Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quad Report: June 6/12 - a bit of Snow

Yep that be snow up in them there hills. It has been snowing down here on and off. Rained steady last night and we have a rainfall warning for 50mm in the Elk Valley. It is cold too - at 3 to 7 degrees forecasted for the evenings and 13 to 20 above for the days over the next week. Benefit is no dust on the trail - fun filled creek crossings and everything is green! May even find mud if you can find enough dirt. Our group went whitewater rafting on the Bull today and said it was great but wow the water was high - too high to shoot the Elk river. Full sized trees floating down the river. They had fun and were back and out on the quads tonight. We are booked this week and weekend but have two cabins open next week when it is supposed to warm up. We are changing things up here. With the addition of two new cabins we have decided to change our name from Inn on the Border to Summit Creek Cabins. We thought it would reflect that we rent cabins and are no longer an "Inn" with a bar and restaurant. The "Inn" is now just our home. Same year round trail access and fun. So soon you will see the website change and the name Summit Creek Cabins will eventually wean out the Inn on the Border name. The website will link to and also .ca Cheers -Verlee