Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26/13 - Trail update

Curt and Cooper were out on their dirt bikes and said that it was soggy in some spots in cutblocks. Trails are really wet but there were no issues crossing the creeks from here to Corbin and down the Flathead. Terry and Mo are down there at Corbin and said it was good - they were out on their side by side 4 seater. Trail of 7 Bridges is going to be faster deeper creeks and quads will have fun but dirtbikes will struggle - if you can't see the bottom then avoid it on a bike for sure. We are getting a bit of light rain tonight. No dust on these trails! Warm and sunny days. Cheers - V

June 26/13 - Sun in the Forecast!

We got a good rain last night but no additional damage. Sun in the forecast and today was beautiful! Here are photos of the yard. Cabins were untouched but the trail and the east side of the yard took the full brunt of it. All levelled now! Curt and Poppa Big D were hard at work! You are going to see many changes in the landscape out back and some areas will be a bit of a challenge in some cases which will add to the fun. When in the backcountry just beware that the moutains are saturated and that rocks and slides will give to gravity. Look up and be aware around you. Just the Mom in me being cautious. We are booked this weekend til Tuesday/Wed and then again Friday for the weekend(July 5-7)for the Sinister 7 race (if you are out quadding keep an eye out for extreme backcountry runners round the clock). We are booked again the following weekend (July 11th). Cheers and Happy Riding!V

Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 23/13 - TENT MTN Access

Hi - just a quick note. Tent Mountain access via the Welcome to Alberta sign off Hwy 3 is washed out and they are not repairing the road. Our place is not an access so please do not ask to bring your trucks and trailers through our yard there are plenty of other random camping sites. Our bridge is ok for quads and we have built a berm to protect any more water damage to our house on one side of the bridge. PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE VEHICLES OVER IT. I had two small bush trucks with 4 20yr somethings drive over it and knock it down. More rain is coming and that is my only security so please respect the berm and try to think about why those structures are in place right now. It costs money to erect them. Our cabins were unscathed and our guests will be able to access the backcountry but be aware as the ground is soft and rocks continue to come down. Thank you - Verlee

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June20/13 - FLOOD - Call Curt Noah!

OKAY....did I say we needed a little rain? BIG FLOOD! Photo is of the back yard at 6am, the trail behind our back gate after building the big berm at the bridge (the photo with Kelly standing in it). The one with the track hoe is across from Ben Wong's IN BLAIRMORE! Yep - east side of Blairmore evacuated, schools called it a day, Sparwood road is supposed to be closing....haven't seen cars for a while going over the top so maybe that is true....our neighbor Troy said the road from the mine at Sparwood where they were held til this afternoon was not good...I think Curt putting photos of the Lakes on his facebook later when we get things more under control. My girlfriend Kelly came and got our kids, trailer, truck and horses and took them to our friend Shawn's east of Pincher - thank you!!!! Stu and Theresa got my call at 6am and Stu and Bob were here in no time and started building berms and getting the water to stop jumping its banks - Great to have friends like that! They own Three River Rentals - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM LOLOLOL. This old house it is a rock! I cannot believe how it weathers this so gracefully. Good to be built on bedrock! Anyway...hold off on coming to do any quadding cause everyone is in emergency mode and you do not want to add your name to the list of people requiring emergency assistance. Road to Tent Mtn at the Welcome to AB sign is washed out and with our berm at our bridge there is only the Tent Mtn pass or McCool pass to get out. There's some guys stranded there right now! ...Paul.(from Ghostriders)..its your brother...but they in good spirits and on high ground. You can hear rocks rolling in the creeks - I am talking VERY LARGE BOULDERS - and you can hear them sliding on the mountain ridges - sounds like thunder. Should be very interesting quadding the new landscape - you may find you can't go where you once went or that there are new ways to go places you have never been. Thank you to all our friends checking in on us - Chantelle....Baileys please....I am out. Cheers! V

Thursday, June 13, 2013

June 13/13 Sunny Trails! Open Cabins!

Whoa has it been a long time since I blogged - Sorry about that. We haven't gotten the week long down pours so the trails are a bit dusty but you can still find a little bit of snow here and there but nothing to keep you from going where you want to go. Getting light night showers to stay ahead of it. Alexander Crown Mountain opens up this weekend - north of the hwy at our place and our cabins are available! Come squeeze in a quad trip before the highways are clogged with end of school/summer vacation traffic. We have all three cabins available this weekend and next week and then the Summit Log cabin and the Divide open next weekend. Leave me a message and I will call you back - am running kids around! Cheers - V