Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 31/09

WOW it is snowing huge flakes so hard right now (8:30pm) that I can barely see the light on the CPR shack across the way from us! Kids are praying for a snow day tomorrow.

Guys from SK said that visibility on the Flathead trail by Cutts cabin was getting really poor by end of the day. Imagine the snow up in the bowls. Lots of snow south. Check the avalanche report, plan your trip and then go have some fun! Still lots of places to get stuck and the reports are that riding in the trees is fantastic.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 30/09

Sunny at Inn but....went up our trail which our guests had been boon docking on on Sunday! and onto Flathead - could boondock on sides in some places but still very washboardy - then up to Barnes where you could carve away and into Limestone which had 2ft of New Snow easy and it will have another 1ft for sure by tonight. It was snowing harder by the hour up there starting to cover our tracks in. This is a great spring!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 29/09

More Snow! 4 more inches already this morning and the system they said would come is here. -2 & snowing with poor visibility up top right now. It is snowing but driving is still good. The Log Cabin gang went to the Notch yesterday and found tons of great snow but they said the pipeline is very very rough. Our trail continues to hold up with only a few rough spots. The avalanche report is high up in the alpine for today with the system moving through but the safe spots to ride will be fantastic for spring riding conditions.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 28/09

6 inches of fresh fluffy snow down here at the Inn this morning and a clear sky! Should be fantastic up top today!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 25/09

Snowing again this morning - not so lightly either. Temp is -3 and flakes are big and fluffy. Although our trail is good I would recommend staging to save your strength for the rougher trails that get you into the really good areas for some great spring riding. Have Fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 24/09

4 inches of new snow up in Limestone and it was untracked! Rain Gauge was looking pretty good too. Start of Flathead is pretty rough but it is spring and it does get better the farther you head south. Temperature was holding its own and it was snowing today reducing visibility up in the bowls. I was surprised at how well our trail is holding up. As you can see, my shutter didn't open all the way but you can see some of the new snow up Limestone. Covered a lot today showing Rads & his crew from Edenwold, SK around.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 23/09

IT IS SNOWING. Has been snowing all morning and is only getting heavier not lighter. It is zero and the snow is staying. Remember this is spring riding conditions and so you are going to have lots of traction. The farther you go down the Flathead the better the snow gets and as long as you get off the trail you are going to find great snow for this time of year. Archie tried to groom a couple of days ago, but broke the hitch so he used the bar and did the best he could to groom Corbin - Flathead. First 4km are the most ridden and roughest but past Rain Gauge it is less travelled and smoother....Cheers!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 22/09

It is snowing lightly this morning and temp is zero. Great spring riding day yesterday and + 10, Curt got sunburned it was so sunny and they rode everywhere! Barnes, up into Limestone (Darcy checked out Elliott quickly but there had been three naturally occuring slides so they opted out). Backside of Limestone, didn't stay there long, Fire Lake across the Flathead into Rain Gauge and then back into Heartbreak. Guys (our buddies from SK and Cranbrook) had a blast. You can cover a lot of ground with a group of experienced riders.

Was slushy down here at the Inn so everyone trailered around. Be safe, snow is setting up more but the weight and sun can cause releases - you can go a lot of places that are safe.

Leipert and his gang went down and around to the Notch and said they found lots of great riding. We heard the pipeline is beat up. Grooming now in this temperature will only make things worse but donations for the grooming fund for next year are always appreciated by all clubs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 17/09

Snowed on and off through the night and is snowing hard this morning. We have about an inch of new snow from last night so far (it is 07:44am as I report this) and my Father-in-Law - Boone, had to blow out the yard again yesterday.

Low lying areas and the trees on low angle slopes will be excellent. Our trail is still in pretty good shape and the report from Sunday was that the Flathead was also in good shape and it gets better the farther you go. Check out http://www.avalanche.ca/ for bulletins on the South Rockies. Heavy snow load and warmer temps have been letting loose on weaker early season layers.

Shawn....I have your first aid kit.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 16/09

Well I blew snow out of the yard for three hours and in 30 mins after I quit I had another 2 inches of fresh snow down here at the Inn! It snowed all day again (and had snowed all night also) - huge flakes and quit late in the evening. The Rockport Transport guys went to Kootenay Pass and played low and had snow up to their waist in spots. The Queen City Pizza Kings did the same only they took to the trees and open spots past Elliott and reported the same thing. They all decided to stay an extra night and ride a full day again! Curt home tonight and will be riding tomorrow no doubt.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 15/09

WOW! Friday was fantastic, warm but snow was great. A snowmobile triggered avalanche - small, short but deep enough at the bottom happened in Rain Gauge on a south facing slope where the snow was thinner and bit wind blown from the west. The rider was fine - managed to get above the break when it let go and stay on the top of the crest off the throtte and slowly come down on very top edge of the slide as it glided down. So we left that bowl and went into Barnes and Limestone (bottom photo from top of west Limestone where if I turned around I would have had a photo of Barnes Lake down the other side). The Rockport Gang and the Queen City Pizza Kings (Ed, Paul & Andy from Regina) were here and they rode Limestone and down the back into Fire Lake and out and said it was awesome! I met Jamie Smith and the boys from Vulcan who were havin' a great day too.
Saturday it snowed all day. The guys all took off into Elliott and said they boondocked for hours on the lake and played on the safer slope. Andy said it was THE BEST DAY EVER as they rode the trees, thigh deep.
The top photo of the horse trailer and the conditions up top in the background is this morning - Sunday. We have at least 4 inches of new snow as it snowed hard all night and is snowing really well this morning non-stop. Visibility will be tough but the snow will be great - Curt home tomorrow...honey the sled is full of gas!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 11/09

The cold snap is breaking. Early this morning it was -22 but no wind and the sun is shining and at 10:30am the temp is now -15 with forecast to -12 as high today which is fine. The Brandon MB guys say they have found really good snow down in the Flathead/McClatchie/Lodgepole/Lower Harvey loop and were stuck alot in the trees havin fun and burning up the extra gas they took along.

Forecast for this weekend is looking better - no more +9! They are forecasting zero +/- 2 which is just fine.

Crow Snow Riders Poker Rally is this Saturday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 9/09

Snowing a bit and blowing last night and today. Temp is -19. Snow is still good and will be best in the trees and sheltered meadows. Visibility may improve later this morning. Temp is going up from today to +9 by weeks end. One snowbike belongs to the new Groom from Gray, SK - Roger and his gang, Dave, Neil & Robert.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 7/09 Wedding Day!

Two of our favorite "frequent sledders/dirtbikers" guests tied the knot today just up our trail at 9:30 this morning at a temp of -4 and snowing! A perfect day for Des & Roger from Gray, SK to get married! Congratulations you two -we were so thrilled that you chose to say I DO on sleds here at our place! Des and Roger are guests that have become our buddies and we couldn't be happier for them. They brought most of their usual entourage with them - a great gang o witnesses!

They said I do and then took off sledding & snowbiking up to the back side of Limestone. Note * they got married at 9:30 am so as not to miss a day of riding....Hardcore! They said there was 10 inches of snow on the Corbin hwy by the end of the day, 4 inches at the Inn and 2 feet of new fluffy snow out back! Still snowing this evening!

As Steve-o (another favorite guest) would say "BEST DAY EVER" - Cheers!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 6/09

No new snow today - temp dropped to -24 overnight and then up to -10 around noon. Curt went out and groomed and the trail is in really good shape although he said the last half of the trail was a bit soft still from the snow we got yesterday. Limestone is really good but getting ridden out. A few have been dropping over the side for excellent riding. Heartbreak reported to be blown out with little snow. More traction again today from yesterday all over.

Sparwood gang rode over from the cabin up Alexander last night - we had a blast!

Remember the SnowDrags in Fernie tomorrow! Happy Birthday Ezzy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 5th late afternoon

Curt and the guys from Medicine Hat came back and there is 2.5 more feet of fresh snow from today on top of what we were riding last weekend that had set up. They rode up into Limestone. Flathead trail is in good shape as of today. Still snowing - hasn't stopped all day. Terrific riding is the consensus amongst the group today. Cheers!

Snow Report: Mar 5/09

Storming here! Lots of snow - 20 to 40cm expected today. Curt headed out on the trail to Corbin with a group so I'll have higher altitude conditions later tonight. We couldn't groom our trail as it was too warm which would only wreck it but if it gets cooler tonight we'll go out.

Fernie SnowDrags on Sat at noon by Stanford Inn.

Crow Snow Riders Poker Rally Mar 14th!

We are starting to get more ATV/Dual Sport/Dirtbike bookings so if you are interested give us a call.

Krauss & Biblow.....where are you guys?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 4/09 morning

It is snowing again today lightly - zero degrees. It snowed on and off all day yesterday and we would have had about 4 inches of new snow if it hadn't been warm enough to be melting it. The moisture is always good though and today if it stays cold and keeps snowing like yesterday (which it looks like it might) then it will be nice riding - don't get hopes up for powder riding though.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 3/09

It started snowing early this morning and is still snowing. It is +3 so I am cautiously optimistic but being conservative we have already gotten about 2cm of new snow this morning. Do the snow dance!

Remember Fernie SnowDrags this Sat at noon!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Report: Mar 2/09

Well Fri and Sat were boondocking heaven! Sunday the temp started to climb a bit and today it was +9 and we had a bit of spitting rain all afternoon. We didn't get the full on rain like the Pass though. There is snow in the forecast. We are back to spring riding conditions but now the base is considerably thicker. If you have a short track you could go a lot of places. Reports that deep into Atlas wasn't ridden much so there should be some spots still untouched. Bring scratchers.

SnowDrags in Fernie on Sat starting at noon by the Stanford Inn 1km west of Fernie on Hwy #3. Admission is $5 and under 12 free. Should be a blast in conjuction with Griz Days!