Friday, July 16, 2010

Sinister 7 Weekend: July 10/10

Hey Gang,

I have been told to get to work and keep this updated! LOL

Here is a photo of the gang from last weekend - weather was just right for riding but not great for running! We had a hard rain but it kept the dust down and created the perfect opportunity to soak your buddy. The gang from Morse, SK was here and they kept Cooper busy washing quads.

Jamie from Washington ran 126 km of the 146km of the entire race, over several mountain peaks in knee deep mud and just missed a final stage cut off by 15mins!!! Next year Jamie it is yours! Congrats that was an amazing feat.

We have not had the rain that Cranbrook or Lethbridge has had - we have had just the right amount to keep the forest green and the trails in good shape. It has been very cool though. We have been waking up to +5 in the mornings so bring layers. Thunder in the Valley is supposed to be a scorcher though.
The top photo is from Curt, Cooper, David, Krauss and Biblow heading down the Flathead to Pollock Creek to do a bit of fly fishing. It was cool - no fish - lots of great riding and ran into some trail buddies. Ride Safely! Cheers.