Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 28/10

Reports about the trail at the Jamboree were very favorable - more than enough snow for all the riders on the trail and not washboarded out either. Drag Races were great entertainment and a shuttle was provided to pick up people and take them to and from locations and the dance. The shuttle came out to Inn on the Border to take our guests in for the evening functions - very cool! The Crow Snow Riders know how to put on a function!

No new snow down here - getting a bit icy and even though our trail is holding up (a bunch of the guests went out for a ride and said it was still good) I am recommending that you trailer to the staging area of choice like you would have to do if you stayed anywhere else and cut off the excess trail riding for your body's sake LOL. Lots of snow still out back behind us up in the alpine. Tim and Over the Top Rentals said he was out last weekend and was in almost a foot of snow in the trees in places. I think if you went to McClatchie area or the Harvey's you could find snow that wasn't set up as much as up in the bowls. Skiing is still going strong at all three local mountains (Castle, Powder Keg & Fernie). Cheers

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 25/10

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the Jamboree this weekend is still good to go - it has been -15 a couple of days ago, +4 during the day and then down to -2 and snowing a bit down here and more up top. All over the board. We are not losing any snow but scratchers are advised for trail riding.

The Crow Snow Riders groomer went out the other night when it was cold and then again last night when the temp dropped down enough again. There are bare hills and snow on trails...there are bowl after bowl of set up snow for great traction and enough snow to get seriously stuck in the trees. Don't be fooled by the look of the highway and ditches. The kids are skiing and loving it too.

I believe the Corbin Country Club groomer was going to give it a go this weekend too so come with some cash for collection if they do groom. Cheers!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 18/10 Second set photos

Just a bunch of fun - more shots from today at Corbin.

Snow Report: Feb 18/10

Was an "epic" day at Rain Gauge and pretty good at Heartbreak for Wade, Krauss and Curt. They hit the top of Rain Gauge again, had great snow - 8-10inches of new snow - Heartbreak was a bit less with a bit of wind blown conditions.
Trail was a 5 out of possible 10 - its been too warm to groom but still in pretty good shape.
I am uploading more photos in a second post tonight.
Snowed a little bit today but not much. At least it is still a few degrees below zero. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 17/10

YAHOOOOOOO....It is snowing at a rate of 1/2 to 1 inch per hour - big flakes and it is zero - +1. It was practicing and now I believe it is going to make a difference.

I talked to the gang at Fernie Tea and Coffee house this morning and they said that the top of Fernie ski hill is really good and that would match with the McClatchie report from Curt yesterday.

Too snowy to ride today so Curt, Clayton and Krauss gave the buck saw a try (only about 5 mins worth though LOL). The Hoffmans are here riding for a week - they own Tracks to Treadz after-market business.

Keep doing the Snow Dance! Cheers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 16/10

Yesterday it started snowing in the morning with flake size building and getting heavier but it quit by noon with only a cm of accumulation and at +2 that has melted.

Today the trails are very soft and Curt and Krauss went down the Flathead to Upper Harvey. They said the Flathead condition is moderate with the corner washboard moguls only going halfway across the trail. They have seen it a lot worse. With these warm conditions grooming is impossible.

The good was snowing hard and well at McClatchie all afternoon. So we are getting some snow - hopefully it is enough to keep up with what we are losing with warmer weather. You can still go everywhere in the alpine. Read the avalanche report for South Rockies for this area. As everyone is saying...Do the Snow Dance. Cheers

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 14/10

Day two of Corbin Poker Rally - Sommer (8yrs old) drove the 370 Arctic Cat 90km! She was fantastic! We had 85 riders and over 200 hands sold. No new snow today but the weather was cooler and the trail was in great shape. $600 + went to the first hand winner and $400+ went to the second place finisher. Happy Valentines Day!

Snow Report: Feb 14/10

Corbin Poker Derby - Vintage run had 24 vintage sleds show up. It was a lot of fun and a big whoop went up from the crowd when the old Polaris towed the new one back! The rarest sled was the Snow Pony (gold) that ran great! Cooper and Sommer took Terry's Challenger out for a spin and Charity (A & E Racing) and her Dad took the two old ski doos up into Rain Gauge and did some climbing with a few other vintage sleds
Weather is holding at zero - snow was getting a bit warm yesterday but it is a bit cooler this morning. The long track derby is today - 90km loop. Was awesome to see Scott and Sherri Duncan from Briercrest, SK finally make it out here again!!!
Cooper and I rode our trail to Corbin yesterday and I was amazed at how good of shape it was in. Curt's new homebuilt groomer did a great job - it is modelled after the mini groomers at the base of Barnes, Heartbreak and Rain Gauge. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 10/10

No new snow yet but it is sure trying. The temp is holding at -2 and we aren't losing any snow. Still be the same up top as the photos from the last blog.

Corbin Poker rally this weekend. Fernie having one on Sat too. ASA Jamboree at the end of the month.

Girls say that the ski hill in Fernie is still really good up top - no powder but it isn't icy. Same conditions at our little Pass Powder Keg in Blairmore. We all just are waiting for the big dump to happen and it will. Cheers!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Report: Feb 5/10

Here's more photos from the knife's edge top of the back bowl @ Rain Gauge looking out on Castle Resort area.
Corbin Country Club Poker rally is Feb 13th (vintage ride) and 14th (actual poker derby) - come DEMO the new SKI DOO E TEC 800R (fuel injected) at the staging area and have a bowl of chili!
The ASA Jamboree is Feb 27 & 28th - still looking for some vounteers for check points. Banquet is Sat night with lots of great prizes.
If you have a short track - now is the time to come rip it up into the bowls - you can get stuck if you venture into the trees or pick the right line but you don't often get a chance to see the areas unless they are set up like they are now to go everywhere. Remember to support your grooming efforts in Fernie and Corbin if you are riding those areas. Cheers!

Snow Report: Feb 5/10

Schraders from Yorkton: Harley & Biblow joined up with Walt Healy's Sheldon & Trent and then Curt took off to Rain Gauge to climb up to the very top of the back bowl - cause no powder means lots o traction! Over the top are photos of Lost Creek fire area and Castle Mtn Resort. I will post some more photos in the next blog of Castle.
Curt groomed the trail and so it is in great condition - temps are holding at zero area. No new snow but again - Flathead is in unbelievable highway condition - great job Corbin Country Club!

Snow Report: Feb 1/10

We got about 3 inches of new snow down at the Inn but 6 inches up top - Curt's shift all came out to ride and what a great time we had! Great group of guys - everyone had a blast and there were high marks - Madden did his and had to climb backwards down it was so steep and there were trees (trees win) and lots of steep slopes to get stuck on - but they were always trying it!
Lots of traction everywhere!
Tim and Tom from Over the Top Rentals supplied the sleds - good to see you guys. They went to Morrisey and staged and said in the trees south of that trail were fantastic and they found snow untracked.

Snow Report: Jan 30/10

Greg and the boys from Medicine Hat Harley Davidson were out and found great traction, (trees and friends count as traction too) and even got stuck a few times - Rain Gauge and Heartbreak.

Flathead trail is like a highway!