Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 31/11

Still no rain. It is +5 and overcast and our driveway is turning to slushy snow and the trail starts out soft but the guys said it was in really good shape and no thin spots and was even an easy ride. Up top the snow is setting up - no carving powder crop circles but climb and jump all day - snow base is deep. Guys went out to Tent and tore that up yesterday. Still can't upload photos but they look like they had a blast. Cheers -V

Snow Report: Mar 31/11

Still no rain but warm enough all night that the snow is melting and getting slushy on our driveway but the guests and guys said it isn't like that up top. Guys said trail is like riding water but it is great - not hard and lots of snow - no thin spots. They tore up Tent yesterday - lots of snow, sticky - no leaning over your sled to do crop circles but climb and jump to no end. We are overcast today and temp is +5. Am trying to get the photos uploaded - may have them in later today so you can see. Cheers -V

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 30/11

Hi - sorry am having computer issues so still no photos and haven't updated in a bit. We are NOT getting rain. We have had +5 and +4 the past two days but it has also snowed on and off every day. We wake up to a dusting in the morning and it is snowing every night and then on and off during the day. Staying ahead of the melt. I would say it is now officially hero snow but our guys are having a great time everywhere they go...pipeline cut blocks, Alexander cut blocks and a bowls, Tent Mountain, Corbin - it is all good. The Flathead has been groomed again and our trail is stiffening up a bit but still in incredible shape - no complaints. Doublewide is booked today til Sunday and that is its last booking before our new cabin plans start being put in motion. We have the Log and New Cabin available at the great special flat rate of $150 per night each put as many guys as you want in them! Don't miss this snow - seriously. We are getting some melt but there is no dirt anywhere in our yard or up from here. You DO NOT need scratchers or anything yet. I woudn't say come if the snow wasn't still in great shape. We'll be riding into May but the snow isn't even typical spring rock hard yet. Hammer, Rick, Wade, Boone, Krauss and Dano and Curt and Coop will be riding all week and weekend. Hope to see ya! Cheers -V

Monday, March 21, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 21/11

Thanks goes out to Troy Madson for sending in some photos from their ride on the weekend. Curt and Coop went with them to Alexander and had a great time. This group rides every weekend and knows their way around the backcountry (and So anyone wondering how the snow is - its great! Turning into a bit of hero snow (set up to go everywhere) but there was a fair bit of fresh especially for this time of year!
It is -1 and has been snowing that storm like snow all day with no signs of letting up. There are warnings for the Calgary area and Sask is supposed to get a blast from us too. Supposed to snow all week. We have some drifting occuring down here. Trail still very passable although it has seen more traffic on the weekend. It will be getting rougher but if it snows all week then that will be delayed too! A most excellent winter with no signs of surrender yet. Don't switch your track out for tires on your snowbike yet Roger! Cheers - V

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 20/11

We are working on getting our photos to upload again - sorry for the lack of pictures.

Snow dusted our place last night - Fernie got 2 inches so out back should have likely got 4 inches.

Curt and Coop and Troy's gang headed up into Alexander yesterday left from our place by sled. Pile of snow - 4-6 inches of fresh starting at about 6100ft. Firm base all the way up to 6100. Trees were great - turning into hero snow so you can climb alot - be aware of avalanche dangers/terrain - but it is easier exploring those areas that earlier in the season and powder you thought....wonder whats over you can go find out. Temps have been -2 with little or no wind.

Doublewide is booked next weekend but the cabins are open and we are only charging $150/night flat rate - put as many guys in there as you wish.

Snow is great and lots of fresh riding left. This gang - who rides every weekend in this area - is heading out on our trail today to take the B road. Trail is hardening up but it is still a thick base and you don't need scratchers on it or anything. Cheers - V

Monday, March 14, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 14/11

It is +2 today but cool again. Snowing lightly this morning. Had mix precipitation for a little bit in the middle of the night but it was mostly snow as everything was dusted with it this morning. Sticky snow. Tree riding is fabulous. Continue to monitor the avy reports so you can choose your riding terrain - still lots of great riding out there in safer places. Always wear all your safety gear so you used to carrying it. We have open cabins and deals and we are booking up for summer so call now for your quad/dirtbike/dual sport bike vacation.

Supposed to be mix precip all this week with snow on the weekend. It will be snowing up top then likely all week. Temps are to be in the +5 to +7 range. Trail at our place is hardening up but we won't be able to groom if temps are too warm. Remember trail fees include maintenance like cutting up fallen trees, widening and repairing washouts so contribute to the trail pass fund. Cheers! V

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 13/11

No hero snow here yet! It is +2 but cooling. Clear to the east but looks like it might be lightly snowing up top to the west. Guys reported 2.5ft fresh snow up top and getting stuck everywhere. Also - one group went into Rain Gauge & Heartbreak - tons of snow but also some dirty cornices still hanging. Two avalanches were triggered - everyone safe - one guy on the hill & nobody parked at the bottom area. They were north east and north west aspects. Propogated 400ft and broke at the the thin rocky crest but were not severely deep at the bottom. There is a sugar layer 2m down that weak also. The avy reports are right on the money. The other group went into our honey pot of Limestone where it was more solid on the ridden areas and nice a deep in the trees and off the beaten path a bit and very safe. Snow bungee was workin overtime. Flathead trail in great shape.

Was in Fernie yesterday and they had gotten more rain lower than us by quite a bit but also more snow up top. Heard they were heli bombing the dangerous areas and at one point only had 10% of the hill open a little while back. Conditions are improving as snow bonds but all this snow has created big consequences on complicated slopes - enjoy learning how to really ride your sled and not point and shoot it right now. Consensus is that it is fantastic riding and the guys are talking about May! Log cabin booked til this wednesday but then we are wide open for a bit. Lou and his crew are back at the end of Mar in the doublewide so call if you want a cabin. Cheers -V

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 12/11

Hi - Sorry had earthquake on the brain after seeing those sad photos of Japan - I meant to say its VOLCANOs that "seed" clouds and then we have a big winter following - not earthquakes. Thus the Iceland comment ....I have snow brain.

Sunny with a few light flurries higher up and west of us at Sparwood. It is -5 and perfect! Will have reports back from the mountain tonight when Lee and his crew and Darcy & Justin come back from riding. I am sure they will be colourful.

Had a big bull elk chewing on my round bale and was like goldy locks ...asleep against the horse shelter when I went out this morning. If you're driving through here - watch out at Devon Gas Plant and Bohomolec stables area - the herds move back and forth across the highway in groups of 40 and they don't move for cars either. Cheers -V

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 11/11 More Snow

Holy Japan!

We just got 3 inches of fresh snow that came after I was done blowing snow at 10:30 last night! That is 3 inches down here and although there are patches of clear skies when you drive west you can see it is snowing up top in areas still. It is -1 and no wind. Heading back out to blow snow. Doublewide still open ....$130/night flat rate....sleeps 5 at one bum per mattress. Hotels average $40-50 per person per night with no security for your equipment and no sledding from your door or sledding the 100ft to the hot tub and no bbq. Hope to see you here!

I was told that when there are earthquakes the following winter gets lots of snow. Thank you Iceland for this winter - I wonder what the weather fallout will be from Japan? Our thoughts are with Japan - devastating - can't imagine where to even start repairing the damage. They say there is a super-moon on the 19th - it will be really close to the earth. Effect is supposed to be nil but it can cause earthquakes or they are not sure. Will see on the 20th I guess. Until then....don't stablize the fuel in your sled anytime soon - we have guests who ride in May. V

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 10/11 Now its Snowing!

Damn camera stick. Can't show you the HUGE FLAKES FALLING HEAVILY- everything is blanketed and we will definitely get a few more inches out of this if it keeps up like it is forecasted to. Visibility was about 700m in some stretches of highway on the way home at 5pm. Bit of wind has let up so now they are falling straight down. Fernie got 9 inches yesterday.

Just a reminder - when it is drizzling or raining down here it is snowing up top (reference frost line) and it has been snowing up top all day.

New cabin booked now but the doublewide is still open. Here is how it works...."hello boss, (said in sickly voice) I am so sick, I am laid up in bed - see you Monday." Try not to have your buddies reving sleds in the background or yelling at you to hurry up. Cheers - V

Snow Report: Mar 10/11

Took photos but can get them off the stick - having problems.

It is zero here and raining a bit. Was snowing this morning and the frost line is 500-1000ft above us visible from the highway on the trees so you know it is snowing up top still. We got about 3-4inches out of the snowfall last night and it is heavy wet snow so watch complex slopes they will be wanting to come down with the weight. Our tin roof is now empty of snow with big piles infront of the windows. The cut blocks will be amazing though and likely still a bit lighter up top then down here. We are not losing much snow with this weather. Highways are good - ploughs out in full force and it is warm enough they are not icing over.

We have the new cabin and doublewide available and really I have no idea why. Roger and the boys from SK are coming so I will have to get my "stick" fixed so I can post photos from their rides. Call now and I will give you a flat rate of $150/night on the new cabin and $130/night on the doublewide - no charge for extra people. Our cabins have bbqs, coffee, sugar, ketchup, and mustard stocked so bring your food and booze and enjoy the best spring riding we've had in March. Cheers! V

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 9/11 Snowfall Warning

Quick update. It started out snowing lightly here but over the past hour it has increased. Just got back from Fernie (-2) and it was foggy and snowing up top - couldn't see much of the ski hill. Roads are in great shape still though and it isn't blowing at all. It is zero here at our place and snowing a bit more. There is a SNOWFALL WARNING ADVISORY for tonight - supposed to hit Elk Valley area (which includes Corbin) and we are supposed to get 20cm of snow between now and tomorrow. Aw Shucks. LOL. Was clear and -3 yesterday but the snow is remaining light - locals say this is some of the best snow they've had since the '70s.

Steve-O you are missing all the amazing cutblock riding you have mapped out within 4km of our place! We only have the doublewide til Mar 31st then we are down to two cabins for the spring and summer! Cheers-V

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 6/11 Top 5 Rides

EPIC, PHENOMENAL, UNBELIEVABLE and in Curt's words his TOP 5 Rides of ALL TIME.
Cooper and Curt left here in -16 and got to Corbin Staging at someone said +7 but it was at least +4 as it is this evening in Fernie! Instead of going to Limestone they went to Barnes Ranch with Boss, Blaine and Jay. Cut trail in from the McLatchie and said it was chest deep when they stepped off their sleds in places.
Second photo....Ever have your Dad tell you not to go into a spot, just stay over here...and then because you are so much like your Dad you go for the big fresh pow anyway ....and you get stuck so your Dad's buddy Boss goes in to help you saying you'd better listen to your Dad next time...and to teach you a lesson they make you get out the hard way....and so you jump the creek infront of you (third photo) and actually make it straight through the trees like they said you had to or you'd be in big trouble...where you Dad has the camera on you....ya...we've all done it just like Cooper in these two photos. LOL.
It was unanimously amazing. Today Boss and his crew went to Limestone and consensus was fantastic snow hardly touched - not wind blown. Said it was snowing a bit up there. Great. Was colder today though and never really warmed up like yesterday - warmer temps on their way and more snow for the weekend.
Our guests Cole and Reagan barely made it to top of the trail in Heartbreak - said the snow was sooooo deep and had a great time despite getting stuck. Jeanie - budding sledder and her hubby Lee checked out the Satoris trails in the Crowsnest and had a great time, met up with other sledders - will be back with their sledding kids! Roger I know you are wild looking at these photos knowing you aren't here til this weekend! We have two accomodations open....don't miss out on this snow! Cheers - V

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 5/11 BIG POW

UNBELIVEABLE! This is our trail! We had to blow snow yesterday morning with 4inches at least of new snow overnight ontop of all we got this past week so that delayed our departure to ride Alexander. We were so late that we decided to go mark trails for our guests instead. We boone docked right from our yard the entire way to Corbin AND BACK. Yep we spreadout and that left us fresh snow on the way back as we got the big bombi to widen our trail. Curt had never seen snow like this on our trail (I have a couple of times but it was amazing).
Top photo is on the way back on the B cut off to B road - we rolled it to get it out and you had to be on the pin - no slackin. The second is me walking very gingerly small steps up to help Curt roll it out (a few steps back I sunk to my hips and was crawling on hands and knees) We are laughing cause we are so tired - feelin' old. Third is me stuck in that little pasture right before the curve at Corbin staging area. This is the first stuck - shovelled like I have not shovelled in years (I was at least 5ft deep at the back end - down to the sugar layer) then I slacked off coming out of the pasture when Curt went over the handle bars on his....hilarious...and got stuck again! Warning - don't bring that friend that you have to always dig out right now - the snow is too deep! LOL Bring only those who dig themselves out. We were laughing that we were so brutal we got stuck on the trail 3x! LOLOLOL - we never even went up into the ALPINE! - had to have a scotch when we got home!
Will have amazing news from the top - Curt and Cooper went out today so you know Cooper and that means Limestone - we say it often but it is just such a great all round safe yet challenging place to go - its a sure thing. It is a good reflection of what the snow is like out there too.
March is turning out to be more amazing than it has been in our 5 years here and some are saying since the early 70's so if you can wrangle days off to come ride then get out here seriously - I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Hit it before it decides to start raining. It will be good later too even with spring warmth and drizzle but right now it is perfect. We have openings as people usually book when it snows at this time of year and not ahead of time so call us for a cabin. You won't regret it. OH - its -2 today and clear skies. Cheers and be safe - V

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 3/11

Still Snowing! We got about an inch and a half over night and it has snowed a bit this morning and then started up again with these big flakes around 2pm. Drove to Nanton and this last stretch on Hwy 22 from Nanton turn off south to Hwy 3 was thick with ice and snow and Nanton was -18. We got back home around 1pm and it was -1 here - go figure. Wasn't -1 till you reached Hilcrest. Wind actually isn't that bad - hasn't picked up like we expected with this warming trend. Supposed to have flurries tonight. There is a foot and a half of fresh new snow just down here on our trail. Everything is too heavy with snow to groom - not a bad thing. Up top ...well we will report back tomorrow after our ride lol! We have the Log Cabin available this weekend. Always "Know before you Go" and check out the avlanche report for your area - their weather reporting and forecasting is very accurate and you will know where the sweet spots are to ride as well as what to avoid. Cheers -V

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 2/11

First shot is of last night at 6:30pm on the way home - sheep and big snowflakes. It was -17 this morning and not windy - now at 5:30 it is zero (even hit +1 between here and Coleman) and was snowing big big flakes til about 2pm then it changed to grauple (soft little snow balls)and still snowing very lightly - grauple. Surprisingly the wind has not picked up much with this huge temperature change.
Rest of the shots give you an idea of what our March sledding snow is looking like! Piled up everywhere and a shot of the virgin snow out our back gate. Don't go wasting vac days on anything but sledding this month - we have cabins available and for those nostalgic -this is the last month for the doublewide! Supposed to snow more this week and temps to remain around the -5 range. It is still snowing up top right now. Sweet two stroke dreams! Cheers -V

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow Report: Mar 1/11

It is saying -20 here but it feels a bit less than that without a breeze this morning. Highway is closed still from last night and schools are closed and I took this photo 30 mins ago after shoveling and it is now snowing hard enough again that the cpr shack is getting shadowy. Supposed to go to -2 tomorrow so likely the wind will pick up again.
We have 2ft of snow everywhere in the yard easy. Going to start to blow out to try to stay in the running with all the snow we have and are going to get daily all week. Looks like March sledding is going to be amazing this year! Cheers - V