Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24/14- Good Rain last night

Morning, its a bit cooler here today which is nice. We got a downpour last night with a big lightning and thunder show. Not typical for this spot to see that kind of lightning. Anyway that will freshen up the trails and cut down on the dust and maybe leave you a few puddles to have fun with. We still have the Divide cabin open this weekend and our group here says the trails are relatively quiet and they were on the Crowsnest side two days ago. We are getting bookings in Oct right now so if you know your dates then give us a call before its booked up. Seems that lots of the long weekends booked up quickly this year. Remember to check for fire bans and if you are in BC and allowed a fire then be sure to contain it properly and put it out completely. Cheers - V

Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 20/14 - AB Fire Ban in Crowsnest & Not on BC side

Well hello gang! Its been a while but there isn't much weather that isn't good for quadding so it seems mute to report much. Weather has been smoking hot hitting +32 last week but this week is a nicer +23 with a slight breeze to keep you happy. Riding in the trees is cool and relaxing temperature wise. SO we have had questions about the fires and bans etc. Kelowna has a fire going and we have been getting some smoky days on and off and Banff had a lightning strike in a control burn area so they let it burn under control. We hadn't had any fire bans until the 18th when the Municipality of Crowsnest decided to have a fire ban so no open camp fires. But the BC side in the Southeast region is permitting open camp fires. So we can have campfires here and also on the BC side of the border. In both situations though, propane fuelled appliances are acceptable. Please use extreme caution when having fires of any kind. Contain them and keep them small. Put them out with lots and lots of water not just a couple of glass fulls. Stir it around and make sure all the coals are soaked. If you want more info then go to or www. Fire bans get turned on and off without much notice so please check the websites before having a fire. The quadding is a bit dusty in spots but clear everywhere and the fishing is good in the mornings down at Summit and Island Lakes. Plan to BBQ still if you wish. Fingers crossed we get some nightly little showers to settle everything down a bit. Cheers - V