Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dec 21/14 - 3cm of Snow down here

So last night did not bring us much down here ...3cm on the flat...and it is wet wet wet.  But temps are supposed to start decreasing slightly and that is all we need.  It is still snowing up top a bit and I usually easily double what we get down here and that is what has likely fallen as a minimum up top.  So still no powder for anyone with wild expectations, but we are slowly adding to our base and the trails will be fine to ride as long as they don't see a ton of sledders just yet.  Its +1 and if it gets a bit cooler we may see a little skiff more of snow today.  More snow in the forecast for Christmas.

Just a heads up, my Feb is booking up like mad so if you have dates you want to inquire about - better call now because you might have to pick another destination or new dates in Jan or Mar to stay with us.

P.S. - great Christmas stocking stuffers are Lithium Batteries for your beacon....;)

Cheers - V

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