Sunday, October 27, 2013

First Snow Flurry at the Cabins - Oct 27/13

Temp is -3 but feels like -8 or -10 with the wind gusting. Snow is melting on the road but hanging on trucks and grass. Supposed to be -8 overnight and then the sun starts peeking out Monday with temps going up to +6 by Thurs. I know some people that held off travel not because the roads are bad jut because if you didn't have to then why bother and let all those people that take a bit to adjust to changes in driving surfaces to be out "getting out of denial" by themselves! LOLOL The warm garage calls and the fireside chair with some hot chocolate looks inviting. We are having people book for Feb so if you know your dates or want to inquire....its not too early apparently! Cheers!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Gang, Well it has been a busy summer! Just wanted to let you know that we had frost this morning and up higher there was a skiff of snow. Supposed to be rainy and cold (likely a bit of whisps of snow) Thurs and Friday and Sat but that Sunday and Monday are supposed to be sunny and +8 & +9. Those sunny days are very nice lately - they are truly good days and not just a break from the rainy days. We have two cabins open for this weekend and then we are booked the last week of Oct. So if you want to get a weekend in while you can, here is your chance. November is usually a rest month while people winterize their summer toys and bring out the winter toys and prepare for snow! Remember to take a trip to Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon for the sled shows. We are considering Spokane this year as we have never been to that one. Supposed to be a cold winter so you might want to buy some extra layers. Also you should check the Zacs Tracs schedule for your avalanche course for the year and stock up on some good batteries for your beacon. Have a happy thanksgiving. We have lots to be grateful for and we hope that our winter season is safe and fun! Cheers - V