Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nov 30/14 - Cold Day after a big Dump

Finally got photos uploaded! Boondocking tracks all over the yard. Temp -32 this morning, -26 now going to -8 Monday and to -1 and snowing Friday. Call now to book cabins! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nov 29/14 - 60cm (2ft) of Fresh Snow!

Well now I am really frustrated. Can't show you the photos.  Go to Summit Creek Cabins on Facebook - I have them posted there.

So you know that I don't say "its all good" when I don't think the snow is worth vacation days or dollars.  I held everyone that called (even Tim at Over the Top Rentals) off on the Thurs/Fri - posting photos of the trail and weather reports so you could decide if your expectations would be met or not - even recommended other places.  Now?  Well the roads are relatively safe (not closed or covered with fresh ice and no visibility) and we have gotten 2 ft or 60cm of FRESH SNOW and although it started out as grauple it is now VERY NICE fluffy boondocking on the trail kind of snow but still with a bit of weight that will form up to a base soon enough.  We had a power outage and our yard now has 6ft banks from having the yard pushed out - huge relief - thank you.

The cabins are available.  Typically they are empty until the snow is good enough  - well - if you want to come now I will make it happen - even give you a discount as its first big snow for us and riding off the trail would be hazardous.  If you want to break in a new sled on the trail - see if you can get anywhere off trail (I caution you - there is no base) then call me and book a cabin.  I will hold you off no longer! Cheers and Happy Sledding! V

Friday, November 28, 2014

Nov 28/14 - Winter Storm Warning - Sparwood/Crowsnest

Well my phone still won't upload photos.  Go to Environment Canada and look up Sparwood BC and Crowsnest AB for the storm warnings and forecast.  It has been raining here at our place for the past 36hrs and while on the phone with Tim at Over the Top Rentals 5 mins ago it switched in an instant to snow.  We are supposed to get 30cm over the next 24hrs but it will be blowing and temps dropping to -19/-22 tonight.

If you are local then going out and finding the snow that is in Elkford, Morrisey etc would be okay but if you have to drive this area...I just don't think its going to be worth going out this weekend to this area due to roads, weather & temps, and snow conditions.  If you want to drive somewhere - Golden just got dumped on.  I would head there and save the exploration here for next weekend when we have gotten snow, temps are -1 and roads will be taken care of and not with 50km winds and flurries.  Avoid Black Friday US border traffic and  hunters trying to get there last weekend of hunting in too.

There will be photos of guys riding here but they live less than 30 mins from whatever they are riding likely.  Temps are dropping fast here.  Anyway - hope you find what you are looking for this weekend - I will get my photos working.  Curt will post on Summit Creek Cabins facebook whatever I send him.  We will get you some trail info for out back of our place later this week.  Cheers and drive safely - V

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nov 27/14 - Rain here all night and day but snow in Elkford!

Hey crew! - my phone won't upload photos - Damn it.  Curt has them on his facebook - Curt put them on Summit Creek Cabins Facebook.  It has rained all night and day here but snowing just above us but not getting the snow like Fernie and Elkford have gotten.  Callen & Tyler and a few others were out today at ELKFORD and it looked deep and sticky but fun!  Going into the deep freeze Saturday so if you are going out - put your long underwear on and take a fresh pair of socks!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nov 26/14 - Quick Evening Update

Just drove to Lethbridge and back tonight and roads were 80-90km/hr going and at 8pm they were 65-75km/hr coming home.  Like a nicely pebbled curling rink sheet of ice.  On the west side of Coleman it was raining lightly all the way to our place.  Seems to have let up now but forecast is for that to continue to rain/snow on and off for the next couple of days.  Likely snowing up top.  Going into major deep freeze on Sat/Sun - check out my earlier post this afternoon.  Take it easy on the roads gang - winter is just getting started. Cheers -V

Nov 26/14 - Snowing lightly

Quick post gang - have had a few calls on getting out on the trails this weekend.  Here are some photos of our trail just about 1000ft up from us and it is still not something I would take a sled out on yet.  3cm so far and still snowing - looking better over the next three days at -2 temps but then it also is supposed to drop to -21 during the day on Sat and -32 at night.  Also ....its the last weekend for hunting and I don't think you will get a warm reception from the many trucks that will be back out on the trail if you roar up on your sled that you cannot go off the trail with because there isn't really enough decent snow.  If you can hold off a weekend I say this is the weekend to hold off.  Can you go on the trail - sure but rocks and overheating will be likely.  K gotta run - my Feb is booking up like mad you guys so call if you have a date in mind!  Cheers - V

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nov 22/14 - Snowing but Sticky

Morning Gang,
It doesn't really show it in the photos but it is snowing lightly but steadily.  It is however, only about 2cm and it is sticky sticky wet snowman type snow with a bit of grauple (little balls) of snow.  Crowsnest Pass last night around 10pm - 11pm was getting sleet type rain/snow mix but nothing was really sticking to the ground long.  We were getting more snow just that bit higher here but still wet.

Supposed to snow a bit more on the BC side with on and off cloudy and possible snow all week but not a significant amount and hovering in the -2 to +2 range.  Crowsnest/Pincher Creek has a wind warning for this afternoon with winds going up to 100km/hr then dropping to 50km/hr as the temps climb to +6 and then offer up more wet sleet type weather on and off with temps staying in the +3 to +5 range.

Pincher was beautiful last night for their Parade of Lights - warmest one yet.  I was without a toque or gloves around 10pm as it warmed up as the night went on and didn't offer up any precipitation.

Met Merlin and Rhonda Lewis of Skyline SxS Rentals out of Pincher Creek in the parade last night.  They rent out a couple of Polaris sleds and I believe they said a few of Razors in the summer time.  He used to be the dealer in Pincher area and has been riding here for many many years.  Their website is - check them out.  Now go check out the condition of your belt and maybe pick up a new one just in case so you are ready! Cheers - V

Friday, November 21, 2014

Nov 21/14 - Snow tonight - Cabin booked for Christmas

Morning - oooo its hard waiting isn't it?  We kept our little bit of snow but are supposed to get around 10cm in the Fernie area and under 5cm everywhere else tonight.  Sparwood side is supposed to get snow again tomorrow.  Forecast is for temps to be just around that -1 in the evenings and +1 to +3 in the daylight.  Perfect snowing temps.  Cranbrook gang showed photos of riding the trail with about 15cm on it - don't go off the trail yet! It would hurt.  Kids here are just able to take the old 1970's sleds for a quick tour - not enough snow on the trail for anything else - not for a quality ride anyway.  The Summit Log cabin booked for Christmas from the 22nd to the 28th.  It is still open for New Years. Tim at Over the Top Rentals called and he is getting a bunch of bookings so if you know you have dates you will need to rent a sled for....I advise you give him a call now - 403-829-7533 (SLED). Get doing the snow dance! Cheers - V

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nov 11/14 - Remembrance Day Light Flurries

Good Morning on this Remembrance Day - we are proud Canadians and so grateful for those who gave their service and came home and those who did not come home - we are so very thankful and for the their sacrifice and for accomplishing their goal which is our freedom today.

I was away in Lethbridge all day and evening but roads were really good actually.  Everyone drove conservatively and visibility was good.  It was really cold though!   Today we have anywhere from 6-15cm of snow, some of it on the level and some moved around from wind.  Temps are supposed to stay in the -20 range for tonight and then lift.  Sun is in the forecast daily with temps now rising to -5 or zero depending on which side of the Divide you are on.   Snowing very lightly today but supposed to pick up a bit tonight with a few more flurries and cms and then drop off with no new snow in the forecast after tonight for the rest of the week.

Have had a few calls on the Summit Cabin over Christmas/New Years time slot.  Nothing booked yet.  Our previous guys would book it from the 22nd to the 27th and then our next group would book from the 27th to the 4th.  First time it has been open in 8 years.

Had some bookings from Saskatchewan will be in the Regina area around Dec 1st for AST (Avalanche Snowmobile Training) - good night of info and training.  Check out their website.  If you are interested in the Timbersleds - Shawn is in Saskatoon and his website is and Rhonda Down of the is in the new Thunderstruck 13 video!  The Betties have a ride in Elkford hosted by Rhonda and the girls - it is a lot of fun and a safe environment for any level rider to learn something new, enjoy chewing the fat with other female riders and there are tons of prizes and an excellent meal and dance later that night!  Check it out and put it on your list....oh and you can bring your guy to sled with ya too but its all about you!

Everyone heat up the garages, go through your sled and gear!  Its coming!!! Also the Idaho sled show is on this weekend coming up.  A bunch of guys head down from Cranbrook every year and said it is a blast! Cheers! -V

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Winter Has Arrived!! - Nov 9/14

Its HERE! I said this afternoon, NO MORE RAIN. I had had it with rain. It rained steady all night and most of the day to and from Fernie. We loaded up the horses and went to Bohomolec for 2.5 hrs and when we came out we had 3 cm of snow (alot of grauple) and it had just started to look like it was going to snow when we went into the arena. Jason...Sat was really nice (go figure) - the first sunny day we had had in ages but it poured all night Fri night too. Hope you made it out. So it is about -7 right now and dropping into the icebox. It is supposed to snow about 10-15cm total between Sparwood and Crowsnest reports and Crowsnest is under a Snowfall warning right now. This continues until Tuesday. Wed the sun comes out and without cloud cover the temps drop to -20 as the low and -10 to -16 during the day until Saturday so far. Supposed to warm up a bit by the weekend. BEWARE....the rain made the roads wet before this instant freeze so the roads are slippery and traffic has been slow. No need to dive into winter driving confidence....please think about the rest of us before putting the hammer down with your new winter tires and rushing off to whatever you have to - its now and the spring that people die on the road from going too fast. Time to start checking out - be in on the info for the first layers so you can grow your understanding and common knowledge as the season progresses. Summit Log cabin still open for Christmas & New Years...I really should keep notes on the people that call for situations like this but this is the first time we have had it open! Quick update...Cooper just drove in and said roads have had a plough on them, they are dry now except for the bridges...they are icy. Good to know. Oh and to all our crew at the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Show this are killing me...looks like you are having a great time and rubbing it in is a real bummer! Wish we were there - Cheers Everyone...V

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas & New Years Cabin Rental Available!

Hi Gang - Rare opportunity....our guests that stay yearly are unable to come this year and so the Summit Log cabin has opened up over Christmas and New Years! I don't ever keep anyone's numbers that are interested because we have never in 8 YEARS had an opening so here is your opportunity! I will only consider stays of 4 days or more and would prefer to book it for both Christmas and New Years to one group but we will see what kind of interest we have. On other has been raining here on and off - when it doesn't it is really nice out! We have had a total of three significant snows but that is melted below 6000-6500ft. There would be lots of places where the water puddles are full. Have a group staying to quad for the next few days and usually we don't have anyone book in November. Corbin news - this is the last year for the parking lot at the staging area...thank you to George and Terry and the other members of the Corbin Country Club for getting us one more year. There has been lots of discussion about how to handle parking next winter but no real solutions have come up as we do not have someone living there full time to keep a parking lot cleared of snow further in down the Flathead or the money for a bridge to access it a different way. Riding from your cabin here is going to become a lot more important when accessing that area. Wheeler Creek off the Coal Leach road, to Coal Mountain at the end of the Corbin highway is going to ramp up heavily over the next three years with more haul trucks - Leach road access to the pipeline will still be open. That is also accessible from the cabins here. So that is the info so far....get your avy courses lined up for the season, check your equipment, buy lithium batteries for everything and have extra on hand, get the app and check out the new website and organization and do a few of the online courses under "trip planning", get your sled into the garage and all tuned up, hit the sled show in Saskatoon this weekend - be ready to enjoy the winter! Cheers - V