually improved after Crowsnest towards our place if you can believe it. I am betting they got a good 8-10 inches (25cm) up top and I am thinking Castle got even more. It is going to be cold (in and around -12 and a bit windy up top) for the weekend and then warm up a bit to that -6 to -8 range next week. No new snow is predicted for this colder stretch and the danger rating is up til this storm snow consolidates. Stay off of wind loaded slopes and big rolls where the tension is strong to pull a layer down. Cornices will be really dangerous from all the wind and are big enough to knock a whole slope down so watch those. Trees will be full of fresh snow. Meadows will be fun too. Fernie Club having a night ride Jan 19th the as the Crow Snow Riders Poker Run. Lots of fun all around. Roger Mohr of Balgonie, Sk area has a Highmark 22L Snow Pulse 2011 Avy bag for sale. He bought a different one as this one doesn't fit him very well. I believe it only had one season on it. Give him a call at 306-533-2015 if you are interested. Have fun gang and "know before you go" Cheers - V

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jan 9/13 - Wet Snow

It is +4 and we received about 8cm of new snow down here at 4600ft, likely more but it is very wet and has compressed and is sitting at 8cm. More is in the forecast for the next 24hrs and it has been snowing more up top than down here. Avy report says 40cm but it seems more like 20cm is likely. As a result the ratings have increased to high and considerable until this new snow can consolidate so pick your terrain carefully and read your avy reports. Its sliding off the roof here. Temps are supposed to be in the -6 to -9 range with light winds. We have the Divide cabin open this weekend - sleeps 3-4. Cheers - V

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jan 8/13 - Light Snow and Feb Family Day opening

Hi - quick note...we are getting a steady light snowfall and have about 2-3cm. Temp is -2 and winds have died off. We have the Flathead Cabin which sleeps 5-6 people open for Family day Weekend on the 15th. We had lots of inquiries but it was booked and now it is open. That is the weekend we all head down to Corbin for the Vintage Run on the 16th and the regular Poker run on the 17th. The Crow Snow Riders have their poker rally on Jan 19th. Also all you snowbike enthusiasts...Shawn is coming from Timbersled on March 1st weekend and bringing demos here to Summit Creek Cabins! Come on in and check them out! Fernie Snow Drags are that weekend also on the 2nd. Cheers - V

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jan 6/13 - Light Snow

Light snow down here and a bit socked in up top. Supposed to get windy up top today and we have seen the gusts down here. Cooper was with Chris'MB crew yesterday in Harvey riding with Spencer (who can really sidehill according to Coop) and lots of pow in the trees because it had been untouched not because it was a fresh dump. That is what you are going to be looking for right now and that is how you will find it - in the trees. Forecast changing a bit on the avy report so keep an eye on it - snowpack is reportedly really stable now but weather change can affect that so if you get the avy app you can watch it daily and learn from the trends. Sam gave his avy pack a pull to check the inflation and canister etc and it is a good thing to do once pre-season to ensure it works and to not be afraid of actually doing it. It also makes you look at the booklet and the guts of your life saving system. Know your equipment. Walt Healy does refills in Calgary among others and I was asking Roger and his crew who fills canisters for Snow Pulse in Regina and Fresh Air Experience on Victoria Ave East (Big sign that has FAE on it on the North side of the street - not a sled shop - more kayak, skiing, hiking but cool store regardless) does it for sure. Avy course in Fernie next weekend. Temps still in that -1 to -8 range. Lots of good riding even though there were a TON of sleds at the Corbin staging area this weekend. Francis was marshalling and does a great job. Guys were buying their BCSF memberships and/or their day passes and all of us want to say thank you to Francis and thank you Riders - this is the only way we can groom at all! Thanks to Terry and George and the rest of the Corbin crew for your volunteer time and energy and your own materials to maintain, groom and now repair the hitch. You guys are the shining stars of the sled community in every community. Cheers - V

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jan 5/13 - Trails good - Snow set up

Good Morning - Cooper and Sommer are pumped for the Vintage run in Feb! No new snow to report - just skiffs of a cm here and there. Curt groomed our trail and it is in really good condition. The Flathead was groomed a few days ago. Curt, Sam, Boone and Cooper were up in Limestone yesterday and said it is really set up but the trees are still deep and great to ride. Thank you Greg Hertz & crew for towing Curt on the two up back after it calved and giving him a cushy ride home! Good to see you guys. Chris' group from MB are Shepp Creek riders and said the ridge prior has seen lots of riding but that Shepp had a few feet of untouched snow and was really great. Roger I am sure will give us his Snowbike report after today also. The temps are running -1 to -8 during the day. Guys said it was really windy up top yesterday - was down here too. No new significant snow til Monday approx with "flurries" a few days on either side but honestly - the "flurries" forecasted haven't really materialized into flurries as I knew them in Saskatchewan. We had a Jan that didn't really have much new snow a couple of years ago and then the March April riding was phenomenal so...you know - it has to dump big snow sooner or later! Anyway there is lots of snow still - powder in the less frequented areas and the trees are great! Cheers - V