Monday, April 29, 2013

Apr 29/13 - Mixed rain & Snow dusting

Hi Gang - we are back. Here is a photo of our trail taken yesterday near Tent Mountain. Had to be in 4WD and couldn't have gotten to Corbin due to snow at higher altitudes. Getting a mix of snow and rain today at zero degrees and supposed to do that tomorrow too with daytime highs of +6 and lows of -6. Then our temps start to climb to the +9 to +17 by Sat. Trails here on the Continental Divide are still thick with snow so quads will have short trips blocked by snow. Talked to Matt about sledding conditions and they said they could have staged from Corbin but decided to try a bit further west and were disappointed at Galloway (Big Sand, Little Sand) - said they drove in a very long ways and found no snow. They then tried Radium and said they have to travel in a long ways again but found snow and said it was wind blown set up but typical spring riding and they had a good time. Here on the Divide, altitude changes rapidly so you won't have to ride gravel mixed trails long before you get up into the snow typically. Let me say I am not saying to ride from our place...that is done for the year but there are staging areas like Corbin that are still good to sled from if you have realistic spring riding expectations/experience. We are booking up fast for our summer and fall (fall looking the best for getting your pick of dates). Go through your summer gear and get ready! Cheers - V

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apr 16/13: More snow!

Howdy, it has been snowing daily. This afternoon we are really starting to accumulate down here. We had about 10-12cm but its snowing "thicker" this time. It has been -7 but now its -2 and the snow is better. Have reports from David & his Dad that Wheeler Creek (off the pipeline) has 2 feet of fresh snow. Photos from Harvey in Lumberton at Cranbrook were amazing! Easily a couple feet of new snow but lots of great snow under that fresh too - getting stuck all over - not really hero snow that you would expect. Just talked to Darcy and he is in Radium and says it is "really good". Keep sledding gang but beware loading of weak cornices and thin spots ready to give to the weight of new snow. I guess Elkford had a few natural avalanches recently. Well that is the report from here. I will try to give you one more look at the weather tomorrow then I am signing off for a couple of weeks. It is supposed to stay cool for the next few days and then be +8 to +9 Thurs to Sat and then snow again with +2 degrees with lows at night all in the negatives throughout the week. Cheers and happy sledding! V

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apr 14/13 - Still Snowing

Quick snap shot of the weather. The one photo is of the drive home late yesterday afternoon from Pincher in and around Beaver Mines. It improved through the Pass and on the way to our place and then started snowing harder here in the evening. Curt and Sommer were at a bow shoot in Cranbrook and couldn't come home because of a roll over at Jaffery. Snowed all night and still snowing. Not accumulating much down here - only about 3-4cm on the ground but up top it will be cool enough to be staying. I bet the snow is amazing up in the alpine after three solid days of snowing. Not letting up here either per the photo I just took. Its -1. I would say come and ride but we are closed as of tomorrow for our vacation and our family is all coming out to babysit the place. Still I think it is going to be very ride-able if you are still looking to go sledding. The hardcore riders will be enjoying this and watching their season extend as this is bonus snow for them. Anyway - happy riding. Cheers - V

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Apr 13/13 - Snowing Steady This Morning

Morning Gang, It is snowing like we wanted it to in Feb! We have about 7-8cm already and no sign of it letting up. We had blasts of flurries yesterday but nothing really stayed. It is warm but you couldn't make a snowman out it. As I sit here typing it is falling harder and the flakes are bigger. On our trail, you could only make it to about Tent Mountain and then you would be getting stuck after that if you had wheels on your ATV. Pincher got 4 inches of heavy wet snow yesterday per a friend. It is zero degrees right now. Gotta run but thought I would give you a snap shot of the weather here. Cheers ! V

Monday, April 8, 2013

Apr 8/13 - Snow in the Pass but not in Sparwood

Morning, just wanted to show you the differences you will find. We got 2cm of snow blanketed here in the yard. I drove to Blairmore this morning and it was -8 and at least 15cm of snow! I dropped off the kids and drove straight back to Sparwood and had to take a photo because at the passing lane just after the Corbin turn off it was -7 and was dry. The frost line looks to be about 6000ft to the West and valley bottom to the east. I have no idea which alpine spots got it or didn't. There is fresh up there either way just not sure what fell new in which places. Its now -4 at 10am so its warming up but the breeze is cool. Cheers! V

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Apr 7/13 - Snowing now & next 24hrs

Just got home from East of Pincher Creek and the roads were like this all the way here and beyond us. We have about 1-2cm of snow and it is -4 to -2. Snow is forecasted over the next 24hrs with temps ranging from zero to -6 and then it switches Tues to mixed precipitation and temps in the +4 to +7 range. This will be adding up on a bigger scale in the alpine but watch that this load on top of heavy wet snow is causing some big avalanches on steep slopes and some big cracks. Pick your terrain accordingly and then have a great time! Cheers - V

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Apr 7/13 - 30cm of Fresh Snow in Limestone

Hi Gang, Quick note tonight - we had a flurry of snow in the afternoon and this evening where I couldn't even see Sentry Mtn from our deck. Cooper, Jaydon, Austin showed me some great video of them and the guys on the bikes up in Limestone and they all agreed there was at least 30cm (1 foot) of fresh snow and all the tracks they had made in there the day before (and they rode it all) were erased. They had a fantastic time and Cooper went over the handlebars hooking his avy cord and inflating his pack....Trent we will bring it in to Walt Healy for refill LOL - it was pretty funny. They said it was great spring riding in there today and yesterday. No more new snow is forcasted in the avy report but Sunday on the Enviroment Canada we are supposed to get snow with temps at -4. They are +2 today and next week they are supposed to be between +5 and +8 with a bit more snow to come on the 12th. Temps at night are helping to hold snow at higher elevations. Our trail below 5000ft is getting mucky in places but we are still no where near quad season. Last year Curt and Tim couldn't make it to the Corbin highway on our trail because of snow at the 5500 - 6000ft at the top of the McCool Pass in mid May. Just helping you get some reference on the conditions. Cheers - V

Apr 6/13 - Snowing up top

Morning, we had rain the night before and yesterday morning at our place but 10 mins east of us it was dry. Likewise it was drizzling to about 5500ft but above that in Barnes Meadow and above that in Limestone it was snowing and had 5cm of new snow up there. It is set up but you can still get stuck. Watch for avalanche conditions - this wet snow wants to let loose and take its friends with it. It was +8 down here but felt like -2 and it is supposed to be -6 to -3 today up in the alpine today with 8-12cms of new snow expected. Enjoy the spring riding and be safe! Cheers - V

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3/13 - Spring riding in bowls, bare patches down low

Thought I would give you a look at the yard. The trails has some bare patches right out of the gate but then its still snow covered but that is what you will run into at staging areas. The guys said they ran into a bit of gravel getting into Harvey but wished they could stay one more day and ride Harvey/Shepp Creek again. They said its set up everywhere (especially Limestone) but that Harvey/Shepp had lots of unridden snow. Reports from them and from some other experienced spring riders said there was some big natural avalanches cycling with all our warm weather. Commercially I say our season is over but if you are accustom to spring riding...for some its mid spring season riding. You can go a lot of places - good time to get out and see what you haven't been able to see in deep snow but you have to have the right mind set for it. This is the first rain that looks like its going to hit us. It is cool out too with the breeze biting a bit but it says +8. We are supposed to be subject to rain this week and snow on Monday but temps are going to stay mainly above +5. Cooper going out with Shawn and Austin on the Timbersleds this weekend but then after that we are going to put the wheels on everything. Kids are itchin to dirtbike - Sommer just got a new Suzuki 125 from Walt Healy - thanks Sheldon and Trent! We have decided to sell the 2006 370Z Arctic Cat fan cooled. It has been an awesome sled - great for all kinds of snow conditions and pulled lots of toboggans and has even been up in Limestone but Sommer started to graduate to the 600 Rev and really likes it so we reluctantly are going to part with the Cat. It has been very well cared for and maintained and the only thing we can say about its condition is that it has a rip in the seat. Great thing about it is Sommer has been able to start the Arctic Cat since she was 8-9yrs old and an adult can ride it too. If you are interested give us a call. Our summer season is booking up so if you know your dates give us a call. Cheers! V