Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quad Report: May 24/12 - 2cm of slushy snow

Well we knew it would drop to 4 degrees but we expected more rain than snow. Nope. Snow and 2 degrees. It is chilly out - no wind down here but in the wind it would be not very nice. Supposed to warm up Sat and Sun to the teens and be sunny with cloud and then Sunny on Monday. Just thought I would give you a glimpse at the local weather. Moisture is good though - we needed this. Cheers -V

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quad Report: May 22nd/2012 - light showers

Hi Gang, Fireban is off in Alberta - May long weekend was very nice weather as opposed to the hail, snow and bit of rain we got on Thursday but we needed that moisture. It is spitting right now and is supposed to keep that up for the week until the weekend. Forecast is for 1mm daily with 5 mm mid week. Trevor I am thinking you saw that forecast. Hold off - Pincher supposed to be the same. This is great to quell the dust and its not cold - just right for a spring shower actually but if you were spontaneously going to come out and ride and can hold off a couple of days then I would unless you are prepared for getting wet. Again if you are looking for a July weekend to ride then we have 19th through to the 26th open due to cancellation of the Thunder in the Valley. Can't believe someone hasn't snapped it up after all the requests for July we had. Remember to check out for Crowsnest Pass area maps. Cheers - V!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quad Report: May 16/12 July weekend now open

Hi, Just to remind everyone that we now have all three cabins open July 18th to 26th with a cancellation on what was formerly Thunder in the Valley weekend. Since the event is cancelled our guests wanted to book a different weekend. It is dusty on the trails until 5500-6000ft where our the guys are still hitting snow. Plenty of riding below that. Creeks are still down but they come up in June usually. I was asked if we book hunters. We do. We have our regulars that come and we try to space out bookings help our hunters have an edge. Was 23 above today. Looks like we are going to have a warm summer. Watch for Fire bans in the AB/BC areas and please respect them. Fire bans are not forest closures - you can still enjoy the backcountry just roast your weiners on the bbq at home. Cheers - V

Monday, May 7, 2012

Snow Report: May 7/12: Sled & Quad

The Leipert crew were here and they brought sleds and quads and used them both. The guys said they had to drive in about 4 miles on the pipeline (a tree was down so they road a bit of gravel but not much) and went to the notch where on Sat it was snowing so much they couldn't see much. Hero snow and it is really set up in the morning so scratchers are a good idea. They had a blast. They had to build some access down the banks to get across creeks but managed. The creeks were not too high. They took their quads up Trail of 7 Bridges and all around on a night ride one evening. Did some winching through snow but said there were lots of trails under 6000 that they had no problems with. We have July 20th weekend open now as Thunder in the Valley is not going to happen this year. No fireworks. So our guests that come for that have decided to cancel. All three cabins are open and we have a couple of days on either side of that if you want a longer stay. Happy Spring! Cheers -V