Friday, September 17, 2010

Snow Report #2: Sep 17/10

The Scope Production Boys on a day off! Snow was 2cm at 4500ft to 8 inches up around 6500ft. Undeterred they took on all conditions - these are photos from the same trail - the Trail of 7 Bridges. It is cool tonight but Mark, Larry, Jason, Devin are around the fire swapping lies still! Good group here this weekend. We are booked for Thanksgiving Weekend already but have some openings prior to that if you want to squeeze in a bit of outdoor fun before it is time for sledding!
Cheers - V

Snow Report: Sep 17/10

Well it snowed. We have about 2cm and it is still snowing very very lightly and is +3 with light breeze. Actually a nice morning. Doesn't feel chilly. Won't affect quadding much but the hunters will appreciate anyone out to quad having a late start this morning as before lunch they will be busy tracking and today is opening day. Snow is good for them and it won't last long. Cheers - V

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quad/Hunting Report: Sep16/10

Hi, Been eventful here the past few days, black bear, cougar and then Roxy put this little guy up a tree just now. Life on the edge...of the forest that is - always rewarding. Makes you realize just how great the bear safety/cougar safety programs our kids are receiving in school are - keep up the good work - the kids are really absorbing and using the information.

Anyway - Bow hunting becomes high power tomorrow on the AB side so the trails will get busier - BC has been open for a bit now - just always be respectful of each other gang. Weather has been a cycle of rain every couple of days followed by cool sunny day and then back into it so dress for cool and wet and you will be good. Our weather has not been as extreme as Lethbridge and east. Supposed to possibily snow this weekend. It is sunny and warm out today! Heads up are booked over Christmas and New Years and have bookings in Jan and a bunch in July 2011 already.

Cheers and Happy Hunting, Fishing and Quading! V

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunny Day: Sep 10/10

After a day and night of rain/drizzle we have a warm sunny day shaping up - bet the fish are biting like crazy after it being cold and bugs lying low. We are getting calls from Hunters. I believe we are Area 23 for BC which is 6pt Elk and Spike Moose overlaping and on Alberta side we are Zone 400 but check your synopsis to be certain - girl talking here. Our long weekend in July and the Thunder in the Valley July 16th weekend are already booked! If you have a favorite time of year then don't wait. We are a small, private, right on the trail,few rules kinda place and it doesn't take much for us to book up. We are hoping to have more hunters this fall and huge snowfall this winter. Our guys from Scope Production out of Lloydminster has discovered us. They send their crew out and the boys work hard all day and then come home and quad and relax in the evening. Great way to reward your guys! Cheers - V

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sno Bike Track Kit for Sale: Sept 4/10

One of our crew of regulars has an 08 2moto sno bike track kit for sale. It fits all bikes 450cc and bigger. It has 2 inch paddles and 38 inches of contact. Roger (from Gray, SK) is looking for $3500 obo. You can reach him at his cell # 306-533-2015. This kit can climb!
I wanted to change one of my previous blog reports. It pertains to the Gray, SK crew in the photo with the Sask Roughrider. I got Alyssa's name wrong - called her Crystal and I apologize for that. This young girl took her TTR and picked her way up the Seven Sisters Trail calmly kicking rock while a bunch of 650's looked up at her - atta go girl! She's hooked on mountain riding now so Daddy Rob better save up cause I don't think she'll be left behind again. Way ta go Keith (big brother) for encouraging her too!
Another beautiful day - we are getting the summer we didn't have earlier. The Pulver Polaris gang from Brandon, MB are here quading and lovin' it. Kananaskis Pro Rodeo Horse/Motorbike/Quad poker rally is on today - should be a good one! Joe Trotz who is a driving force behind the rodeo is also the Crow Snow Riders groomer and watch for him on Man Tracker as the guide when they hunt down two Saskatoon girls filmed here this summer in Crowsnest.
We are getting bookings for later Dec and early Jan sled trips - heads up! LOL Cheers, V

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Quading Clarkes: Sep 3/10

We would like to thanks Rob Steer and his crew for doing such a fantastic job on staining/sikkens-ing the outside of the log cabin it makes it look brand new! I highly reccomend Longhorn Painting for all your painting, finishing work - Curt has Rob's card in his wallet and is out back cutting wood so I will have that phone number for anyone who wants it in my next blog.
Here is part of my family - they are starting to make annual quad trips out here and we couldn't be happier. Wish more of them would make the trip.....there's that familiar family dig eh? My mom Glennys in the red jacket with my Dad Donn in background and later both on quad. My cousin Bert and Myrna and then two shots of my cousin Wade - who has done more than his fair share of work around here on his son's mini quad, my uncles Dean & Grant and my Aunti Debbie and Sommer and Curt, Cooper and Clayton all headed out and had a great time. Aunti Joan and my grandmother Norma did not head out on the quad portion of the trip but last year they did!
Okay weather.....we have had steady little showers every couple of days or so with warmer days than we have had all summer in between. The trails have puddles and are not dusty. Be prepared for cool mornings and evenings, an occassional rain and then hot afternoons - it is the mountains. Hunting is commencing soon so be respectful of each other on the trails and just enjoy being outside.
We are cooking up some longer stay deals for October/Nov so give us a call. We are hoping to offer the deals into the winter season so plan for 4 nights or more. Plans are still in place for the doublewide being moved off by the time seeding is done in Sask. We reinvest in our oasis to try to offer more and more comfortable lodging for our guests. Cheers and thank you for choosing us! V