Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 23/13 - Snow 2cm after Buckets of Rain

Well after raining buckets of rain yesterday we woke up to 2cm of snow and still snowing. The road is now not melting it off. Photo was taken at 6:50am. Its good, we need it. Get some of those extreme fire hazard warnings lowered. Poor horses were shivering from head to toe this morning. It was +5 yesterday but supposed to go to +9 today but rain more in the evening. We were supposed to get 50mm of rain today and with this snow we are almost half way there! Supposed to go to +11 by Sat but the sun isn't going to poke out til its +16 on Sunday. So Ryan bring your lined rain gear and some to light a fire in your belly at night! Next week temps start to climb again. Harley and Danette! I just got your letter and CONGRATULATIONS! You see Harley on our website home page and in many photos on sleds and bikes and he and Danette are getting married! Just got photos from Dez. She and Roger got married out here with their sleds and Ryder their little guy just went bike shopping with Daddy. He is too young yet but he is driving whatever he can til he can get a 50cc! - love to see another generation of riders getting started and glad we are getting to be a part of that! Cheers - V

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15/13 - Quads, Bikes & Side by Sides

A few flat tires and some mud but otherwise a good day out on the trails. I don't have a report for you on where the snow starts yet but I hope to update that by this weekend. The crew had smiles on their faces! Fire hazzard is high so check out for more info if you plan on roasting weiners in the backcountry. We had one night of good rain but otherwise it has been hot. Cheers - V