Friday, December 30, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 30/11 SNOW

WAHOOOOOOOOO! SNOW! 3 inches so far and we have our flurries still happening! Good thick fluffy snow. I am sure you could double that amount or better up top where it would be cooler. Okay its 6:50am - I gotta get going. Cheers! V

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 28/11 Rain

Evening update. Its been +6 today and at 6:30pm it is +4 and our snow down here is slushy. There has been rain in Coleman. The guys at work told me that news in Lethbridge over the holidays was that there had been 8 inches of new snow in Fernie. The guys rode Rolling Hills and some other sweet spots and concurred with me that there had not been any great amount of new snow certainly not 8 inches. You can ride. Lots of people are riding - just want your expectations to be realistic. Two years ago it did the same thing - not as warm but very little snow til into January and then we had a really good season. Over 6000 you will see better snow than the lower elevations. I guess guys have been up Window mountain but no report on the quality of snow north of Hwy 3 yet. Kids said ski hill was really icy. Don't worry - it will improve! Cheers -V

Snow Report: Dec 28/11 Wet wet snow

Good Morning Gang,
Quick note..not much accumulated out of that snow two evenings ago. Little bit more than a dusting. This morning woke to an inch of wet wet snow. It slides down the vehicles - too wet for a snowman snow. Forecast is more of it all week with temps between +3 and -4. Likely better snow up top out of this and likely more but not the big dumps we are accustom to or waiting for. I would save spontaneous trips and if you planned to come then be thinking about the alternative places to ride that you have scoped out in the spring rides to find lighter snow in the trees. You can get stuck don't get me wrong but the open meadows have been ridden lots. Also be prepared to buy passes or memberships as marshalling is taking place more often at the trail heads. Its a small price to pay for groomed trail access and maintenance. Take a look at the avy reports this morning too. Cheers -V

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 25/11 Christmas Snow

I said I would report snow and walla...Snow! Just started about 30 mins ago. Looks like it could actually be a significant amount. Cooper got goggles with a camera in them so I will take those photos off tomorrow and put them on here. Sorry just coming down with the flu so no flowery descriptions. Will take more photos tomorrow. Trails are crisp, scratchers were a good idea today on elevations 5000 and below so just out our back gate for a little ways then there was more snow with a crusty top layer. Merry Christmas gang! - V

Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 23/11 News from the alpine

Well there has been no new snow to report. "Hero" snow right now - nice riding but set up. 5ft of base but no snow coming over the Curt and Cooper were up in Barnes and Limestone - I don't think I have seen the trees that tall there. But they had a really good time and climbed alot of stuff, kept to the trees. Flathead trail is AMAZING - great shape - has been groomed twice now. Our commuter trail could be better - just needs more snow on it. The riding is just fine just no fluff or choppin nuts. Excellent base though. Avy report looks good. Crowsnest Pass area is very very very thin. Looks like fall.

At Corbin Staging area we now have a Marshall that will be there on a consistent basis collecting fees and selling memberships. At Fernie - remember that the Morrisey access is closed completely - use the Coal Creek access instead. If it snows or does anything noteworthy I will update my blog immediately - fingers crossed. Merry Christmas! - V

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 18/11 - Light Snow

It is finally snowing! It was +4 all day yesterday and the snow was shrinking. It was perfect snowman snow but not great for accumulation! Today it started out as grauple and now it is snowing flakes - good stuff. Forecast is for snow Tuesday and the temps are supposed to stay in that -2 to -8 zone.

Shepherds were up this weekend and rode Rain Gauge. They said you weren't going to hit anything - base is about 5ft. In the trees you could find some lighter snow. The Flathead has been groomed twice now and is in great shape - marshalling will be taking place at the Corbin staging area so bring some bills for trail fee.

Was in Fernie on Sat and there were a lot of sleds heading out - no new snow there til today either though. Hopefully I will have more snow to report this week! Cheers - V

Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 12/11 An inch or two

Well it was snowing a little bit - a couple of inches at best but more than that up top. Trails down here are still rutted a bit and a bit crispy but the locals are headed out steady to ride up around the 6000ft mark. We were at the Fernie Snowmobile Association's Pub night the other night and had a great time!

Of special note is that Tembec has Morrissey access CLOSED. The club got permission and got the job done cutting a new trail to the cabin in on the Coal Creek Road. This is your new access. Al and Derrick and Greg said that Rolling Hills was really good but that they have ridden every inch of it now so we'll have to wait for new snow LOL.

Curt went out on his birthday and he and Cooper went out grooming. The trail is groomed from our place to Corbin. Just leveling out and firming up a base and cutting out the side hill that was barely one sled width wide. The snow is not worthy of a "Get out here its great!" but I hate to see you guys chompin at the bit. Come on out and give it a go but don't have high expectations. The snow is there but its not coming up over the hood consistently. Avalanche activity is reduced and the reports are looking better but just watch as that layer in Oct and the weather we had in Nov has put down an ugly layer that we hope comes down safely to start anew. Temps were -12 today - its supposed to get cooler. We often get the -25 over Christmas which is very cold for here and then it comes back up to big snow temps around the -5 to -10.

The photos are from last night getting a tree. Knee deep on the slopes and basically bottomless in the trees just out back and 500ft up behind us. That is our oldest dog Roxy cheatin and catching a ride with Sommer on the Arctic Cat. Get doin' the snow dance gang! Cheers - V

Monday, December 5, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 5/11 Dusting

Well Curt and Cooper went out on Sunday and thought they took photos but it looks like they had a malfunction - oh well. Grooming will start on Thursday. The trail from our place is not very good - it is icy snow packed and rutted from hunting but at Tent it goes to 18 inches packed and gets better as you go up from there where trucks can't get to now. Max and Perry put on 70 miles one day and braved the trails. They were up in Rain Gauge and Barnes where there was more snow but it is getting packed a bit. Avalanche reports are looking much better and there have been some natural slides in Rain Gauge bringing down that ugly stuff that went through temp swings and dumps. If we get a decent snowfall we'll be on our way on for some better trails and it usually translates into more snow up top. Will get some photos as soon as I can. Our yard is a dusting of snow on top of a skating rink. Roads are good from us through the Pass but heading west it is patchy. Cheers Gang!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 30/11

Well I would love to tell you we got dumped on as Hwy 22 was closed today but....we didn't. We only got a dusting of snow down here and it is very lightly snowing. Likely got more up top but it wasn't the 4 inches we were expecting.

Terry is coming tomorrow so maybe we'll be able to get a report from him. Watch the avy reports - the talk is the Oct icy later. Watch for slabs and with wind watch for lee and crosswind loaded areas. Curt would love to get out but the cabin is requiring all of his attention and there isn't enough snow falling right now to entice him away from finishing the cabin.

Hopefully I will have some good news on snowfalls soon. Cheers -V

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 27/11

Well it was +5 this afternoon around 5pm. Raining again mixed with a bit of snow. Its icy/slushy and the fresh stuff got heeeaaavvvyyyy again down here but up above 5500 its snowing. All day. Checkin out the trail the trucks are on it still hunting so it makes it rough but they can only get so high and then it was 18 inches total pack with 6 inches fresh - likely more down the Flathead but didn't go that far. Cooper here playing on the road up to Tent Mtn. Enough to go LOL. Temps to drop to zero again with more snow forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday. Looks like it will try again near the end of the week too. Dec is usually colder especially over Christmas so I hope the temps will start to drop enough to give us a good bunch of snow and no more rain before Dec 25th. Keep up with the avy reports gang! Cheers -V

Friday, November 25, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 25/11 Yahooooo

Well I have good news and I have excellent news. It snowed overnight and then snowed again hard down here and is still snowing up top. We got about 6" of new snow down here - Curt's been blowing all day. Rhonda and Matt with "THE BETTIES" from the Betties Power Sports Network from our place today and the trail (photos just above) was really good - pictures speak for themselves. They then went up the Flathead to Rain Gauge. The Flathead was a bit bumpy but there was a foot or better of new snow on the edges and the trail itself was based up with fresh snow on top. Been snowing on the guys up top all day.

Rain Gauge has over 4ft of snow total and likely 1.5ft or better is new snow. First and Third photo is the trail in. Look at the edges to gauge it. The creek is covered over and there is more snow further back in. Still a bit bottomless as Rhonda stepped off and was up to her waist or better and wiggling her toes not finding the bottom.

Hopefully we do not get the +7 temps but I think the alpine is a go. Just check the avy report first and ride conservative terrain as it is high and considerable for Lizard and the Divide ranges and that was yesterday's report. More snow is forecasted.

Check out "The Betties" at where you can view video and even purchase sled videos. We are going to have some here for sale. So rev 'em up Gang we're good to go! Cheers -V

Snow Report: Nov 25/11 - Snowing again

Well it is snowing again and its nice dry fluffy stuff. It is snowing right now although this shot doesn't show it. But....the temps are supposed to go to +7 on Sunday - what the h.....! Then it will go back to hover around the the zero to -2 mark and we'll get snow from that. So its just going to keep us waiting a bit longer. Base is building. Cheers -V

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow Report: No 23/11 or should I say Rain Report

Hi - was having a few calls and emails and as I was telling Kirby in Lang, SK.....hold off! Those dots are not snow - those are rain droplets. Hard to tell in the evening shot like this but you can see our steps are bare and the road is slush. It has been raining for 2 days here and temps were +4 at 7am and still tonight. Supposed to go to +9. It is snowing a bit up top but getting there would likely cost you a few parts or you'd run the risk of overheating. Just save your vacation days and dollars til it will don't worry. If you do go out somewhere please please please read the avalanche reports. Slides would be short but heavy and this weather is creating dangerous conditions. Our new cabin may not be ready til later in Jan. Just trying to do everything skookum so it is right for years and years to come. This just gives you time to buff your tunnel and brush up on beacon skills - no worries. Cheers -V

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 22 - Rain bah

Well.....I was going to report on the 3 inches of new slightly damp snow we had this morning when I walked out the door at 7am but.....I got home at 5pm and more current would be to report the rain.

Above is Terry and Bob who rode over on our trail from Corbin and reported a foot or better of snow on our trail - I can confirm that from my snowshoe on Sunday. The other photos are of Curt pushing some snow and the newest cabin that replaces the doublewide trailer. Boone, Big D and Ron have been working tirelessly on it and it will be ready for rent after the 9th of Jan 2012. It has a queen bedroom and two other bedrooms each with a double bunkbed in them as well as a full kitchen open to the living room.

So okay the snow. You can ride it but its not worth travelling for and we called our guests that were coming the first weekend in Dec to tell them it likely won't be worth it. We are supposed to get rain all day tomorrow and then it only will get to -1 mid next week and then back up to +5! Jeesh - hard to snow at +5. It can be snowing up top with the lower temps and raining down here but I am going to look at it as +5 will just be settling that base for better snow to come.

Also - be very very wary of avalanche right now. Check out for the updates. This wet snow and loading with dumps on top and then temp swings set up heavy slides. If you are breaking in a sled on the trail you will likely want to watch your temp gauge and sliders.

Well that is the latest. Hope everyone is ready for a great season! Cheers -V

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 17/11 Snowin'

Here's what is going on this morning at our place. Got about an inch and a half last night with a little grauple falling on top of it after it blew a little bit. Yehaw! Cheers -V

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 15/11

Hi - today we got a little dusting of snow even though it got really dark around 2:30pm and looked more promising than that. Temps are cool. Below is a bit of a list of Zac's Tracs schedule for Avalanche classes. There is also a new ap out for bulletins ready to go on your smart phone. We are getting bookings for mid January now. Cheers - V

Nov 17 - 20 - Fort McMurray - full variety of courses

Nov 20 - Grassland - Patterns to Prevention
Nov 25-26 - Calgary - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Nov 27 - Red Deer - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 1 - Yorkton - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 2-3 - Regina - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 4 - Saskatoon - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 5 - Saskatoon - AST 1.5 Classroom Session
Dec 7 - Lloydminster - Patterns to Prevention Workshop
Dec 9-10 - Camrose - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 11 - Edmonton - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 12 - Edmonton - AST1.5 Classroom Session
Dec 16-18 - Valemount - AST1 Class & Field

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 13 - Corbin photos

Made a trip to Shepherd's at Corbin and took some photos of the staging area. Sledders at Corbin and snow in Rain Gauge but stick to the trail. First photo is of where our A road trail/McCool Pass comes out at the Corbin hwy near the Flathead. Second is of where our B road trail comes out at the Corbin hwy close to the Pipeline. Third photo is of the Tin Shack start of the Pipeline. Last two are of the Corbin/Flathead staging area and some of the sledders in the staging area parking lot. There is enough snow in the ditch to ride from A road intersection to Corbin staging area - go slow though LOL.

Teck has put up fencing to prevent trespassing that first 5km in on the east side of the trail. They do a great job at supporting snowmobiling and we ask that you respect the active mining areas and DO NOT TRESPASS. Was in Fernie again today and it was snowing up top and a little bit down in town. Lightly snowing still here at our place today. Alexander looks a bit thin still but the road at the gun range has snow on it. Guys are working on the cabin trying to have it ready - will be booking it into January. Cheers! V

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 12/11 - Still Snowing

Hi, we went to Fernie Ski Swap & the Gear Hub (they will be renting sleds this winter! open 8-8 everyday) today and it was snowing all day there as well as here. Supposed to get another 5cm overnight but I think it will be more. We have a good 8 inches now and Curt was out blowing snow. This will be the start of a very good base. Highways are good just drive slower and save someone elses life if not your own. Will try to get out and get photos of Corbin staging area tomorrow. Still snowing tonight lightly. Cheers -V

Friday, November 11, 2011

SNOW report: Nov 11/11

11/11/11 and Remembrance Day and SNOW!

We have about 5 inches of snow. Heard that the #1 has closures and that #22 is really bad. #3 still pretty good and plow trucks are out. Here it is! Will make a really nice base. Its +2 and no end in sight. Cheers and Thank a Vet that we have the freedom to enjoy this! Verlee

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 6/11

Hi Gang,
Well we lost the snow we had from my last post but we have a skiff that fell on Friday and it is still here. Only a dusting though. Temps indicate that the snow we get from here on will stay though. Horses have all puffed out with winter hair. Get your vacation plans going, your avalanche course lined up and start checking your gear. Good idea to PULL YOUR CORD on your avy inflatable back pack at least once to know it works, feel what it takes and to have a refill inspection.

Cabin has been a lot of work for our family and it will be worth it. They are back at it again this week after a few days off to run home to Sask and vote.

Our Christmas and New Years and first week of Jan 2012 is already booked up. Looking forward to sending you big snow photos!
Cheers - V

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Snow Report: Oct 28/11 SNOW

Well hello Gang!
We have a dusting of snow on the ground tonight - first real snow to hit the ground and stick here - now this is very optimistic. It certainly isn't noteworthy except that it is the first bit of snow here. Our mountain tops have been white for two weeks now from a stretch of rain we got down below.

Check out the avalanche training seminars - with Amber Woods and Zac's Tracs - hopefully you have been doing the online training to gear up your thinking. Time to go to the garage and start showin some love to your sleds. Make sure you hit the sled shows and see Jan Hoffman's cool new sled with Trax 2 Treadz.

Fernie Snowmobile Club have been working really hard adding to their trails - check out their website for updated info. Corbin Country Club has already been out to the cabins making plans and greasin' up the groomer. Crow Snow Riders are ready for big snow. is also handing out their tickets for the next draw on the quads and many other excellent prizes accomodations and ATV merchandise certificates and A &E Racing and Marine has donated 10 helmets! Get your tickets there is $44,000 in prizes!

Okay - now that you are all pumped up - start planning your vacation days. The newest cabin will be up in Jan 2012 replacing the doublewide trailer but don't worry you like it just as much trust me. Cheers! V - hey SteveO - best day ever!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quad Report: Sep 3/11 - Fire Ban done

Hi Gang,
Fire Ban for our area is done for now. We got three days of mist and rain and it cooled right off with there being ice on the pail of water I had outside this morning and frost. Now it is hot again and temps are supposed to be right back up in the 20's again this coming week. Trails are a lot of fun and quieter this time of year. Hunting has started so please be respectful of them. Read your maps from the to see which areas have hunting or seasonal closures on them.

I am booking up for July and August for next year. Cabin is in lock up and we should have it ready for Jan.

Sask residents make sure to bring proof of your quad insurance on your home insurance to produce if asked. During Hunting season the conservation officers are out and busier.

Ride safely, if you have a fire then please be diligent in containing it and putting it out thoroughly. Enjoy the fantastic fall weather we are having! Cheers, V

Friday, August 26, 2011

Quad Report: Aug 26/11: AB Fire Ban in Effect

Howdy Gang! Well the cabin is almost closed in - now we have to haul ___ to get it ready for winter. Not sure what the date will be but I will let everyone know as soon as I have a good idea.

Fire ban in effect - that means no open fires out there on the trail. It does not mean that the forest is closed - not the same thing. We got a little very warm, short shower two days ago but wasn't enough to take a chunk out of the dust. Volunteer to be the leader - its dusty. Has been really hot here (26 approx) for a while now. Mornings are cooler though - great for a coffee on the deck.

My family was out - almost all of them! Clayton and Linda were up from AZ. A lot of fun was had by all and the vistas were great to experience through their eyes for the first time. Wade and Jody and Clayton and Linda came back on their way home for another weekend of quad fun.

Congrats to Kayla and Jason who were here this week along with the Cardinals and MacDonalds who showed them the trails. Kayla and Jason got engaged out here! Looking forward to seeing both those crew again next year.

The Manitobians have arrive and Ed and his crew are set for putting on miles.

If you are considering Inn on the Border for your summer vacation next year I have to say - our regulars are rebooking a year in advance! We are encouraging long stays of 4 nights or more for a discounted rate. Our Thunder in the Valley is booked for 2012. We are also starting to have inquiries for dates in the winter. Have fun and ride safely! Cheers - Verlee

Monday, August 1, 2011

Quad Report: August 1st/11

It is hot! It is also dusty in the open spots. Nice and cool in the trees. What can I say - everyone who has been coming has been having a blast, covering lots of territory and enjoying the mountain air.

Quad Squad has sent out a notice: #117 on the map for Crowsnest area (north side) is on private land and there are horses being grazed in there so it has been posted to keep out. Please respect the land owner's property.

Just a couple of shots of fun at home here. Cheers, Verlee

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quad Report: July 27/11

We had a bit of hail the other night and a big short downpour. Now it is back to just right temps - not scorching but warm with a little breeze. Trails are not dusty which is a treat.

We have had an opening. Our August 9th to 15th is booked but we have the Log and New Cabin both open 18th to the 21st weekend. The Log is also available from Aug 26th to the 31st.

The summer started out so cool temperature-wise and the winter was long - come on out for a weekend away and smell the pines! Cheers - Verlee

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quad Update: Jul 21/11

Just an update on the cabin construction. Rafters go up today or tomorrow. Told the guys to let me know when we were ready to have a beer on the deck!

Weather has been really good. A few hot days followed by a night of rain or a bit of spitting on and off for a day mixed in to keep the dust down. It is a bit cooler today which is welcomed after a few really hot ones. Overall the weather has been really good for riding of all types (Curt, his Dad Boone and Sommer and I have gone out a few times riding now out the back gate from our place).

We took our nephew Bayden to the Kootenay Trout Hatchery enroute to Cranbrook before riding the old rail steam cars back from Ft. Steele to Fernie. The kids have a blast feeding these big trout.

Available Dates: I have a few spots open: The new cabin is available this weekend thru to the 29th of July. The log is available July 25th afternoon to the 29th morning. The new cabin available August 2nd to 14th. Log available Aug 25th afternoon to morning of the 1st of Sept. New cabin available afternoon of the 27th to Friday Sept 2nd. After that it is pretty open with a few bookings late in Sept and in Oct for hunting. I think we are going to have a great fall for quading and dirtbiking.

We are going to come up with some names for the cabins as now the "new cabin" won't be the newest once we complete the cabin that replaces the doublewide. Suggestions anyone? Cheers -V

Friday, June 24, 2011

Quad Report: Jun 24/11

A bit cooler temps today but that was +14 so not bad - breeze was cool and it would spit for a few minutes but never actually rained. Hot yesterday at +24. Weather moving steadily toward constant warm sunny temps.

After only two days of warmth Curt and the Moose Jaw guys - Randy and Murray, were able to cross at the 6000ft mark - snow was minimal and is likely gone now - waterfalls were roaring but the creeks are a bit slower with the cooler entry into summer. Trail of 7 Bridges was just right for challenge and being able to still cross.

July openings are as follows: New Cabin available evening of the 4th to morning of the 7th, evening of the 10th to the 13th, evening of the 18th to the 28th. Log open evening of the 10th to the 13th. If you are interested in any of those dates let me know. THE DOUBLEWIDE IS NOW GONE - Yahoooo! Cheers -V

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quad Report: Sunny Days!

Hi - we have had overcast with short spotty showers for the past week but nothing that kept you from being out and doing stuff. Today is 21 and warming up fast with the forecast for 27 tomorrow and hot all week. I think we have arrived at summer.

July may have a few spots available but August is booking up fast now. I think September will be really good too as we have been a month behind from full on snow and sledding all through the month of April.

Our guys from Moose Jaw have encountered some snow around the 6000 ft mark and couldn't make it fully to the plane crash on the York Creek Trail but they have been a lot of other places. Curt headed out with them (Randy and Murray) this afternoon to Trail of 7 Bridges and B road. Cheers! V

Monday, June 6, 2011

Quad/Fishing Report: June 6/11

Hi - sorry it has been so long! We have had great weather the past 4 days or so. +18 to +23 and smokin hot. Today was a bit overcast all day but still warm and no rain. We have availability in June - give us a call.

Summit Lake - a two minute walk from our place was restocked with 3,200 Gerards and Fraser Valley rainbows the other week! 7-8 inches and some 16 inch too.

We only have the log cabin and new cabin available over the summer as we are building a new one where the doublewide was so be sure to call in advance. July is pretty well booked up. June is turning out to be sunnier than in previous years so far. Check out the CNP Quad Squad's website for all the quadding info for the Pass. Support their club - its very low cost and they do fantastic work for keeping quadding alive and well in this area. Cheers -V

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quad Report: Weather Yukky

Hi - weather is miserable today and yesterday. We were getting overcast with spitting rain all day for a couple of days and then wham we are getting snow and rain slush the past 24hrs. All the trees have snowy white branches but no actual accumulation on the ground. It is cold though at +1 and going to +5/6 today but there is a rainfall warning for the Kootenay area - 10mm over today.

Good news is this weather will pass and Sun, Mon, Tues it isn't supposed to rain it will be a bit overcast with sunny breaks and warmer temps. I would stay home til then depending on your tolerance for rain and cold at the same time. Usually if you are just wet it isn't too hard to manage but its cold. Horses were shivering last night so they got blanketed and fed more. Trails are very good out here - you can go a lot of places and we don't get the deep mud up here that you can find at lower elevations - just lots of great pools of water to drench you buddy with.

We have openings in June - book your trip before the mad rush.

For fishing....lots of winter kill at Summit lake but our local fly shop reports lots of decent rises. Cooper and Kale will likely revist Island Lake again with all their success there. Had a bit of success fly fishing at Lee Lake the other day. What will those two boys do for retirement that they don't do now? Cheers -V

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quad Report: Howdy! Weather is Great

Took a month off of blogging to let everyone settle down after an awesome winter! Our April ran just about booked the whole month! I thought May would be a month of late starting for quadding here due to the snow but....I had a bunch of guys out in both cabins with Ernie this past week and they went and played up Tent and started up trail of 7 bridges but decided to give the griz that left fresh prints his day. They said they had a great time and went farther than I thought they could.

The kids and I headed out on the horses and were surprised at just how much snow was gone. Yep gone. There is a fire ban on for Alberta (not sure about BC) but I assume that is more is due to the lack of support they would have if one started here and the snow is going fast. Slave Lake is a priority so error on the side of caution and be careful on all fronts not just with not having a fire.

The weather was fanatastic this weekend and it continues. Fire up the quads and dirt bikes boys and girls -the wait is over and come on out. We only have two cabins available for the summer and fall so if you book both or stay 4 nights or more you get a deal and you have the place to yourself! I can't believe it but June is very open right now. July looks crazy so avoid the crowds and come early! Cheers! V

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Snow Report: April 23/11 Sunny snow today, +6 and sunny. Snow was melting in the yard but Beers went for a tour on our trail and said the trail was holding up really really well. Said they rode close and it was still winter riding even on stuff a couple of days old. The guests went to Alexander and said they were still getting stuck with at least 8-10 inches of fresh snow. Trend is to start warming up so all that base is going to harden up to hero snow but there is about 7-12 feet under you in any one place. Watch the slopes getting sun in the afternoon and enjoy!

Oh I wanted to update you on a message from Fernie Snowmobile Association:

"Morrissey Road is open to Snowmobilers for 3 weeks." They have ploughed a turnaround before the yellow bridge (after the switchback). "Please do not take trailers past this point. As per Tembec's requirement the road is blocked to truck traffic @ the catski turnoff past the big rock." They report that they have RECORD snowfall in the alpine and remind people to be safe and have fun.

Cheers -V

Friday, April 22, 2011

Snow Report: April 22/11 Winter Again!

Okay plain and short. 4-5 INCHES of SNOW. Can't make a snowman out of it cause it is too fluffy. Trees are layden heavy with snow. Come and play - you will not regret it - new cabin still open for ya! Cheers - V

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snow Report: April 21/11 OMG SNOWING TONS

I can't believe I can't upload photos! You would not believe this! It is snowing as hard as the hardest snowfall we had all season. Straight down, huge flakes and the train moving by is white. The highway is barely visible except for people's lights and it is not letting up at all.

Brian and Lou's gang arrived and said visibility on the highway was very sketchy. Can you imagine how this will add up on the foot of fresh up top if it is going this hard down here. We have lost visibiltiy of the mountains on and off all day but this is is thicker than ever.

I have the new cabin open. I can't believe there isn't a group familair with this place and my posts that isn't jumping at this. Cheers! V

Snow Report: April 21/11 - Conditions Update

Hi - Jason and his crew rode the Notch and Barnes area and accessed it via the pipeline. They said it was fantastic snow with a Foot of Fresh snow up top and set up under that. They said the pipeline started out great but by the time they had ridden it for a few days and others had too that yesterday it was rough. They said they went everywhere and are planning on coming back soon to ride again. Just thought it was worth a mention. Cheers - V

Snow Report: April 21/11 Snowing again

Hi - yesterday it didn't snow and got to +3. Snow down here at the Inn was getting heavy and sticky.

But.....this morning it is SNOWING AGAIN and picking up on intensity too. I think it will be a couple of cm accumulation is my guess but nothing huge but...great for this time of year! Had a couple of calls on the new cabin but no bookings yet - $150 per night flat rate if you want it. We will be closed from April 28th to May 11th - although I think we could stay open for hardcore sledders wanting to chalk up May riding. Just looked out the window again and the flakes have doubled in size. Amazing. Guests leave today and a new group arrives tonight! Cheers -V

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow Report: April 19/11 Afternoon Snow

Hi, well it went up to zero just now and started snowing so thick I could not see Sentry Mtn to East or the lake or valley to the west. I could only see the trees across the road and not the tower. We got about a cm out of it and now it is lightly snowing with visibility clearing here at the Inn but still thick on either end of the valley. Crazy. Not melting. Just thought I would update you incase we had more than a day without snow. Cheers -V

Snow Report: April 19/11

Just a dusting of snow yesterday and temps stayed cool. No snow last night and clear skies this morning - great for visibility up top. It is -9 this morning.

Yesterday the guys went to Limestone and said it was heaven! Lots of snow and they played all day! They said it was awesome. Flathead it rough that first 5km but that is to be expected. Our trail is getting rough also so my recommendation is that you trailer to your staging area and save your back but we still have guests riding from here and it has plenty of snow base. Curt and Ezzy were playing in the cutblocks just out back and weren't touching stumps - jumping, climbing banks - they had a blast in the trees. Steve-0 you would love it!

We still have the new cabin available for this weekend for the special rate of $150 flat per night - no extra for extra guys. It will sleep 4. BBQ and hot tub, just bring your food and beverages and you are set for some excellent better than normal spring riding! When it isn't worth coming I will say so and it is still good. Cheers -V

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Snow Report: April 17/11 Still Snowing

Hi -it is still snowing steady with big flakes! We have at least another inch over night. It had stopped during the night but has started up again this morning and is picking up in intensity. Temp is -3. Did I say there would be no more powder on our trail.....shame on me. Cheers -V

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Snow Report: April 16/11 - Snow all Day

Hi -wish I could get my photos uploaded cause you wouldn't believe it! It has been snowing big flakes and not lightly all day with visibility being very impaired in stretches and it wasn't blowing. Derrick and his crew went out to Corbin and up just to Barnes meadow and lake and said it was FANTASTIC. Snow was at least 1.5 ft of powder up on the lake. We have at least 3 more inches from this morning with no sign of the snow letting up. Curt thinks he is going to push snow tomorrow. The snow is fluffy too! Curt's clutch needs love so if anyone has a machine they are parting out give him a call. Cheers -V

Snow Report: April 16/11 - More snow

Sorry - can't download the photo but there it is zero and snowing. We currently have 2 inches of new fluffy snow from overnight with more on the way. No signs of it stopping snowing today. Reports from Les and his crew are that there was a foot of fresh snow within the first 20km on the Flathead trail. The alpine will be wonderful! The first 5km of the Flathead is rough but it improves per usual the further down you go. Their crew went all the way to Sage creek and back. They are trying Coal Leach road area today. We still have the new cabin open next weekend if riding late in April on the best snow this time of year since the 70's is on your bucket list! Cheers -V

Friday, April 15, 2011

Snow Report: April 15/11

Zero degrees, clearer skies and a light 2cm dusting of snow overnight. Haven't seen our guests - they are busy riding longer hours with more daylight. We are supposed to keep getting dusted with snow for the next couple of days. Just started to lightly snow a bit right now. Ride Sally Ride! Cheers - V

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow Report: April 14/11

Another 2 inches this morning! Snowed all night and so there will be more up top than down here. More snow in the forecast and still snowing lightly here and up top. Zero degrees and the highway was a bit icy in Crowsnest this morning. Avy report is moderate and low but with warm temps or south facing slopes that changes over the course of a day so pick your terrain carefully and have fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Snow Report: April 13/11

It is +3 here at the house this evening and snowing lightly - picking up a bit as the temp drops. As you can see itis snowing up top too. We are booked this weekend with sledders but have availability next week and only the new cabin available for Easter weekend (Log is booked with sledders). Still worth riding but I would again say save your energy and stage closer to the area you want to ride instead of riding our trail - it is holding up great but there won't be any more powder on it this season.....I ...think....LOL - Special rate still on - Cheers! V

Monday, April 11, 2011

Snow Report: April 11/11

Good Morning - its snowing. We had our first bit of rain this morning, drizzling here at -2 and spitting in Crowsnest Pass with clearing skies to the east. Looked like it was snowing up top and as soon as I sat down to write this it dropped a degree and started snowing down here.

Reports from guests this weekend and from Justin and his crew (frequent sledders here) were that Heartbreak and Rain Gauge were amazing with one crew going up and over from one to the other. Lots of snow - even fresh to the tune of 4-6 inches and it wasn't totally hero snow yet so there were lots of chances to get stuck. Another group went to Limestone and said it was still fluffy up there too. Another group went to the Notch and although the trail is starting to get rough there wasn't too much gleezing about it. They said that there was lots of fresh snow the further south you went it got a few inches deeper. There was a crust layer in places with loose snow underneath - a note for picking steeper terrain and avoiding slides. Rave reviews all around saying they haven't seen this good of snow at this time of year in a very very long time.

Thought I would show you our yard. Snow still piled up. Our road is thawing and the dirt is showing through in about 1/3 of the yard. I wanted to show you the "line" where the snow starts and that our trail still has a bunch of snow on it but at this time of year I would save your muscles and endurance for riding the trees and saddles by staging as close to the alpine area you want to ride as possible. Right now snow is being lost around the 4500ft mark in this area - we are at 4600ft. You'll be riding around the 6000-7500ft level for reference.

We are still open for sledders! Special rate of $150/night flat until I don't think the snow is worth spending your vacation days or dollars on. Then you will have about a month to winterize your sled (unless you are hardcore and are going to try for June sledding which is possible if you aren't afraid of a bit of gravel) and get your quad/dirt bike tuned! Tim (Over the Top Rentals in Calgary) if you & Tom have a few days off - its still worth it! Cheers - V

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snow Report: April 7/11 Every Day...Snow

Hi - my computer was down again but it is fixed now! It has been snowing every day and the report from my guests on Tues was that the trail was in really good shape and the cut blocks posed all the "getting stuck" opportunities they required. Scott and his gang from Brooks were here and rode the Flathead all the way down to Pollock Creek and said there was 6 inches of fresh fluffy snow on the trail. We have been getting 1-2cm daily with big flakes falling on and off round the clock down here at the house alone. There is tons of snow and in all kinds of conditions: hero snow, fresh, the heavy wet is now a bit crusty but not too bad and that layer of sugar still sits a couple of feet down. This and the warm weather trend for this weekend will awaken some slopes so per the avy report for South the west, sw, south and se slopes when it starts to warm up. Better yet - go to and read the south rockies report. Plenty of safe riding with lots of challenges to pick instead of climbs. Practice turning tight radius deep snow turns and dodging trees instead. We are booked this weekend but open the next weekend (Apr 15th) and we only have the new cabin available Easter weekend (Apr 22nd) as more snowmobilers have already booked the log for that weekend. Oh ya - we won't quit til the snow isn't worth it - no sign of that yet! Cheers -V

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A couple more photos from April 2/11

Yep. April 2/11. Today Cooper and Wade went into Tent and no tracks. Wade said just that little jaunt today was worth the drive here let alone yesterday. We have blue sky now around 5pm but temps are holding and cool. Avy report has more snow in the forecast for Monday. Be safe - V