Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 27/09

Okay, I forgot my camera so I took a photo of my sled after taking the Humboldt boys out to Limestone. OMG! I boon docked the trail to Corbin, went up into Barnes and then Limestone - ran into Robert on the way - Cheers. There is 4ft of snow up there. Then boon docked my trail back to the Inn as there was more than enough both ways! It is staying cool in morning and evening -zero right now. It may even snow again tonight. Yehaw!

Archie is going to groom the Flathead this afternoon so be prepared to donate to grooming if you are staging there - Thank you.

Garret, quit your jobs and get out here. Curt - sorry you can't quit yours lol.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 26/09

It has stopped snowing and is holding at -15. The Pass was closed last night and this morning long enough to get the kids a snow day again but it is open now. Here are the kids starting on the back deck. We have a few feet of snow down here at the Inn. The higher elevations will be fantastic! Remember to donate to grooming programs so that when the trails are rough, the clubs can afford to groom and continue to help you have the best riding or access to back country skiing experience possible. Cheers.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 25/09 - Evening

Its hard to see the banks but it has been snowing all day - a lot! It is still snowing and where I have blown out the yard I now have about 4 more inches of snow again. I tried to go to town for more diesel but there were four cars in two accidents between our turn off and the Welcome to Alberta sign (about 1km) and visibility was so bad that I got turned around at the lakes and came back. Temp has dropped a bit to -15 which means the snow will stay. Ignore the date on the photos - every time I change batteries it defaults to a 2006 date. Oops! Temps are supposed to warm up a bit this weekend. Check your avalanche bulletins before you ride - there are lots of safe places to ride. Cheers.

Snow Report: Feb 25/09

Still Snowing! It is up to the top of my Sorels in places. It is blowing today also but the snow is not crusting up as more is still falling. It is a snow day for our kids as I will need to blow out the yard. Cheers!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 24/09 Evening

Well guys we have a foot of new snow down here at the Inn so you can imagine how much is out back in the alpine. Temp is -8 and it has been snowing steadily all day with no sign of letting up yet. Its big flakes too! Yahooooooo! Cranbrook Poker Derby is on this weekend.

Snow Report: Feb 24/09

8cm as of this morning and it is snowing again today! Much more out back at the higher elevations. Visibility low up top. At the mine, my brother reports a foot of snow by days end.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 23/09

No photo yet today but it started snowing 30 mins ago and we already have a cm of snow down here at the Inn. We are supposed to get 15-20 cm. It is snowing harder as time is progressing. Current temp is +2.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 16/09

Dave, Darcy buried, Justin goin' up and Sporty up in Rain Gauge this weekend. About 6-8cm of new snow and was snowing daily in Corbin. Corbin groomed for poker derby this past Sunday which was a lot of fun with excellent snow right down to Harvey Creek, McClatchie and Lodgepole. Our local guys were in Heartbreak and said the trees were fantastic. Curt groomed Thurs and is out today to help out our trail after all the action this weekend. Rockport group was back for more fun! Limestone was super and Elliott had good snow but still be careful in there. We have openings this weekend. Oh and the VK540 and 600 REV SDI sold.

Friday, February 13, 2009

For Sale

We are selling our 2007 600 SDI Rev. We also have a Mini Z and the work horse Yamaha VK540 with a new rebuilt engine for sale. Call if you are seriously interested. They will all be at the Corbin Poker Derby for viewing.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 12/09

Friday Feb 6th Corbin riding area got 3.5 ft of snow! We have had a few cm since and it is trying to snow today with light snow falling this evening. Curt groomed our trail to Corbin turn off and the trail is in really good shape. Corbin Country Club Poker Derby is this Sunday (Feb 15th) - come roll the dice and then ride the circuit or go ride your favorite areas and come back for Chili & prizes.

I was riding in Theodore, SK Poker Derby this past weekend in knee deep snow with Mikey, Harley & Kari and a group of most hospitable gents - thanks guys the jerky & pickled eggs were yummy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 6/09

No new snow but it is trying today - supposed to get 5 cm. Bring scratchers if riding the lower altitude trails. Spring riding conditions with snow still left in trees @ Corbin/Flathead if you get off the trails and explore.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Report: Feb 2/09

We received 2 inches of new snow and it warmed up. The usual riding areas are pounded out. But...Curt took the Rockport crew out from Moose Jaw and they used their imagination and rode knee deep snow in the trees, jumped off banks and had a great weekend. Got to get off the trail and into the trees. Think spring riding.