Friday, December 30, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 30/11 SNOW

WAHOOOOOOOOO! SNOW! 3 inches so far and we have our flurries still happening! Good thick fluffy snow. I am sure you could double that amount or better up top where it would be cooler. Okay its 6:50am - I gotta get going. Cheers! V

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 28/11 Rain

Evening update. Its been +6 today and at 6:30pm it is +4 and our snow down here is slushy. There has been rain in Coleman. The guys at work told me that news in Lethbridge over the holidays was that there had been 8 inches of new snow in Fernie. The guys rode Rolling Hills and some other sweet spots and concurred with me that there had not been any great amount of new snow certainly not 8 inches. You can ride. Lots of people are riding - just want your expectations to be realistic. Two years ago it did the same thing - not as warm but very little snow til into January and then we had a really good season. Over 6000 you will see better snow than the lower elevations. I guess guys have been up Window mountain but no report on the quality of snow north of Hwy 3 yet. Kids said ski hill was really icy. Don't worry - it will improve! Cheers -V

Snow Report: Dec 28/11 Wet wet snow

Good Morning Gang,
Quick note..not much accumulated out of that snow two evenings ago. Little bit more than a dusting. This morning woke to an inch of wet wet snow. It slides down the vehicles - too wet for a snowman snow. Forecast is more of it all week with temps between +3 and -4. Likely better snow up top out of this and likely more but not the big dumps we are accustom to or waiting for. I would save spontaneous trips and if you planned to come then be thinking about the alternative places to ride that you have scoped out in the spring rides to find lighter snow in the trees. You can get stuck don't get me wrong but the open meadows have been ridden lots. Also be prepared to buy passes or memberships as marshalling is taking place more often at the trail heads. Its a small price to pay for groomed trail access and maintenance. Take a look at the avy reports this morning too. Cheers -V

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 25/11 Christmas Snow

I said I would report snow and walla...Snow! Just started about 30 mins ago. Looks like it could actually be a significant amount. Cooper got goggles with a camera in them so I will take those photos off tomorrow and put them on here. Sorry just coming down with the flu so no flowery descriptions. Will take more photos tomorrow. Trails are crisp, scratchers were a good idea today on elevations 5000 and below so just out our back gate for a little ways then there was more snow with a crusty top layer. Merry Christmas gang! - V

Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 23/11 News from the alpine

Well there has been no new snow to report. "Hero" snow right now - nice riding but set up. 5ft of base but no snow coming over the Curt and Cooper were up in Barnes and Limestone - I don't think I have seen the trees that tall there. But they had a really good time and climbed alot of stuff, kept to the trees. Flathead trail is AMAZING - great shape - has been groomed twice now. Our commuter trail could be better - just needs more snow on it. The riding is just fine just no fluff or choppin nuts. Excellent base though. Avy report looks good. Crowsnest Pass area is very very very thin. Looks like fall.

At Corbin Staging area we now have a Marshall that will be there on a consistent basis collecting fees and selling memberships. At Fernie - remember that the Morrisey access is closed completely - use the Coal Creek access instead. If it snows or does anything noteworthy I will update my blog immediately - fingers crossed. Merry Christmas! - V

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 18/11 - Light Snow

It is finally snowing! It was +4 all day yesterday and the snow was shrinking. It was perfect snowman snow but not great for accumulation! Today it started out as grauple and now it is snowing flakes - good stuff. Forecast is for snow Tuesday and the temps are supposed to stay in that -2 to -8 zone.

Shepherds were up this weekend and rode Rain Gauge. They said you weren't going to hit anything - base is about 5ft. In the trees you could find some lighter snow. The Flathead has been groomed twice now and is in great shape - marshalling will be taking place at the Corbin staging area so bring some bills for trail fee.

Was in Fernie on Sat and there were a lot of sleds heading out - no new snow there til today either though. Hopefully I will have more snow to report this week! Cheers - V

Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 12/11 An inch or two

Well it was snowing a little bit - a couple of inches at best but more than that up top. Trails down here are still rutted a bit and a bit crispy but the locals are headed out steady to ride up around the 6000ft mark. We were at the Fernie Snowmobile Association's Pub night the other night and had a great time!

Of special note is that Tembec has Morrissey access CLOSED. The club got permission and got the job done cutting a new trail to the cabin in on the Coal Creek Road. This is your new access. Al and Derrick and Greg said that Rolling Hills was really good but that they have ridden every inch of it now so we'll have to wait for new snow LOL.

Curt went out on his birthday and he and Cooper went out grooming. The trail is groomed from our place to Corbin. Just leveling out and firming up a base and cutting out the side hill that was barely one sled width wide. The snow is not worthy of a "Get out here its great!" but I hate to see you guys chompin at the bit. Come on out and give it a go but don't have high expectations. The snow is there but its not coming up over the hood consistently. Avalanche activity is reduced and the reports are looking better but just watch as that layer in Oct and the weather we had in Nov has put down an ugly layer that we hope comes down safely to start anew. Temps were -12 today - its supposed to get cooler. We often get the -25 over Christmas which is very cold for here and then it comes back up to big snow temps around the -5 to -10.

The photos are from last night getting a tree. Knee deep on the slopes and basically bottomless in the trees just out back and 500ft up behind us. That is our oldest dog Roxy cheatin and catching a ride with Sommer on the Arctic Cat. Get doin' the snow dance gang! Cheers - V

Monday, December 5, 2011

Snow Report: Dec 5/11 Dusting

Well Curt and Cooper went out on Sunday and thought they took photos but it looks like they had a malfunction - oh well. Grooming will start on Thursday. The trail from our place is not very good - it is icy snow packed and rutted from hunting but at Tent it goes to 18 inches packed and gets better as you go up from there where trucks can't get to now. Max and Perry put on 70 miles one day and braved the trails. They were up in Rain Gauge and Barnes where there was more snow but it is getting packed a bit. Avalanche reports are looking much better and there have been some natural slides in Rain Gauge bringing down that ugly stuff that went through temp swings and dumps. If we get a decent snowfall we'll be on our way on for some better trails and it usually translates into more snow up top. Will get some photos as soon as I can. Our yard is a dusting of snow on top of a skating rink. Roads are good from us through the Pass but heading west it is patchy. Cheers Gang!