Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow/Grooming Report: Nov 28/10

We are getting more snow today - 2 inches so far and it is -3 out. Top photo is of this morning. Second and third photos are of out trail out back - no rock noise at all and of Fire Lake up by Rain Gauge about 9km down the Flathead.
George was out grooming the Flathead and it was fantastic to burn down the trail on - first one is on the club then please start contributing to grooming. There were tracks up to Barnes, Rain Gauge (although we heard it was thinner up top), Heartbreak and Keith said they couldn't get into Predator. Backside of Limestone is a no go yet - we checked that out. Lots of snow in the meadows.
Curt groomed the trail from our place to Tent Mountain too. Am seeing more sled trailers on the highway all the time. It was some really fun riding - much better than I expected. For all the SK people - GO RIDERS!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Corbin Turn Off @ Hwy #3: Nov 25/10

Good Morning! Has been -27 to -35 here lately but today it is -17 and blowing a bit of snow in town at the Pass but pretty good roads. Supposed to warm up to -1 by Sat - we'll see how windy or snowy it gets with that but today is good day to come out if you were planning on the weekend.
Corbin Turn off used to be after the tracks (yellow sign far off in one photo) and before the green bridge heading west to Sparwood. With the partial contruction of the new over pass complete the turn off has now been moved East of its original position. It is now right after the signs talking about completion of the "Corbin Loop & Hwy 3 OverPass" you see when driving west. The actual "CORBIN" sign is SUPER SMALL - a normal street sign size. Green with white lettering as you can see in the photo. To the left of that you will see the old "TECK Coal Mountain Operations" sign. The road now goes inbehind the east end of the over pass contruction to the Corbin Hwy. Hope I explained it well - not many places to turn a big seld trailer around if you miss it except at the mine buildings further down the road.
BEWARE THE SHEEP at the Crowsnest Lakes before us and after us just before the Corbin Turn off. They are licking the salt off the road. They don't move even if you honk and they are like hitting a moose! They are super hard to see at night and have been really bad out on the roads between 5 & 9pm.
The other photos are of Cooper and Tanner out on Tent Mtn this past Sunday. Tim at Over the Top Rentals said there was 3ft of snow on the Flathead road and our guest yesterday said the trails were good but beware the lack of base. They are breaking in some new RMKs and having fun. I think this weekend will be good to be sledding!
We are not renting sleds but here are two that are: Mountain Memories 403-564-4883 East end of the Pass and Over The Top Rentals in Calgary:403-829-SLED (7533).
Jason - I think it looks better than expected but bring the horses or sleds - trucks will no fun without a big winch on the trails! We headed out tomorrow if it a bit warmer. Call us tonight.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Light Snow: Nov 20/10

Good Morning - light snow today on and off -15 but it feels much colder as the wind is up. This has set up really well with the cooler temps. Did I say that Castle Mtn snow report was 50cm? A call today confirmed 3 ft which is what we got here over the couple of days.

Doing a special on the cabins - now til Dec 21st it is $150 flat rate per night - early season special so you can get out on the snow early and heaven forbid but also better afford any parts you may need LOL. Cheers.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Trail Report this morning: Nov 19/10

Cooper just got back from heading to Tent Mountain on our back trail - he said it is a go. He never touched bottom and said he was boon docking most of the way. More snow up top - if you are on the trail - no problem - think you will find some sweet spots off trail now but beware the rocks - it hardened up fast to give us a base. My phone is ringing! I was holding you guys off til I saw Coop's photos.
Tomorrow I will take photos of new Corbin turn off - moved for construction of new over pass and photos of the staging areas. Note: DO NOT RIDE MINE PROPERTY. We are going to lose the corbin staging area if riders are on that first 4km to the east of trail where the ponds are. Hold off zipping up thereand go ride the alpine. It will be roped off with NO TRESSPASSING SIGNS - if you see someone doing it - STOP THEM. The staging area was staked off to be fenced and closed and the Corbin Club execs went up and spoke to Mine representatives and held them off - this is serious gang. They'll have vehicles towed on the road if they decide to close off the staging area - it will be an all or nothing situation. This would mean also that there would likely be NO GROOMING anymore so if you want to keep it-then enforce it. Cheers!

Still Snowing: Nov 19/10

Has not stopped snowing - it is picking up again this morning. Roads not bad in spots but in other spots coming out of Calgary it is bad and the chance of it getting worse still a threat as it is supposed to keep snowing/flurries through tonight. I would watch out for those not ready to slow down for winter driving - a few in the ditches here and there. Temps at -20 this morning. This is firming up and making a great base but if you plan on sledding beware the rocks! We are supposed to have a couple of days of just cloudy and then flurries again on Monday. I am out to blow more snow today to keep the road and yard open. Just managed to put a path in yesterday. Clayton said it snowed 2ft yesterday up at the mine so there has to be 4ft up top in spots! Yahoooooo - Cheers, V

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Snow: Nov 18/10

Wahooooo! It hasn't stopped snowing - still snowing and the kids have a snow day - the schools are closed! I have snow up to my knee in most places in the yard. Once my tractor starts I will get down to blowing the yard out. Maybe we'll fire up the bombi and go for a tour if the yard doesn't take all day. Forecast is for more snow tomorrow! When this settles it will be a nice base. In SK this would be fantastic sick day riding with no stones in sight! Roads are a bit nasty but traffic still moving over the Pass - very very slowly. Watch out for idots that drive too fast - gang - go slow through the lakes - the Rams come down to lick salt off the road and they DO NOT MOVE and they are extremely hard to see at night and love to sit just on the other side of the guard rail and jump out. Take them seriously - like hitting a moose. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still Snowing: Nov 17/10

First photo is today and second is from Sunday - big difference! Snowing all day and supposed to get 5 cm out of it - no problem we'll get that plus more tomorrow. Forecast is for cloudy but no snow over the rest of the week after tomorrow but the temps are all -5 to -11 so I wouldn't be surprised to get some more.
Fernie is reporting 2ft at Wranglers cabin -- remember we need base to cover the rocks! I wouldn't travel far to come ride or anything like that - hold off and let this set up.
So always said that bald spot on the mountains in behind us would be Hamdorf's Conquest when you made it up there....NOPE! Clayton and I hiked it today and made it! We were on all fours trying to make it up some faces to it but we did and after Clayton watched in slow mo as a bent over spruce came back on him and whacked him in the privates...cold privates....the bald summit is now known as Perk's Knob! More weather info tomorrow! Cheers.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow: Nov 16/10

Front yard with view of the mountains toward Sparwood and back yard. A bit more than a dusting but cold enough that it has now stayed almost 24hrs. -4 and it was a blizzard up top according to Roy on the haul trucks at the mine. It is cold though - the breeze stings a bit so dress warm if you are going out. Cheers!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ready for anything: Nov 12/10

Okay weather....we are ready for anything. Archie French of A&E Racing and the gang from Brooks rolled in today from Corbin off the trail and we roasted sausage over the fire in the backyard. Light flakes of snow occassionally fell but nothing on the ground here yet. I was in Fernie today and only a dusting of snow there BUT>>>>>the gang said that they took the quads/UTVs up Rain Gauge and had to turn back part of the way up because the snow was just thick enough to make it difficult to climb....AND>>> some guys were up there on snowmobiles! Yep - Cool - now don't go racing out to the mountains - we are not talking riding - more like picking through and doing it just because and with no fear of having to order parts at the end of the ride. It would be done just because it could be done. Fun thinking about it though. Gets the blood pumping!

About Avy Equipment.....time to retire the old analogs and don't use anything that only has one antenna. The dual antenna (usually makes an X on the back of your DTS beacons) are still good but if you are thinking of upgrading then the latest is the 3 antenna equipment. Remember - having lots of options is cool but if you are under pressure and afraid...easy operator use is best. After that it is practice practice practice. Cheers!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gear Hub: Belts/Oil etc : Nov 11/11

Hi - hope everyone's Rememberance Day ceremonies were peaceful and introspective.

Curt and I were in Fernie a couple of days ago and there is a new store called the "GearHub". They have new and used equipment - ski, skate, kayak, outdoor clothes and sleds and motorcycles. John who is a co-owner hails from Saskatoon and just moved to Fernie. He handles the motorized side of the business and is a ski doo man. He will have belts and oil and plugs for those last minute needs. They will be able to crank a wrench or two also depending on your needs. They will have sleds from Mr. R's in Lethbridge for sale. John was great to talk to and his staff was very helpful. Put this in your phone: 250-423-5555. John is also up to hear all about where you are sledding and what you are finding out there for snow. We wish them success!

No snow here yet but they say it is coming in the next week. Darn SK is hogging it all right now LOL. Cheers!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mini Z for Sale: Nov 8/10

Hi There, Weather was really rainy the past 24hrs but it is not today - still overcast. Clayton and I took the dogs for a hike and it was perfect temps - a bit greasy but great to be out.

I was cruising and in the "Classifieds" under "Buy and Sell" on page 14 there was a Ski Doo Mini Z for sale that looked like it was in excellent condition for $1200. Not sure if it is still available but I know they are hard to find and that is a very good price so if you are interested call the number 250-423-3971. Hope someone gets a great find for the upcoming winter! Merry Christmas maybe hey?

Good day for quading still. Rocky Mtn Sled Show in Calgary this coming weekend! Fernie Ski Swap too. Cheers, V.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quad Sold: Nov 4/10

Hi Gang - Congrats and thanks to Kelly who is now the proud owner of the 550 Grizzly. We hope to see you and your buds out here on the trails! Thanks again to the CNP Quad Squad - what an exciting draw supported by so many members and volunteers - join up - family rates are very reasonable and the club is very organized working to preserve riding areas!

Weather was beautiful out today here - very sunny and the hot tub was perfect LOL. Snow has now been pushed back on the longterm forecast and after today - we could probably hold off and enjoy the sun a little bit longer. Temps were in high teens. Get out a do some November riding and then look back on the perfect year as you are sledding well into May! Do it all!
Cheers - V

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Griz for Sale: Nov 2/10

Hey there - Curt spoke to another dealer today who had 550 Grizzly's with power steering in stock and Yamaha offered a $2000 rebate on the $11,500 price so they were up for $9500 + tax. So....Curt lowered the price to $8000 clear. Just a heads up if you were teetering on buying one - we have put it on kijiji.

Temps are supposed to reach +10 by Friday and then rain a bit on Sat and light snow and +3 by Mon & Tues.

Doublewide trailer will be available one more winter and then it is gone in the spring. It is also for sale but not available until April 2011.

Rocky Mountain Sled Show is on in Calgary Nov 12th weekend - check out all the new gear and sleds. Cheers - V

Quading: Nov 2/10

Hey Gang,
Congrats and Thanks to Eric - proud new owner of the Honda 420. The Grizzly is still available.

Weather has been very rainy and cool but the sun just popped through now and it is supposed to be up in the high teens low twenties by Thursday. Rain hasn't hurt the trails at all and if you want some late season mucking- come on out. We will give you really good deals on November bookings.

Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association's annual sled show is on this upcoming weekend in Saskatoon. Forecast is that following volcanic eruptions there is always good snow. Thank you Iceland! If you have a new sled that needs an engine break in then come early and burn up the trails but I will let you know when the base is worth going off the trails. Schedule your avalanche training - there is always a quick intro at the shows - see Zac's Tracks booth. Get your avalanche equipment and get a tutoring session on SPOT - it is a very good tool to add to your kit. Practice practice practice with your beacons. Cheers!