Friday, August 26, 2011

Quad Report: Aug 26/11: AB Fire Ban in Effect

Howdy Gang! Well the cabin is almost closed in - now we have to haul ___ to get it ready for winter. Not sure what the date will be but I will let everyone know as soon as I have a good idea.

Fire ban in effect - that means no open fires out there on the trail. It does not mean that the forest is closed - not the same thing. We got a little very warm, short shower two days ago but wasn't enough to take a chunk out of the dust. Volunteer to be the leader - its dusty. Has been really hot here (26 approx) for a while now. Mornings are cooler though - great for a coffee on the deck.

My family was out - almost all of them! Clayton and Linda were up from AZ. A lot of fun was had by all and the vistas were great to experience through their eyes for the first time. Wade and Jody and Clayton and Linda came back on their way home for another weekend of quad fun.

Congrats to Kayla and Jason who were here this week along with the Cardinals and MacDonalds who showed them the trails. Kayla and Jason got engaged out here! Looking forward to seeing both those crew again next year.

The Manitobians have arrive and Ed and his crew are set for putting on miles.

If you are considering Inn on the Border for your summer vacation next year I have to say - our regulars are rebooking a year in advance! We are encouraging long stays of 4 nights or more for a discounted rate. Our Thunder in the Valley is booked for 2012. We are also starting to have inquiries for dates in the winter. Have fun and ride safely! Cheers - Verlee

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quad Report: August 1st/11

It is hot! It is also dusty in the open spots. Nice and cool in the trees. What can I say - everyone who has been coming has been having a blast, covering lots of territory and enjoying the mountain air.

Quad Squad has sent out a notice: #117 on the map for Crowsnest area (north side) is on private land and there are horses being grazed in there so it has been posted to keep out. Please respect the land owner's property.

Just a couple of shots of fun at home here. Cheers, Verlee