Monday, January 26, 2009

Snow Report: Jan 26 & Avalanche course

Hey gang, if you have a short track then you are gonna enjoy the spring like sledding right now. Trail is good - a bit icy in spots. Was very cold this weekend, warming up this week with big snow in forecast for weekend!

Amber Wood is teaching an Avalanche Seminar at the Rum Runner Friday Jan 30th from 7-9:30 FREE. Jan 31st she is heading out with the Crow Snow Riders to the North Shelter at 11:00 for a Beacon Find lesson- FREE. Sunday Feb 1st she is going out with the Fernie Snowmobile Club to Morrisey Staging for a Beacon Find lesson - FREE - contact Paul Kramer at Ghostrider Motorsports in Fernie for more info.

Great opportunity to get comfortable with the information and skills!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Report: Jan 15/09

Today the guys went into Heartbreak (7km & to the left down Flathead from Corbin staging area) - well two of the four made it. Top shot is Harley's sled on the way out...middle photo is Harley and Krauss on the way in after having to follow the two trenches dug by Curt and Biblow. Bottom photo is Biblow losing again to the trees. Heartbreak had let loose a few avalanches but there is still part of one slope left to fall and they stayed away from it but breaking trail in and riding the trees in the center safe area of the bowl and back out was fantastic they said.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Report: Jan 14

Harley, Biblow, Krauss and Curt went into Barnes and Limestone - 6" of new snow on good base, had a blast in the trees. Went into Elliott but it was wind blown. A bunch of snow had come down from the top. Heading out on a long trail ride to check out snow south of Rain Gauge tomorrow.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

More shots at Corbin today

Top photo is of a crew who rented from Over the Top Rentals in Calgary (403) 829-7533 talk to Tim, the girls did great - was Nicole's first time!
Thanks Archie - volunteering your own Bombi (and thats a major piece of equipment) goes above and beyond let alone all the volunteer hours grooming. Cheers!

Snow Report: Jan 11/08

Cooper and Archie out grooming Corbin. Thank you to all who paid their trail fees - we can't groom it if we don't collect fees. If you ride the tenured trail please put your donations in the box under the sign. The Corbin Country Club will groom as often as we can afford to.

Snow was fantastic! Our trail from our Inn to Tent has icy patches so we give parts of it a rest and take "short cuts" which had great snow, moose and a very confident grouse. Cooper and I rode it today and it was better than I expected from Tent to Corbin. We rode all the way to Lodgepole/McClatchie junction - really good.

Reports from riders today confirmed the tree riding is terrific - lots of snow, Rain Gauge was tough visibility, Barnes, Limestone continue to be fun.

Kelly Rinaldi reported that the Pipeline, Rolling Hills today was very good which is improved from last report we got where guys were hitting "mines". I know that Sat the Fernie Snow cat was out to Wrangler's from the west trails - hope the FSA midnight ride was lots of fun. Fernie trail passes are available at Ghostrider Motorsports.

Elkford has its Sled Dog races next weekend so call ahead to the club if planning to ride the area - not sure if any of the trails are being used or not.

Cheers and be safe!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Report: Jan 10/09

Guests and longtime Corbin residents report that the snow was too deep to get into Elliott today with his 650 Snowbike. Lots of trucks parked at Corbin and Leach and Coal Leach road. Trail was balling up when Curt groomed yesterday so he only went to Tent Mtn and back. Corbin to be groomed tomorrow - bring your trail fee, it will be marshalled.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Report: Wed Jan 7/09

Temp is +4 and drizzling a bit of rain here and in Fernie with it snowing up top. Had a few inches down at the Inn last night which translates to more at higher elevations. Please check the avalanche bulletin at : South Rockies - the current bulletin is HIGH for Apline, Treeline and Below Treeline until Thurs. Plan to play in the open meadows with low risk routes. Also please buy trail passes or make donations when you ride.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Report: Jan 6/08

This weekend we were in Barnes and then up into the low angle slopes of Limestone Ridge. The snow was fantastic and deep - a challenge for anyone. We played all day in Limestone and everyone had a blast. Hauled Roger Mohr's sled out on the rails after he climbed a tree top and ran his track a muck but they were back out the next day. It has been snowing fairly steadily up top. Temps have been -5 zone.