Friday, December 12, 2014

Dec 12/14 - Rain, Warm Temps and Snow tonight & Tomorrow

Morning Gang, it rained here two nights ago significantly for about 4hrs middle of the night and then it started up again yesterday evening but then it quit before we went to bed.  Snow still surviving all of it in the banks we pushed from the 2nd & 3rd of Dec but the roads are clear.  I still have snow in the trees  and on the sled trail - photos from yesterday/day before, have not changed - you could ride our trail but at this point I would suggest that you trailer to staging areas then ride in.  Save yourself any unnecessary trail riding at lower elevations.

Its +6 but feels cooler this morning. Cloudy patches and supposed to wet flurries/snow this evening and tomorrow anywhere from 5-10cm.  This could make a HUGE difference.  Its snowed up top a few times this week but I haven't been up there or heard from anyone as to the conditions.  I would be telling guys to hold off another week BUT with the snow forecasted for Saturday you MIGHT miss out on a fun first ride.

 So for the expectation bar.....if you think Spring Riding conditions...gonna likely get wet, going to have some icy or thin spots on the trail in, creeks will be open and maybe some wet or set up snow up top then you will be on target to still enjoy your ride.  As our friend Elvis said - "are guys made of sugar?" -meaning you won't melt - get out there and ride it all regardless lol you might ride through the rain and find good snow up top.  There won't be powder so get that out of your mind right now.  Temps are supposed to hit -2 on Sat with snow and then go to sunny &  -5 mid next week and then hover around that zero point.

So you decide what you want to do.....I won't hold you off because its at the tipping point and Saturday may be the snow that allows you to get your first ride in.  Hate to deny anyone that chance.  Cheers - V

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