Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30/13 - Trail Groomed

Hi Crew...Cooper, Sommer and I went out marking trails - I took three photos so you can see the variability in the snow...groomed trail, ungroomed and in the trees and then wolf tracks but you can see the ski in the photo is just sitting up on the snow...yet on the sides I would float along. Curt and Boone went grooming. They groomed from our place to Corbin highway and also the B Road. We got about 5cm of snow out of that last snowfall. Kate and Ezzy were up in Limestone today and said it was snowing and covering in tracks but that it was windblown so pockets of snow then thin and spring like. Sara, Tyler, Rhonda, Matt, Ola & Tyler and Tristen of the Betties crew went up a there two days ago and said it was windy and thinner than we expected but that it was still a really good day of riding. Climbing up stuff and finding those pockets of snow blown into the trees. They probed and it was only 1-1.25m which is half of what we usually have. Don't know if Flathead was groomed today but everyone said it was in good shape over the past few days. The creek crossing at the start of the Barnes trail is an ice highway on the up mountain side. Its difficult. Our B short cut road is the same where the flood washed away the the bridge (lucky we can take a trail around that). No new snow expected down here but bits of snow up top and a lot more towards Fernie and south on the Flathead. I believe I heard that the backside of Rolling Hills was really good for snow. Hope that helps you plan. Oh we decided to try to keep all the beds in the Summit Log cabin while still giving you guys a full kitchen table. The double bunkbed has been taken out of the kitchen and a table added with 6 chairs. The beds have been put upstairs in the loft. Now there there are two queens, two doubles and two twins up there. Its tight but I don't expect you guys spend much time lounging in bed out here. We hope to invest more in to the Summit and improve that arrangement - everything is possible - it just takes money right and after a flood year....well its on the list. I will get photos posted and put on the website soon. Bring your poker chips - its a big table! Cheers - V

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dec 27/13 - +6 then Snow

Hope your Christmas was great! We have had warm temps here and it got to +6 today. Yesterday Cooper and I rode to Tent and it was windy and very little snow up there. Beware the rocks on slopes like that. The trail was in good shape and reports from Corbin are that the trail is still very good there too for snow pack and no major washboarding. Good cause we can't groom when its this warm. It started to snow this afternoon - big flakes but has let off after only a couple of cms. It is supposed to snow the next three days with daytime temps at -2 and night time at -11 which is needed. Snow is sticky and icy in spots. Further down the Flathead the snow improves. In the avy bulletin for south rockies it reports a size 2 avalanche in Harvey triggered by a skier so you can see that some spots are going to be touchy. Limestone has been good - not full of pow yet but you are able to climb and enjoy. Winds are supposed to pick up as the temps swing a bit but they should settle down as the temp stablizes. Just a note about trail is better for the trail if you DON'T ride "ducks in a row". It packs the trail better if you ride the edges, zig zag where you can and not be going into oncoming traffic. If you ride following each other directly it makes a dish or concave spot in the trail and ridges on the sides and it gets rougher faster so vary it up a bit and do your groomer a favor. If you are looking to tune up your riding skills then give Weir Boondocking Ltd a call - they can teach something to anyone! Enjoy your riding - 250-423-9034. Cheers - V

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dec 22/13 - Flathead Groomed & Reports from Limestone

Good Evening and it is a good evening. We got our 6cm of snow out of that last snowfall and then we have had a skiff of snow here and there since. Its -7 tonight and headed to zero Monday with light snow. Curt groomed the Flathead and our trail has been ridden and is getting nicely packed but not rough. The snow on the trails is good but off the trail and even in the alpine - Limestone - there are some thin spots. No powder riding but still good for early season there and some of our guys here rode it a few days in a row. Had reports that York Creek you don't want to venture off the trail much unless you have a sweet spot you know of. Generally though it was very thin. Atlas has some nice spots accessible with someone who knows where to go ie: Dean's Park but it is picking your way through trees so if that isn't your bag then you aren't going to get to see the deeper stuff up that way. Condolences to Taylor Elliott's family - we were sure sorry to hear the sad news. Thank you to all the sledders and volunteers that made a point of keeping their eyes open looking to help find a fellow backcountry enthusiast. Curt went out and groomed the Flathead this morning. The bottom photo is the snow bridge he built on the Barnes trail over the first creek. Our bridge was washed away and although the flood graduated the banks, Curt said the ramp going up the mountain on the other side of the creek was an ice ramp. Hopefully this helps. For everyone who appreciates a groomed trail, volunteer hours and equipment it takes to provide that - please show it with a donation, trail fee or membership. Membership numbers keep areas open. Trail fees keep trails groomed. Cheers - V

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec18/13 - Warmer temps and light snow

Good Morning, Temps have been anywhere from -2 to +6 here with light snow up top and a freezing level of about 5500-6000ft. Lots of sled trailers hunkered in at the Rum Runner after a day of sledding. No big powder sledding but guys are able to get everywhere. Right now the temp is -1 and will be -3 to -10 during the day over the next four days with 5-10cm of snow expected in the next 24hrs. Just lightly building almost daily. Avy ratings are low below treeline and moderate above due to a nasty layer of hoar frost about 40cm down. With all the wind from the warming trend, snow has been blown around and the wind loaded pillows on lee aspects could be reactive. Watch out where those pillows start to thin out - that is where the weakest parts are and could trigger slab slides. Lots of fun riding out there in safe areas. Make sure and buy a club membership/pass to help out with grooming in the areas you ride most. Snow looks the same as my last photos. We haven't been out much just trying to get everything up and going and recovering after that 10 days of -30! Cheers - V

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 10/13 - Bit of Snow falling

The Holiday Train just pulled up. Hope everyone gets a chance to see it and donate food bank items. Its pretty cool. You can see the snow moving in over the mountains to the west and we have a bit falling. Its -9 and no breeze which is a welcome change from the past two weeks. Temps are getting warmer and warmer over then next few days and we are supposed to get a little bit of snow - the alpine will get more for sure. The guys riding this weekend said there were still spots where the base wasn't thick but that it was coming. So still beware the stumps as you carve into the snow. They were climbing stuff like crazy having a good time in areas that looked safe down Corbin/Flathead. Trails are in really good shape. Get your club memberships and help kick off grooming programs. We are open all this week and weekend but after that we are booked from the 21st to the 7th. Cheers -V

Friday, December 6, 2013

Dec 6/13 - Taylor Elliott is Missing!

This is for anyone out riding this weekend in the backcountry. Taylor has been missing since Sunday and he is an experience backcountry traveller/hunter. Please keep an eye out for him and if you find him please call emergency services or use your SPOT. Temps are still extremely cold as it was -35 last night and -33 this morning. Afternoon temps are going up to -25 but we have no wind so if that picks up....well last night there was a windchill warning for our BC side of -40. Now Saskatchewanians will scoff at that but out here it seems colder with the humidity so take all the precautions you can and stick together! Be careful out there gang - V

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dec 4/13 - In the Deep Freeze

Temp is -20 right now and Friday its supposed to be -26 at night but then the system moves off us and temps start back up into the negative teens. Photos are of the Corbin Country Club Bombi and the other photo is out the window of the bombi while Curt was grooming the Flathead to Rain Gauge and back this afternoon and evening. He said there was 2ft of fresh snow on the trail. A small group of riders went up into Rain Gauge and came back and went up the Barnes entrance and back today. Still bottomless but when it warms up this should start to bond and settle. Right now with the cold temps this new snow will sit on top of weak layers - check out your South Rockies bulletin. You can see the sugar layer and a layer of hoar frost when you shovel snow right now so beware when you are riding in the trees and alpine right now. Guys are asking if you can ride from our place and absolutely yes you can. We are booked this weekend sorry. For those of you considering Christmas/New Years, we are booked from the 21st - 6th. We have some chunks of Feb booking up now too. Also - Cooper's BCA pack could not be refilled. There is a recall on them so if you own one - pull the cord and take it in. Word was that we send it back and they fix it or send the bag and a chq for $200 to BCA for a new avy bag. We will be going the new route. Curt calling BCA tomorrow to get the exact details. To any of you young guys wanting to start riding out here my advice is TAKE AN AVALANCHE COURSE and PRACTICE WITH YOUR BEACON. I cannot stress how important that is - decision making needs to be ruled by caution/education so you live long enough to get experience and get good at riding in the mountains or better yet - don't end up watching your buddy or guide get buried. Okay gang ...Lets Ride! Cheers - V

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 2/13 - BIG SNOW-Schools Closed

Well it has arrived and its still snowing and the schools are closed. We have -2 and 30-40cm of snow! Will give you another update later today but its supposed to let up late this afternoon/evening and then go into the deep freeze. Check your avy bulletins - the safety rating is now high and considerable as result. Keep your snow chromosome in check when you go out and look up before you rip around but man there will be some great snow in the trees and on the edges of the lakes....remember though all the warm temps we have had so watch those lakes. By the weekend and all that cold weather, lakes will be safer. Curt will be grooming our trail and the Flathead on Wed. Cheers - V

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dec 1/13 - Cotton ball Snowflakes

Just thought I would let you all know ....its snowing! Huge snowflakes and its zero out. I was searching through weather reports and we will get two systems hitting the area tonight. One out of the West and one out of the North so both sides of the Divide will be getting snow. Let you know how much we got tomorrow...Cheers - V

Dec 1/13 - Snowfall Warning for Kootenays & Fernie

Evening sledders, Snowfall warning for 20cm to hit Fernie area by tomorrow. We saw a bit of snow this morning but only a few cms and the temp was at +2 most of the day. Winds are gusty with all this weather fluctuation and that makes for wind slabs and loaded lee side pillows up in the bowls so beware those thicker smooth surfaces found as lee side deposits. Beware the scouring and thin weak points by rock outcroppings. Tree wells are 40-100cm deep in spots with all the snow being deposited and redeposited. Wind loading is occurring increasing tension for failure with pressure/side hilling cuts. There are some nasty layers of facets out there with the temps all over the board. Its going into the deep freeze this week with forecasts Tues-Fri for -20-27 YIKES. Thats cold out here. Avy report says we are to get snow on the East side of the Divide also so Corbin/Flathead sounds like it is getting some regardless of the system. Read your avy reports, watch the weather forecast and I hope you got some new warm layers or are getting some by Cyber Monday. Check your gear and practice with your beacon. Lots of stuff to do if you haven't already. Cheers - V

Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25/13 - Testing and Refilling Avy Packs

Good Morning Sledders, its time to check your avy bag & beacon and equipment. Kids were refreshing the beacon batteries and doing a check and we had them pull their avy bags. Good thing cause Cooper's did not have enough pressure to fully fill the bag. Curt taking them to be refilled at Walt Healy in Calgary on his way to work. Trent and Sheldon are closing the doors at Walt Healy in March 2014. Sad to see them close this chapter but excited for their new ventures. Hard to lose dealers who ride the equipment and put it to the test. Curt and Cooper went out grooming out trail just to Tent mountain yesterday. Watch when you get off trail it is still bottomless. Matt picked up a rock going into Rain Gauge - bummer! Temps are cool at night and warming up to that -2 to zero range during the day. Snow is setting up. Start checking your avy reports so you have a baseline for the rest of the season. Try to know the area you ride from the first layer up. Cheers - V

Friday, November 22, 2013

Nov 22/13 - Great report from York Creek

Howdy,its -13 but headed towards -2 this afternoon and Tim at Over The Top Rentals came out and went and rode York Creek and he said it was 1-3ft on the trail and back in the bowl there was 5ft of snow! That is way better than I thought. I hadn't heard any reports. So if you want more info and info on sled rentals give Tim a call at 403-829-7533. He will be going different places breaking in engines on his new sleds up for rent for this winter. This weekend Rhonda and Matt from The Betties will be here breaking in their engines on their new Cats! Shawn Luhning with Timbersled is out at Revy this weekend honkin' on that new turbo'd Timbersled. Curt is converting the Commander over to tracks. On Dec 6th Roger Mohr and the crew from Sask are coming out and their bikes and ours will be out. Season is kickin up a gear! Cheers - V

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 19/13 - The Pass is now OPEN

Just keeping you up to date. The Pass on Hwy 3 is now open again and visibility is excellent and the temp is -8 with gusty winds but nothing harsh. Cheers - V

Nov 19/13 - The Pass, Hwy 3 Closed

Quick update. We have easily 15-20cm of snow - lots of grauple with the temp changes but dry and heavy. The Pass closed at 6pm and rightly so - we drove it at 5pm. Looks like it will open soon as the storm is moving on and should be out of the area around 10pm. Snowploughs are out now after not seeing anyone since 6pm. East wind always stirs up weather trouble. Supposed to get sunny and in the -3s by Thurs with evening temps still in the negative teens. Slow down and make it to your next sled trip! Cheers -V

Nov 19/13 - now its snowing again

See crazy weather. It metls and then snows a bunch then melts and now it is snowing a bunch. Just keeping you up to date. LOLOLOL Cheers - V

Nov 19/13 - PLUS 3 & Melting

Morning, it is +3 and melting. Snow is slushy and if it is going to go into the tank of cold tonight then this is all going to be ice. Looks like it is snowing above us though. Supposed to be -10 tonight and going to -14 in the evenings all week with daytime temps of -1. Good time to check over your avalanche packs and scotch guard your stuff! Have a good one - V

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi - I forgot to include this in my last two posts. There is a new smart phone app that they are marketing as a beacon replacement and the CAC has serious doubts about many of its features. Here is the link and my two cents is nothing replaces a beacon. Wear one, know how to use and test it often! - V

Nov 18/13 - Snowing and warm

Hey Gang - quick update. There was about 5cm of fresh snow yesterday first thing in the morning and another this morning - light and fluffy but then it has been snowing on and off and it got warmer today in that +2 to zero range and the snow got sticky and wet and settled. Tonight it is about zero and there is about 15-20cm of snow. Fernie has a snowfall warning and is supposed to get another 20cm of snow overnight. That means the area we ride south of us will be getting that too likely. It is supposed to get really cool at night mid week. Definitely enough snow to trail ride now. Still bottomless off trail though. If you are looking for Avalanche courses try checking out and both Lori and Amber work together to cover all the demand. It will be well worth your while as this winter is already laying down some serious swing weather. Cheers! V

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nov 17/13 - Light snow 5cm

Morning Crew! So it was snowing yesterday and the roads were icy from Pincher to Cowley but then they improved a bit through the Pass to our house. Dad drove back to Rouleau (south of Regina) and said it was summer roads all the way to Gull Lake and they it was trecherous! Semis parked on side of the road and in ditches - huge long train of them and Dad said it was very bad driving. (Of course he didn't stop though!!!) Today it is lightly snowing again. We had 5cm in the yard yesterday and it is supposed to snow for the next few days. Cold at night and warmer during the day. Trail riding would be good enough to wet your sliders. Corbin group reported 3-4ft of snow in Rain Gauge but big beware for the stumps and rocks. Do not want to be that guy with bent A-arm when the big dump comes. Fernie was getting big snow as reported from a friend so the trails there may be even better option this early in the season. We always skied Fernie early as they usually had the most snow early in the season. South of us gets that same weather system usually. Curt is getting new sled fever.....He will be looking to sell his 800 XP sled and I see OT in his future lol! Cheers - V

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nov 13/13 - Corbin Staging Open

Morning, it was +4 at 7am this morning and it is supposed to go to +5 over the day. Our yard between last night and 7am and now 10:30 has melted considerably. Tim at Over the Top rentals called to see about breaking in some new engines and my recommendation was to wait. What was sticky snow is now icy in some spots and now melted through to grass in others. Also anyone wondering about the Corbin Staging is NOT CLOSED. Teck has cut it in half with large concrete barricades which were there in the fall. People have been using the area right after the tracks where our trail comes out to stage if they have big trailers. Do not park on the highway just outside the staging area and congest the entrance to the mine. Please park further away so we don't make it difficult for Teck equipment arriving and exiting the mine. Also it looks like grooming on the Flathead likely won't go any further than Rain Gauge. Some repairs to the Heartbreak horseshoe have been done so it looks differently than it had when we were quading this summer. Not a big issue as the roughest part of the trail has typically been the stretch to Rain Gauge. The bridge is out on Barnes but the flood actually eroded the banks making them more accessible than they were before the bridges went in. So hold off unless you have specific local info on where you want to ride and have reasonable expectations for snow conditions or you will be disappointed or worse have a damaged sled prior to the big dump! Cheers - V

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov 12/13 - Chinook

Howdy crew! Nov 5th we got a few cms of dry fluffy snow which settled on top of that crusty base. Guys were out down the Flathead & leaving from Fernie - trail riding and locals were testing the base (on trails). But last night we had a chinook roll in and the temps went to +9 today and are at +6 tonight with a strong warm wind making hwy travel gusty. Snow below 5000ft has melted significantly but we are just high enough that it remains in the yard and on the trail but is sticky and soft. May take another flurry to add enough to make it worth breaking in a new engine. My recommendation for that is to wait til it cools off again or you could over heat it. I will report new significant weather to help you decide when you want to venture out for pre-season tuning etc. Do a little snow and dance here and there! Cheers - V

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4/13 - 13-15cm of snow

Well the snow finally let up but it has left behind 13-15cm of snow here. The first day of snow (photo of Cooper out on the SnoCruiser) it was wet cotton ball sized snowfall and that has made a crusty base but then it started to become dry snowfall and that created an airy layer that will settle over the next few days. The other three photos are just out the back gate, not far...going out and coming back on the old Cruiser. So its coming. The grassy front is fun on the old sled as it floats over it. Supposed to get to zero over the week and then start snowing again Thursday with flurries on the weekend. Get your winter tires on so you aren't pulling that trailer into the ditch! Cheers - V

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nov 2/13 - Wet Wet Snow

There was light snow this morning and by 5pm there was 4cm on the ground. More snow is falling now - cotton ball sized wet heavy snow and it is supposed to continue till Monday with 5-10cm resulting from it. Mon-Wed is supposed to be a bit sun and cloud mixed and then snow again on Thurs. Temps to run between -2 and 2 degrees so we may get some rain out of it. Rain Gauge had a foot of snow in it two weeks ago but it isn't worthy of trail riding quite yet or breaking in a new engine....wait for it. Shawn Luhning was here with a load of new Timbersled bikes with the newest turbo! You can see it at the Sled show in Saskatoon this weekend. Cool - check out the newest products at Also have you booked your avalanche class? A&E Racing is hosting the classroom session so give them a call if you are in that area or go to Start going over your gear....tis the season! Cheers -V

Sunday, October 27, 2013

First Snow Flurry at the Cabins - Oct 27/13

Temp is -3 but feels like -8 or -10 with the wind gusting. Snow is melting on the road but hanging on trucks and grass. Supposed to be -8 overnight and then the sun starts peeking out Monday with temps going up to +6 by Thurs. I know some people that held off travel not because the roads are bad jut because if you didn't have to then why bother and let all those people that take a bit to adjust to changes in driving surfaces to be out "getting out of denial" by themselves! LOLOL The warm garage calls and the fireside chair with some hot chocolate looks inviting. We are having people book for Feb so if you know your dates or want to inquire....its not too early apparently! Cheers!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Gang, Well it has been a busy summer! Just wanted to let you know that we had frost this morning and up higher there was a skiff of snow. Supposed to be rainy and cold (likely a bit of whisps of snow) Thurs and Friday and Sat but that Sunday and Monday are supposed to be sunny and +8 & +9. Those sunny days are very nice lately - they are truly good days and not just a break from the rainy days. We have two cabins open for this weekend and then we are booked the last week of Oct. So if you want to get a weekend in while you can, here is your chance. November is usually a rest month while people winterize their summer toys and bring out the winter toys and prepare for snow! Remember to take a trip to Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon for the sled shows. We are considering Spokane this year as we have never been to that one. Supposed to be a cold winter so you might want to buy some extra layers. Also you should check the Zacs Tracs schedule for your avalanche course for the year and stock up on some good batteries for your beacon. Have a happy thanksgiving. We have lots to be grateful for and we hope that our winter season is safe and fun! Cheers - V

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 18/13 - First glimpse of Snow

It rained last night a lot and then was 4 degrees here this morning and in Coleman/Blairmore it was zero and had snowed! It was still snowing on the east end of the Pass during the afternoon. Still cold and wet but temps are going up to +19 on Friday and good through the weekend. Hunters are hopefully finding some success in this cool weather. If you are on a quad watch out for hunters, enjoy the dust free ride and the changing of seasons! We have availability. Cheers - V

Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 5/13 - Fines handed out for Highway driving

Morning, thought I would let you know also that on the BC side, some quadders were given $82 fines for driving on the highway between the Tin Shack/Leach/Pipeline access and Tent Moutain Pass/B road. As we understand it, if you take the ditch like we advise and then go up and around the river and back into the ditch then you likely won't get fined but if you take the highway the whole way then you are going to get a ticket. Things are clamping down out there since I heard about an extremely large group (not from our resort or with the Quad Squad) messing up a stream by Coal Leach Road. On a lighter note: Rhonda and Matt Downs and their family Tyler & friend Ola and Tristen and another friend Megan came riding with us on Saturday and then took our two kids out riding yesterday. It was a perfect opportunity for our 12yr old Sommer to get her first backcountry day trip in under her belt on her dirtbike. Who better to learn how to ride with than Rhonda and Matt from The Betties. She came back super pumped! We have fog this morning and cool temps. I haven't had any reports of too much dust as we have LOTS of water on the trails. Its supposed to rain here and then stable temps again. Pour over your quad maps before coming and be prepared to obey the closures. Not all backcountry users appreciate motorized riders and not all motorized riders are respectful of other motorized riders. Be respectful and you should have a good vacation...this year and years to come. Happy trails - V

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aug 4/13 - Fines handed out at Deadman's Pass

Howdy! We ran into some quadders and they were out over Deadman's and reported that they met up with some other riders that got fined and warnings because they were riding the route that is posted as Not a Legal route. The quadders we were speaking to said they took the correct route and had no issues so a warning to all that you must observe the posted signs there. They are trying to prevent erosion so please take the correct trail. It was a $230 or $280 fine per vehicle. We were down the Flathead and OH MY has it eroded! We were discussing the grooming plan for winter and it won't be far down the trail. Turning around at the point where it becomes impassable would be very difficult so that limits the distance also. The Corbin parking lot is now divided in half with Teck employees using part of it now so please cooperate and park on the correct side. The bridge that is about 2km past Rain Gauge down the Flathead is sketchy and that part of the trail is tremendously rocky. We made it to McClatchie turn off and the bridge is gone there. The bank is very high but there is a work around with steep bank climb up the other side. Dirtbikes will find the deep rushing water very challenging to cross. Its all new out there again. Bring a rope, slime for tires and and an air pump for sure! Cheers - V

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29/13 - New Restricted area - Wheeler Creek

Hey Gang - just got an email from Corbin Country Club from Teck regarding a newly restricted area. The pipeline is open but adjacent to Coal Leach Road is a newly restricted area to protect Teck workers during their new mine exploration. Wheeler Creek winds in and out and back into this area and Wheeler Creek road is pretty well completely in the restricted area. There is an electronic map available at and you can call 250-433-1614 for further info if you are planning to ride near there. Please respect this boundary. Teck supports ATVs and Snowmobiling and sponsors a lot of Avalanche awareness courses. Lets all work together! Cheers - V

July 29/13 - Neil and Al trek through on Horseback!

Well I got a very pleasant surprise this afternoon! Al and Neil had called us after speaking with Joe the BC Conservation Officer about their trip from around Longview to Rooseville. They would be passing through and hoped to get some trail info. We assumed by quad! They were delightful and left me feeling energized by their adventurous spirit. They are on our trail today hoping to make it to Corbin staging area. They are headed down the Flathead to McClatchie then Lodgepole and eventually to Rooseville - I assume they will pass by Silver Springs Lake at Elko. So please watch out for them and the horses and give them a wave. It is overcast today with a bit of spitting rain only on and off so travelling is good. If their wives see this then I just want you to know they are in good shape for food and oats. Wish them the best - proof that the West lives on! Cheers - V

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23/13 - HOT HOT HOT

Man is it hot during the day here! Nights are cooling down which is great. Rod and Jay are helping Cooper and Curt put a light kit on his bike and they said Trail of 7 Bridges is soooo technical now after the point where you could get off and walk up to the caves. They loved it but said they had the shakes at some points. These are photos taken by Terry and George down at Corbin. The Flathead took a beating! The road to Corbin was actually washed out for a week before they got the mine buses going through. The bridge just installed in the fall to go to Barnes is now downstream. You are going to be having some new challenges when you go out. Don't be afraid to turn around if you get to a tough point and you have inexperienced riders with you. Pick and choose as you go now. B road is fine all the way to the Corbin highway but the B road cut off has a 5 foot drop in it at the culvert. I took the photo of Curt & Sommer at the Elko track on Friday. We had a blast but were worn out from heat by days end and Cooper had a pretty good wipe out - that didn't stop him though. We met up with Roe and Luc from Sask. Roe is associated with the Nipawin BRP dealership. They were great and Cooper rode with them all afternoon. Curt and Sommer rode to Silver Springs Lake to watch cliff diving and then went for a dip in the creek before riding the side by side back to our "camp". That would be a cool long but refreshing ride from our place. We'll have to scout it out more. Curt has done it once coming to our place from Cranbrook by quad with the crew out there. Anyway....just thought I would share some photos of the flood results. Hint....bring an air pump & slime cause tires are taking a beating! Cheers - V

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20/13 - Availability

Hi Gang. We got a shower last night but its scorching hot again today - running in the mid twenties. Our groups are reporting that there are alot of changes to the trails that head up into different areas due to the flooding. Its a new adventure out there! We have had a cancellation for August 1-6th in the Flathead cabin and I know I had had lots of calls on it and if you hadn't booked somewhere else then jump on this availability! Highways have been quieter this summer than normal so weekend driving isn't as bad as you might have experienced it in previous years. Just something I have noticed. I am having groups book already for next year so if you already have your dates and were considering our area...its not too soon to book. Just please read the cancellation policy and the no pet policy. We off to the Elko track today and will post photos/video on the blog and facebook. Cheers - V

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14/13 - Reports from Riders

Hi Gang - sorry its been so long but we have been busy off the property. Racehorse Pass is now passable. Snow has receded but the one slope is pretty sketchy going up or down. We have been told that the Trail of Seven Bridges is now a new ride. The water has carved out about 4-5 drop offs of a couple feet and the riders told us that they were holding the back of the quads and "lowering" them down in places. They only went up to the bottom of the trail where you hike up the cut line to the caves or go down to the left and continue on quad. The old trail is visible here and there. It is getting a bit dusty and a little night rain would be good. We have the Divide cabin open this coming weekend and almost all of next week. Weather has been hot during the days and cooler in the evening so sleeping is great! Happy Trails! V

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 26/13 - Trail update

Curt and Cooper were out on their dirt bikes and said that it was soggy in some spots in cutblocks. Trails are really wet but there were no issues crossing the creeks from here to Corbin and down the Flathead. Terry and Mo are down there at Corbin and said it was good - they were out on their side by side 4 seater. Trail of 7 Bridges is going to be faster deeper creeks and quads will have fun but dirtbikes will struggle - if you can't see the bottom then avoid it on a bike for sure. We are getting a bit of light rain tonight. No dust on these trails! Warm and sunny days. Cheers - V

June 26/13 - Sun in the Forecast!

We got a good rain last night but no additional damage. Sun in the forecast and today was beautiful! Here are photos of the yard. Cabins were untouched but the trail and the east side of the yard took the full brunt of it. All levelled now! Curt and Poppa Big D were hard at work! You are going to see many changes in the landscape out back and some areas will be a bit of a challenge in some cases which will add to the fun. When in the backcountry just beware that the moutains are saturated and that rocks and slides will give to gravity. Look up and be aware around you. Just the Mom in me being cautious. We are booked this weekend til Tuesday/Wed and then again Friday for the weekend(July 5-7)for the Sinister 7 race (if you are out quadding keep an eye out for extreme backcountry runners round the clock). We are booked again the following weekend (July 11th). Cheers and Happy Riding!V