Monday, October 26, 2009

For Sale: Elite side by side

Selling our 1973 mint, all original Elite. Bottom seats recovered to factory spec.Turn key operation. Everything works. Buy for cruzzin with kids, or show room! Located in Sask. Serious inquiries only please. Only 760 km! Engine displacement is 440.
Curt or I used to take the kids to school with this. We had a lot of fun with it but we just don't use it now that we moved here. Curt's Mom and Dad used it for a while but it is not being utlized and it is in perfect condition - a rare rare find. $4500

Snow Report: Oct 26/09

After a windy night it is now +3 and snowing - getting a bit more snowy by the minute. Good practice for when it decides to stay!

Line up your sled parts, avalanche safety gear and courses, check the air pressure in your truck tires and book your reservations - its going to be a great winter!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Snow Report: Oct 19/09

Over the weekend we had warmer temperatures and a downpour that melted all our snow at our elevation at the Inn. It is +3 this morning and is supposed to climb to +8 by Wed and then down to +3 by Sunday. Sorry my camera port on the computer is not working or I'd send you the dry frosty photo sans snow of the yard. Cheers!

Snow Report: Oct 19/09

Over the weekend it warmed up a bit and we had a downpour. This morning it is +3 and frosty but all our snow has melted at our elevation at the Inn. My computer port for my camera is not working so I can't post a photo sorry. Temps are supposed to climb to +8 on Wed and then down to +3 by Sunday.

Remember that the ASA Snowmobile Jamboree is here in the Pass Feb 27 &28th so book your reservations now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snow Report: Oct 13/09

Went from -8 to current -4 this morning. Snowed lightly here but was snowing thicker in the Pass. Still snowing up top and gusty from the warming trend.

The rock n roll/sled stunts combo show in Medicine Hat had to be reformated because Cody Bouchers was testing the ramps and HIT THE ROOF! Cody is bruised up, fell basicially 39ft and totalled his sled. A & E Racing in Brooks sponsers Cody. Curt and Cooper are headed to Cranbrook for the show there this Sat. We send out "get better soon's" to Cody. Oh and HI DARCY! Curt said you were watching the posts already! LOL - its not enough yet here but they were riding in Cranbrook! Cheers.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow Report Oct 10/09

They are riding in Cranbrook and the note stated: " and no damage" LOL. Not enough here yet - local okay but to drive here for it would be crazy just yet. Sorry about the photo but you get the just of it. Cold (-7) but the weather is supposed to warm up steadily going into the week. No new snow since my last blog. Kids have been out towing each other around on the toboggan with the quad. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Snow Report: Oct 8/2009

Well we haven't lost our snow. It is snowing and +1 above right now. Rolled in at 5pm after a beautiful day. Be careful on the roads in the evening - during the day they were dry as a bone. Trend is to snow tonight and then start warming up steadily to +6 by Monday thru to Wed. The hunters are out with quads - one just drove through - should be good for hunting as it was so warm earlier. Dress for all weather if you are going out. Nice hot tub and bonfire weather!
Start planning your sled trips and safety courses - the snowmobile shows are coming soon. Cheers

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


YEP! Snow - and still snowing! Don't know if it will last - my horses' water trough wasn't even slushed over but it is still snowing! For those of you driving this area - snow plough trucks are out. I think it will be a great sled season this year - positive thoughts, positive thoughts. Cheers