Friday, December 5, 2014

Dec 5/14 - 3cm new snow - Guys in the Cabins

Evening Crew - Curt and Coop switched out the tires for tracks on the Commander and the sleds are prepped and ready to go tomorrow.  We got 3cm of new snow down here today - likely a little more up top.  Picking up Mo & Terry and going out on the trails.  Cooper and his friends David and Ian got Sommer's 1970 SnoCruiser "Lois" running smooth.  Track kits coming from Saskatoon with updates so they won't be switched over til Christmas.

Our Flathead and Divide are rented this weekend.  Summit Log is still open.  After this weekend, the cabins are all available until the 22nd and then we only have the Log cabin available the 28th til the 5th.  January has openings but February is filling up very fast.

I held you guys off but if you want to come before Christmas, give me a call - remember two night rentals only.  We will get some photos posted after the ride tomorrow.  Check out the photos from friends in the areas around us on our facebook page for Summit Creek Cabins.

Watch what you are riding - the snow after a storm is very unstable even early in the season.  A big one came down Middle Kootenay Pass per a friend and the sledders were VERY lucky to survive it.  I heard Cook City had one too.  So get your lithium batteries in your beacons, practice and check you gear and keep your eyes open.  Its going to be a good year - everyone rides, everyone goes home.  Cheers - V.

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