Monday, August 5, 2013

Aug 5/13 - Fines handed out for Highway driving

Morning, thought I would let you know also that on the BC side, some quadders were given $82 fines for driving on the highway between the Tin Shack/Leach/Pipeline access and Tent Moutain Pass/B road. As we understand it, if you take the ditch like we advise and then go up and around the river and back into the ditch then you likely won't get fined but if you take the highway the whole way then you are going to get a ticket. Things are clamping down out there since I heard about an extremely large group (not from our resort or with the Quad Squad) messing up a stream by Coal Leach Road. On a lighter note: Rhonda and Matt Downs and their family Tyler & friend Ola and Tristen and another friend Megan came riding with us on Saturday and then took our two kids out riding yesterday. It was a perfect opportunity for our 12yr old Sommer to get her first backcountry day trip in under her belt on her dirtbike. Who better to learn how to ride with than Rhonda and Matt from The Betties. She came back super pumped! We have fog this morning and cool temps. I haven't had any reports of too much dust as we have LOTS of water on the trails. Its supposed to rain here and then stable temps again. Pour over your quad maps before coming and be prepared to obey the closures. Not all backcountry users appreciate motorized riders and not all motorized riders are respectful of other motorized riders. Be respectful and you should have a good vacation...this year and years to come. Happy trails - V

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aug 4/13 - Fines handed out at Deadman's Pass

Howdy! We ran into some quadders and they were out over Deadman's and reported that they met up with some other riders that got fined and warnings because they were riding the route that is posted as Not a Legal route. The quadders we were speaking to said they took the correct route and had no issues so a warning to all that you must observe the posted signs there. They are trying to prevent erosion so please take the correct trail. It was a $230 or $280 fine per vehicle. We were down the Flathead and OH MY has it eroded! We were discussing the grooming plan for winter and it won't be far down the trail. Turning around at the point where it becomes impassable would be very difficult so that limits the distance also. The Corbin parking lot is now divided in half with Teck employees using part of it now so please cooperate and park on the correct side. The bridge that is about 2km past Rain Gauge down the Flathead is sketchy and that part of the trail is tremendously rocky. We made it to McClatchie turn off and the bridge is gone there. The bank is very high but there is a work around with steep bank climb up the other side. Dirtbikes will find the deep rushing water very challenging to cross. Its all new out there again. Bring a rope, slime for tires and and an air pump for sure! Cheers - V