Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sept 28/14 - Dreary til Wed then SUN SUN SUN

Hi Crew....whewph didn't realize I hadn't posted for a long time. You can quad in any weather though so.... Here is one of our groups that come twice a summer. Been doing it for quite a few & Rob you still with this gang? LOL. It was dreary and cold these past two days and that is supposed to hang on til Wed then it hits +14 and Sun and continues to warm to +22 and lots of Sun for the weekend. We are open this weekend so if you are contemplating a later season quad trip give us a call! If you are already into winter mode getting sled fever then check out to schedule an avalanche course. Some guys tack on a few days here for a sled trip after their course in Fernie. Sled shows are coming up too so you can ramp up the fever! We have confirmed bookings in Jan Feb and Mar already so its not too soon to plan. Until then - get out on the wheels - the trails are still in fantastic shape! Cheers -V

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 11/14 - 7cm pretty well Melted off now

Morning Outdoor Enthusiasts! Its +2 right now and sunny. We received another 7cm last night and it is almost melted off the grass already. Going to +6 by this afternoon and headed to +13 tomorrow and +21 on Sunday with Sun Sun Sun. Should be really beautiful scenery out there right now on the trails. We are booked this weekend and we only have the Summit Log cabin open for next weekend and then we are booked the weekend after that too. We do have the first weekend of Oct open if you are interested and some weekdays. Quad Squad is having their wind-up east of the Adanac/Tappay Roads junction. You can always give Julie a call at 403-562-8686 or email her at for more info on this and other club activities - they always welcome new members! Fishing should be a blast right now. Dress in layers and enjoy the hot chocolate in the cabins! Cheers - V

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 10/14 - Snow melted Now Round 2

Good Morning, the snow melted yesterday by noon and it looked like we weren't going to get the second blast on Wed that they forecasted as it was calm late into the night just started snowing again this morning. Forecast has changed a bit - now we are just supposed to get to +11 tomorrow and then up to +16 for the weekend and going to +20 for Monday. So bring some layers because it may be the perfect temp or it may get too hot over the course of the day then cool on the way home in the evening when you are out. This will blow over and you will be left with fresh smelling damp trails for a little bit which is always welcome. Hunting season has started and watch that some areas will be closed or closing for that. Be respectful of others you meet on the trail. I am from Saskatchewan so I always liked the wearing bright colours in fall - see and be seen. We have a lake on either side of us - walking distance. You can get your BC licence online if you wish. Fishing should be great with this cold blast - they will be hunting any bug they can get! Cheers - V

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 8/14 - Snow Storm

Well we had a cool and windy day all day and then around 8pm it hit us. Snowing pretty steady out there. We blanketed the horses before it hit us. Its zero right now and supposed to be snowing and raining til Wed. Don't fear though because its supposed to be +13 on Thursday and going to +23 by Sunday and sunny all those days inbetween. For those arriving this weekend here - no dust LOL! Thought I would show you what it looked like so you could panic and then trust the forecast. This is our second snow. Hot days still ahead so don't worry. Still supposed to be cool in the evenings so still pack those fall suppers like lasagna and chilli to warm you up if you are riding in after sunset. No worries though - the ATV season is far from over! Cheers Gang!V

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sept 3/14 - Sleety Rain for Today then SUN SUN SUN

So it rained hard all night and is supposed to rain all day today and I believe it - I had my toque on as it was snowing up top and sleeting rain down here and is +2 right now. This is good there will be very little dust this weekend. Its supposed to be between +20-24 Thurs through Monday. Don't let this weather today put you off for this weekend. Nice to get these shots of moisture. So we have the Flathead and Divide open this weekend at $189/night based on double occupancy and $15 per additional person unless you stay 4 nights or more then its a flat rate of $189/night. Really I think this weekend is going to be beautiful to be out in the backcountry. Cheers - V

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sep 2/14 - Beautiful Weather

Weather has been perfect out here with the occassional rain to keep all the dust down. Trails are in great shape and now with the kids back to school its much quieter out on the trails too. We have the Flathead cabin and Divide cabin available this weekend but are booked solid the next weekend. If you are looking for a cabin for hunting give us a call - we usually only book one hunting party in so you have the place to yourself and its a quiet as we can make it. Thought I would throw in the view from the top of Turtle Mountain - Frank Slide. Hiked it for the first time on Sunday and it was a rush! Fire bans are off and the evening weiner roasts out here are all the more special! Call if you want to come out for a cabin stay this weekend. Cheers - V