Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 30/10

More Snow! Fernie Ski Hill reporting 16cm new snow over night ontop of the 11 + 25. Castle Ski Hill reporting 15 cm of new snow on top of the 30 they have gotten! We are out playing today so if you want to come stay leave a message and we'll call ya back tonight! Cheers!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 29/10

Snowed so hard last night my satellite TV wouldn't pick up any channels. We ended up with about 3 inches of new snow just down here at the Inn. It has stopped now but is still trying. Forecast is for snow for the next 4 days and with temps between 7 and -5 we'll get it. It is snowing lightly up top and a faint mist down here with intermittent snow flakes. Curt...I have fueled up the sleds and they are ready to go!


Basins and meadows and saddles will be awesome - check www.avalanche.ca/bulletins/southrockies for conditions update. This load of snow may put steep convex bowls at risk but you can still climb for all your sled is worth in Limestone and Shep and Rolling Hills will be fantastic!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 28/10

+2 and Snowing! It snowed for about an hour down here at the Inn and then changed to mist but it is snowing up top steady and was snowing in Blairmore a bit too. Visibility low above 5500ft and you can see the frost line on the mountains above us. Kids were skiing today @ Blairmore and Fernie was bussling with skiers yesterday because of the 11cm of new snow out back! Today I watched sled decks and trailers steadily heading west and south.

Bloggers special because I believe it is still worth riding (as a reference for all who are new to spring riding) is the flat rate of $130 on the doublewide trailer per night and $150 per night on the cabins - no charge for extra guys. Cheers!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 26/10

Fernie Ski Hill and area (Corbin - Notch usuallly get a bit of this) got 11cm last night and you can see the difference on the mountain as you drive to Fernie. It was +9 yesterday and today but still cool - have to have a warm jacket on and it was overcast south of us and we still have snow and ice in our yard.

You will have to drive in from staging areas to avoid short stretches of muddy or gravel trail but once you hit the snow there are no bare patches from there on. Typical and very good spring riding. We used to drive from Saskatchewan and ride until mid April on a regular basis. If you are familiar with spring riding then don't be afraid to come - snow is still in good shape - no stumps or anything.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 23/10

As you can see the staging area at Corbin is mucky but after the first 5km of thinning and kinda rough trail the trail improves to the point of being a highway the further south you go. There is a quarter mile stretch on Upper Harvey/McClatchie that is reported to be gravel but you can access these areas by riding the side to get into Shep Creek area. The photos are of the Manitoba crew in Shep Creek riding the basin. Snow was knee deep when you stepped off your sled. They said it is down 5ft at least from last year but still lots of snow and they had a blast.
The snowing photo is of last night and Shep got 3 inches new snow from the 22nd but it was snowing up top today in Rain Gauge/Limestone area and the guys guessed it would have gotten 6inches of new snow. Temps stayed below zero all day the past two days.
Plenty of snow up top and further south down the Flathead - just have to be willing to do the trails to get to it. It has been a very good run of spring riding with the bits of daily snow staying ahead of any melting and no rain to wreck it. Cheers!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 21/10

Willow trail to Elliott was full of snow and it was so good in Jerome's Bowl on Sat the boys went back again on Sunday. This is looking back at Limestone Ridge where it was snowing so much that they decided to wait to ride it again as visibility was very low. Good Times.
The Elk photo was taken on the drive to Corbin staging area - good example of why not to judge what you'll be riding above 5500ft when you are driving to the staging area - the "no snow" look discourages lots of riders unfamiliar with spring riding out here.
This morning - Monday Mar 22 - we got another inch in about 20 mins and then it quit. Forecast is to not go above -1 right to and including Thurs. Check out www.avalanche.ca/bulletins/southrockies and Know before you Go always. Cheers!

Snow Report: Mar 20/10

Beauty Days out here - Limestone with new snow and Jerome Bowl with up to 2ft of new snow in spots. Jerome Bowl is treed more heavily than Limestone but it is a blast. Cooper on the E-Tech brought out by A & E Racing from Brooks and Chris and the Gang from Manitoba in the background on that photo. We've been getting 3 inches every 24hrs over the past few days. It snows hard and then quits.
Flathead was groomed on Friday night and it is in very good condition for this time of year - still a bit washboardy on the corners but no moguls and it is icy the first quarter mile from the staging area but it improves steadily from there. Trails up into the alpine are as we'd expect - rough but worth it - those cannot be groomed conventionally.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Snow Report: March 19/10

Well we got about 3 inches of new snow in just over an hour and then it quit down here but it has stayed as the temp is -5 and forecast is to stay around the -1 today. Again we have missed out on any rain! This likely translates into 4-6 inches up top and will make for continued great spring riding.

George emailed and he is coming out to groom the Flathead one more time - temp and snow conditions are favorable to succeed at being able to do that so it will be a real treat for everyone this late in the season. Bring pocket cash for the trail fee for this last groom.

Fernie Club reports that Tunnel and Fairy Creek are now open for snowmobiling. Please respect area closures and no tresspassing signs to ensure continued snowmobiling in these areas for seasons to come!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 18/10

It is zero and snowing alot! Down here it isn't going to stick for long is my impression right now but it is after 4pm and the temp will drop. It has picked up intensity and it snowing in Fernie but not as much as here right now. Best snowfall I have seen in 6 weeks - hopefully it keeps going overnight! It is a mixture of graupel and big flakes down here.

Check avalanche reports tomorrow before you ride anywhere and take into consideration the snowfall we get tonight. We are pretty thin in this area compared to the interior. We have been able to get a bit of snow every couple of days for a little bit now and that keeps up with the warmer temperatures but this snow if it goes on all night will really add up.

Fernie Club reports 4-6 inches in Rolling Hills area and they have groomed McDermit so please if you ride that area - buy a trail pass - smooth trails this time of year are a real gift but it costs to give riders this gift. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 17/10

Happy St. Patricks Day! Its snowing! It was spitting this morning for about 30 mins and then turned to snow - big flakes. No sign of letting up as the boys from Humboldt head home and the Manitoba gang hopefully reads this before they come out!
On another note: The sign in the top photo is what you will see along the first 5km of the Flathead trail from Corbin Staging and up to just past Barnes turn up. These and flourescent stakes and some ribbon and the occassional metal gate are up to show you that there is NO ADMITTANCE or TRESSPASSING past these sign markers/indicators. There isn't a solid fence just a sign and stake and gate spaced out along the left hand (east) side of the trail. DO NOT GO PAST/ACCROSS/OVER or AROUND any of the these markers onto Mine Property or the staging area will be closed, policed by RCMP and access denied to this part of the Flathead. There are ponds beyond these beautifully rounded, snow covered, open sided banks - you are not allowed 1ft onto any of them. Just hold off ripping and side cutting, avoiding the rough spots on the trail until 5km in and then the area is all yours. Please heed this for the benefit of all snowmobilers, local or guests. Thanks gang.

Snow Report: Mar 16/10

Top photo is Heartbreak - lots of riders have been in there but there is still great spring riding to be had.
Blair, Robert and Ashley rode with us to Barnes, up Limestone to get stuck in the trees, big climbs, fast decents and jumping off the edge. We went down the backside to Fire Lake for a fire and then out onto the Flathead to Heartbreak. The Flathead is actually in fair condition. Terry and George must have groomed a little while ago because it isn't 4ft moguls - its washboards in the corners but overall it was not bad. The trails to the alpine are rough - price you pay. First 4km of Flathead is getting slushy but there is still snow covering the road all the way.
Note: check avalanche conditions at www.avalanche.ca /bulletins/south rockies before you go. Take a course to recognize risks and make informed decisions and wear beacons and carry the necessary equipment to dig out a buddy and know how to use all of the resources. Cheers!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 14/10

No new snow over the past 48hrs but the 2ft in Heartbreak Friday only set up a foot on Saturday so there is still lots of snow in there. Rain Gauge is looking a bit ominous - watch for stuff to come down.

The gang was out in Barnes and there was a foot of snow in there and Limestone Ridge was great with sleds still getting stuck climbing in the trees. They went down the backside after having some fun launching off a solid drift and out onto the Flathead at Rain Gauge.

Was warm - about +10 but we still have ice and snow in our yard. You could ride our trail but there is no snow in the ditch at the other end on the Corbin highway - save your sliders and ride as little trail as possible.

Our avalanche rating for this area is moderate @ treeline and above and low below as of today but with current events in Revy you must never underestimate nature's will. One guy on the slope at a time is good rule always out here. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to all the participants & spectators there and everyone who pitches in to make a difference. Take a course and be prepared to save a friend if not yourself.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 12/10 PM

Good News from the Alpine...there is anywhere from 6" to 2ft of new snow in different areas. Barnes is supposed to be in great shape as well as Limestone. Backside of Limestone is set up and fast and Jerome Bowl has less new snow. Rain Gauge is wind loaded a bit but has good new snow. Watch the cornices and terrain traps - supposedly they look a bit ominous so the center trees is first pick. Trails are yucky, hard, icy but per usual they get better the farther down the Flathead you go. Pipeline would maybe be worth a look right now while the new stuff is on it - no guarantees but if you can get off it into the trees I bet it would be good.

Our riders met up with some guys riding in from Fernie side and they said Morrisey & Harvey is good.

Check the avalanche report at www.avalanche.ca to see what changes have occured with the new conditions here and take a look around before throttling up.

Down here at the Inn - it got to +4 and the new stuff set up, iced up and melted so don't be deterred by what you see below 5000 ft. Still NO RAIN. I was in Calgary today and it was +14. You come into the Pass and its like a line drawn - snow on one side. Cheers!

Snow Report: Mar 12/10

More Snow and big flakes. Click on these photos and you'll see the type of snow that is falling. Much better flakes than we have seen so far. We have an inch and a half of new snow and it is +1 but still cool. If this keeps up we could see a foot of new snow up top within 24hrs or so. Just a guess.
Report from Roger and Rob is that the trails are crap....no surprise there - they are hard as rock and washboard from no new snow and warm temps and lots of riders who know this is good spring riding. Suck it up as it is just your commute to the alpine gang - shut your mind off and go. They said Jerome Bowl and backside of Limestone was great for climbing and they are on snowbikes so in this type of snow it takes some skill to keep it together. 6 inches of new snow would be ideal for them and I think they are gonna get it! It is not letting up at all. Keep snow dancing!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 11/10 PM

It is +1 but cool out and it started snowing about 30 mins ago (7pm) - you can see visibility up top would be sacraficed a bit for SNOW! Now this is not the 3ft big pow but it will likely accumulate a few inches or so up top. Hey - it hasn't rained and it isn't melting so any additional snow is a bonus to regular very good spring riding.

Roger and Rob from Gray, SK didn't waste anytime dropping off their gear and a blown trailer tire to whip around to Corbin to stage and get in a few afternoon hours of riding so I will have a current conditions report off them tomorrow morning. They know the area really well and have ridden it during every stage of the season on a regular basis out here.

Just to let you guys know - it is picking up snowing noteably every 10 mins after this photo! Cheers!

Snow Report: Mar 11/10

Lightly snowing right now down here at the Inn and more up top to the west and south. -1 for temp. Did not snow yesterday but was between -2 and -5 all day so no melting and no rain. March is in like a lamb so ...... lets hope the lion is more snow. Reports of 4 inches of snow fell the last 48hrs or so up at the mine at Michel Creek. Remember - this is spring riding - no powder but traction galore! Cheers.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 9/10

Still snowing up top more than down here - we have a bit more than a dusting but it is still snowing steadily this morning. Yahoo!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 8/10

SNOW! Yep we are going to get that 5-10cm. It is even snowing steadily down here. It has been snowing up top on and off all day and then at 5pm the storm hit Pincher Creek and driving home in it was limited visibility. We weren't getting much snow down in the Pass or at our house but not anymore. The temp is supposed to be between -5 & -2 and we are supposed to get more snow over the next couple of days. The best part is that we at the Inn did not have any rain. There was a very small scattered bit of it in the Pass but it was mixed with efforts to be snowflakes instead of mist.

It is spring riding right now - set up and able to let you climb to the Gods. This bit of new snow will be just what we need to put some smoke on top of it. Reports from the Brooks gang that rode this weekend was that it was really good spring conditions without stumps or rocks in the Corbin area. Keep doing the Snow Dance! Cheers!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 7/10

Cooper moved a bunch of stuff with the Bombi - he is getting pretty good at it. Other shot is of the back gate - still a good thickness of snow on the trails and it gets thicker as you head up. Alpine riding is great spring conditions. We are supposed to get snow three days at the end of the week. It did that last year too. Cheers!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 5/10

No new snow but our yard refuses to show dirt. You can still ride the trail although I suggest trailering to staging areas as you would do anywhere else.

I am sending out the 3rd Extreme Avalanche warning issued and expanded but NOT INCLUDING OUR AREAS. If you are heading farther into BC interior then take note of the avalanche report and read this new SPAW at www.avalanche.ca

Do the Snow Dance - last year we had an excellent April from great snowfalls at the end of March. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snow Report: Mar 3/10

Hi - no new snow and no rain. Our yard is still all snow and ice and you can ride the trail but trailering to staging areas would be easier on your body - it is spring riding conditions and Corbin is still great riding.

Here is a note from the Fernie Club - please be mindful of all areas that are restricted or we will lose them. Cheers

"Fernie Snow Drags cancelled due to lack of snow in town. Riding up in the alpine is still excellent and trails are in good shape. Please respect the closed areas @ Tunnel Creek & Thunder Meadows: We have has snowmobilers accessing these areas before the scheduled opening March 15th. If we cannot keep snowmobilers out until the restricted areas are open we will lose total access to these areas." Also noted was that the Griz Days Winter celebration is on this weekend in Fernie Mar 6 & 7 and Sparwood Mountaineers Snowrama is Mar 14th.