Saturday, August 4, 2012

Quad Report: Aug 8/12 Out on the Trails

We were out on the trails on Wed and they were a challenge! There were some of the biggest mud holes we have ever seen on the trail to Corbin. Curt and I had to get winched out twice! The water in early summer washed a few stretches out down the middle so negotiating them takes some deliberate driving. I cannot upload the photos so go to Inn on the Border on Facebook to see the album. Its a good-er! Curt and I in water/mud up so that almost just the top of the seat is showing! My parents had a blast in the commander - Donn was making Glennys shout a bit! LOL. The kids seemed to handle it like pros. We are getting rusty. All work and no play....The sun is shining and it is hot and the other night's rain (and a minute of hail) cut the dust dramatically. Come on out and play! Cheers -V