Friday, May 27, 2011

Quad Report: Weather Yukky

Hi - weather is miserable today and yesterday. We were getting overcast with spitting rain all day for a couple of days and then wham we are getting snow and rain slush the past 24hrs. All the trees have snowy white branches but no actual accumulation on the ground. It is cold though at +1 and going to +5/6 today but there is a rainfall warning for the Kootenay area - 10mm over today.

Good news is this weather will pass and Sun, Mon, Tues it isn't supposed to rain it will be a bit overcast with sunny breaks and warmer temps. I would stay home til then depending on your tolerance for rain and cold at the same time. Usually if you are just wet it isn't too hard to manage but its cold. Horses were shivering last night so they got blanketed and fed more. Trails are very good out here - you can go a lot of places and we don't get the deep mud up here that you can find at lower elevations - just lots of great pools of water to drench you buddy with.

We have openings in June - book your trip before the mad rush.

For fishing....lots of winter kill at Summit lake but our local fly shop reports lots of decent rises. Cooper and Kale will likely revist Island Lake again with all their success there. Had a bit of success fly fishing at Lee Lake the other day. What will those two boys do for retirement that they don't do now? Cheers -V

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quad Report: Howdy! Weather is Great

Took a month off of blogging to let everyone settle down after an awesome winter! Our April ran just about booked the whole month! I thought May would be a month of late starting for quadding here due to the snow but....I had a bunch of guys out in both cabins with Ernie this past week and they went and played up Tent and started up trail of 7 bridges but decided to give the griz that left fresh prints his day. They said they had a great time and went farther than I thought they could.

The kids and I headed out on the horses and were surprised at just how much snow was gone. Yep gone. There is a fire ban on for Alberta (not sure about BC) but I assume that is more is due to the lack of support they would have if one started here and the snow is going fast. Slave Lake is a priority so error on the side of caution and be careful on all fronts not just with not having a fire.

The weather was fanatastic this weekend and it continues. Fire up the quads and dirt bikes boys and girls -the wait is over and come on out. We only have two cabins available for the summer and fall so if you book both or stay 4 nights or more you get a deal and you have the place to yourself! I can't believe it but June is very open right now. July looks crazy so avoid the crowds and come early! Cheers! V