Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quad Report: Sept 15/12 - Beautiful Weather

It has been beautiful weather - warm sunny days and cool nights. Lots of guests this past August and Sept with bookings well into October. Curt and I have been out on the horses lots following game trails and spending more time close to home on the little trails that are one way in and one way out but excellent for vistas as you can see. I really haven't spent much time on them and am finding them to be very entertaining and even more quiet than the trails already are out behind us. Lindsay and Julie (Secretary for the Quad Squad) rode in and we went for a tour - was a lot of fun. Plenty of season left. Keep an eye out for our new website. When we have put the last cedar shake on the gables of the newest cabin we will update the site! Cheers - V

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kayla & Jay's Wedding - Sept 1/12

Congratulations to Kayla and Jason on their wedding at our Summit Creek Cabins! Weather threatened but held with no major delays. They got engaged here last year and we were thrilled to have them and their guests here for their wedding. Our family and friends were here - Mom (poor Dad is helping with harvest back in Sask) Clayton & Linda up from Arizona, Kevin and Holly and Wade in from Saskatchewan and Ezzy down from Red Deer area. Belly laughs and great quadding had by all. I have to say....Tent mountain random camping area looked like a mini Mcgillvray. Hunting starts soon. Wall tents will be everywhere out back. Weather has been hot and sunny and today it was really cool ....made a fire in the house....and spotty rain and windy. Tomorrow is a return to the fantastic fall weather. Cooling down is good for hunting and fishing. If you can get away for some riding it is a wonderful fall. Cheers - V