Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow Report: New Years Eve/08

We received a foot of new snow overnight and this morning. Curt blew out the yard. Cooper and one of our guest's sons Ryan rode all day long on their Arctic Cats at the Inn and by the lake.

If you are interested in a Wilderness First Aid Course please go to for more info on the course Lori is proposing.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Report: Dec 29/08

Curt groomed our trail tonight and Flathead was groomed today. Total new snow over the past 48hrs is 3 feet. It is snowing enough to hamper visibility on the hwy tonight.

Our hopes that the original estimate of 5 sledders lost in the avalanche at Harvey Creek were dashed today. Total of 11 sledders in the slides with 8 buried and only three found walking out. 7 bodies have been recovered with search and rescue suspended for the evening and resuming tomorrow. RCMP are present at staging areas advising riders to not go into dangerous areas but the trails and meadows are open. Still avoid rolling slopes as even below treeline is "high" risk for the forecast Wed. We are getting more snow than expected currently. Check your equipment, discuss your route and "know before you go".

Snow Report: Dec 29/08**Avalanche

Yesterday there was an avalanche in Harvey Creek/McLatchie area. Reports are that the sledders were not climbing but got hit by an avalanche and part of the party went back to help those buried and were hit by a second avalanche. We believe 5 remain lost and search and rescue, suspended last night, are resuming this morning with helicopters and avalanche dogs. The area is closed off and people are asked to stay clear of the area.

Please "Know before you Go" and check out for current bulletins. Wed the forecast is for 20-30cm of snow and a temp of -1 which translates to "HIGH" risk for avalanche even below treeline in some areas. Always wear a beacon. Take an avalanche safety course - see - and check for avalanche council courses with Amber Wood.

When we were in Elliott a few days ago, a small avalanche let loose and two other sluffing only slides occurred with evidence of steady sluffing prior to that. There was about 30cm of slush on the lake also. Barnes has been great with lots of play area in the meadow, safe of avalanche terrain traps.

Our thoughts are with those friends & families waiting for news. We are grateful for all those who volunteer and professionally provide search & rescue services.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Report: Dec 28/08 A.M.

4 inches of new snow overnight, zero degrees this morning and still snowing - good big flake snow. Thats the new snow on the railing. Lavoy's trailer in background had the heater on all night and still has snow on it. Report from the locals was that there could have been 20 sleds on Fire Lake (by Rain Gauge 9km down Flathead) all day and not used up all the boone docking snow yesterday. Yahoo!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snow Report: Dec 27th/08

Guests went to some open cut blocks about 8 mins from the Inn and found very satisfying boone docking snow. Corbin crew went up into Elliott and said they could just barely tell that we had been there tearing it up the afternoon before. Warming up and snowing again - big flakes. We are booked til the 6th of Jan and our guests are seeing improvements daily in the conditions. Cheers!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Snow Report: Boxing Day/08

Went into Barnes & Elliott today - had a blast! We cut trail into Elliott where snow was thigh high and excellent along the sides, slush layer on frozen lake. Barnes was good boone docking. Trail is good from Inn and down Flathead - a little rock noise now and again but you can crank it up now. Heard that Rain Gauge is good too as of today. Still snowing lightly and temp is -6.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wade & Cole out for a ride with Uncle Curt in the Bombi. Went all the way to Corbin hwy - 4-6 inches of new snow on the trail, steady improvement. 2-3 inches of new good snow at Inn. Snowing all day and still snowing tonight with temp at -5. Forecast for steady snow and good temps through the New Year. Merry Merry.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow Report: Christmas Eve/08

We all went out on the trail today to the dead end before the Corbin Hwy. Trail got better as we went higher. Still a lot of rock noise but with Leiperts, Hewlkos and our crew riding it, it is getting packed which is good. Didn't get over 5500 rpms. Temp was -8 today - hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire on the trail tasted great! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Report: Dec 23/08

Trail a bit thin from Inn to Tent Mtn but the McCool Trail to Corbin from Tent was better than I expected with 10 inches of snow. Still don't want to be off the trail though. This is Jody on her NEW SLED! Merry Christmas from her hubby Wade! Sure was nice to feel a bit of float under the skiis. Warming up another 10 degrees this week with snow forecasted daily through to Sunday.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Report: Dec 22/08 am

2 inches of new good snow overnight and still snowing lightly with forecast to continue snowing. Boss & Elvis made a call to their contact in Elkford who told them there wasn't good enough snow there right now. Curt, Wade and the kids are going to ride the trail today to check out what amount of snow fell out back. Will report and have photos tonight. Temp is warming up and is -15 as of this morning.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Report: Sun Dec 21 pm

Temp up to -14 and a bit of snow today. Snowfall warning for our area. Report from Boss and Elvis: rode to Barnes - snow good in trees only, flathead trail good, trail up into Rain Gauge acceptable but up in bowls it is only rock and some windswept drifts - not good. They are heading into Elkford tomorrow and I will post their report tomorrow evening. Hopefully we get the 15cm they are predicting overnight.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Report: Dec 20th

It is -27 today - setting up the base for -10 and snow forecasted for Sunday! We haven't had a whole lot of new snow but if you were satisfied to just stick to the trail and take it easy you could ride from our place to Corbin. The Flathead improves with more snow as you get up in elevation but sticking to trail riding is still what we suggest. Powder Keg Ski hill in Blairmore opens today. We are booked solid from Dec 23rd through to Jan 5th. If it snows on Sunday do not delay booking as we are regularly flooded with calls. CHEERS!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Report: Dec18/08

No photo. Since last post we have only had about 4cm of new snow. Snow is still crytaline and blowing. Temps have been around -25 and got up to -14 yesterday with a bit of new snow. Wouldn't drive far to ride yet. Report from Lumberton (Cranbrook) is Cooper Lake had grass showing through at the back hillclimb and the willows made it difficult. Still blowing today and snow is in the forecast.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow Report: Evening Dec 13/08

No photos but the trail was rocky out back. The guys did not make it to Elkford due to bad road conditions outside Medicine Hat but locals went to Corbin, unloaded at staging area - rocky but acceptable trail in and trail up into Rain Gauge blown but about 2.5 feet of snow and drifts were fun up in the bowl. No carnage. They think it will be blown too hard and crusty within 24hrs unless wind drops and more snow falls. Right now at 21:50 it is blowing hard even at the Inn, no new snow just blowing snow off mountains, temp is -23.

Ditch Snow Report from Dec 12th

Sorry but I had to post this - was in Pincher Creek yesterday and this was the best snow I've seen yet! Anyone from Sask like us would understand how hard it was to not go get the sled and come back and rip that 500 meters up! LOL

Snow shot Dec 13

Took this by Summit Lake west of us. Snowing up top but its crystaline flakes.

Snow Report: Dec 13th

3 inches overnight at Inn, Fernie reporting 10cm of new snow this morning. Locals going skiing but wearing their rock skiis. Here is the trail just behind our place. Know of some guys going to Elkford today - hope to have new news - last report was 3ft there. It is -17 here right now and blowing (and we rarely have any kind of wind down here at the Inn). Hwy 3 here is good enough - traffic moving freely. I would still hold off or have low expectations for sledding over the next few days. More snow to come Wed.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow Report: More Corbin Shots

Check the depth of snow against the tires on the truck. NB: the sled did not leave the flatdeck. This is above the staging area at Corbin at French's cabin - owners of A&E Racing in Brooks. Just hold off guys. Save your sled vacation dollars for mutliple excellent trips after it really snows then put miles on your sled and not on your truck. Check out Elkford north of Sparwood on the site - there have been some reports of snow but also broken A-arms there. Worth staying in touch with the locals there though too.

Corbin Snow Report: Dec 11/08

Clayton with Eileen & Archie French with the Corbin Country Club Groomer on Dec 10th. Last year the groomer was out on Dec 6th. This year some locals report 2ft in the bowls with no base. 4-6 inches on the trail. Save your gas and parts budget.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Snow Report Dec 8/08

We only got 3 inches at the Inn last night. We are heading out to Corbin and will post pictures this afternoon. At the Calgary show we spoke to some guys that went out with the motorcycle conversion kits along the pipeline and Rain Gauge before this snow & there was only 18 inches then. Up at Elk Valley mine they received a foot last night.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snow Report: Dec 3/08

Curt & I & dogs checked out the trail with the Bombi. Didn't turn up dirt. This is "B" road to Pipeline. Good start. Snow in forecast for weekend.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow Report Dec 2/08

6-8 inches and counting as of this morning at 0930. No bus - snow day for kids and they had the mini Z out first thing! Still snowing but easing off. More snow in forecast for weekend and below zero temps all week. No more +8 degrees like yesterday!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Coal Leach Rd/Tin Shack/Powerline access

Blurry - sorry but this is the "Tin Shack" on the Corbin hwy that is the access to the power line. No snow. Our "B" road or Tent Mtn Pass comes out to the Corbin Hwy and you ride about 2-2.5km north in the ditch by the hwy & railroad tracks to this point to get to power line.

Corbin Snow Report Dec 1/08

Bring quad, leave sled at home. Corbin staging area. Actually it would be a fantastic day for a quad ride.