Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oct 31/12 - Happy Freezing Rain Halloween

Just a quick note for anyone travelling....freezing rain! I have a thick layer of ice all over the truck and the ground and it is freezing rain still. Looks like our buses and schools may be cancelled today. Driving on highway isn't advised but...tomorrow and the rest of the week will be around +10. Be watching for this icy layer to be discussed in the beginning avy reports for South Rockies at Happy Halloween - be safe! V

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oct 30th/12 - Big Melt

Good Morning. Curt and Cooper headed down to Corbin Saturday and were getting stuck in some spots with the tires still on the commander. Said there was 2ft back there in places. has been warming up - big Chinook this morning. Warm breeze and it was raining yesterday all day - spitting to actual rain and 8 above. Supposed to be like that and warming up all week to the plus 11 mark. Except Wed where it is supposed to be zero and snowing in the Pass but not Sparwood. Snow is gone from down here - mucky mess. Good week to work on your sleds for when the snow does come again! I will let you know whe it does. Cheers -V

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oct 27, 2012 : Snow Report - Dusting

Hi - well we have had a dusting for the past couple of days with flurries forecast for today and this evening. Then the temps are to rise to +12 and +11 so not sure how much of the snow we will keep. Right now if you really had to get out on the trails here you could with a sled but it would be a cautious ride not really a rip. Roads are poor to Lethbridge from here as Boone and Granny are reporting on their way back to Sask this morning. Terry, George and Archie are at Corbin this weekend working on the snowcat to be ready for the first groom when more snow falls. Make sure and budget for your trail pass. Fernie's new warm up club cabin is amazing! Well done you guys. It takes a lot of volunteerism, individual donations and fundraising to provide the infrastructure for an excellent trail system. Please support the efforts. Cheers -V

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct 24, 2012 - Snow Report

We got another 6 inches of snow yesterday. Truck shot is the morning and then we had to drive (60km/hr was the best we could do) to Pincher - shot of snow in Pincher. We have had 2 feet of snow over the past three days. Just a dusting last night and we lost a bit during the day in the middle but the snowblower is now on the tractor and the tracks are going on the side by side. The newest cabin is finished! Curt took a nice photo of it - you can see the middle cabin peaking out in the background too. We are starting the new website design and look for updated photos. Its supposed to warm up but we will keep a portion of this up top. The mornings and evenings are cold. I will report any changes but its supposed to warm up a little bit. Check out the sled show dates for Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon! Cheers -V

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quad or Snow Report! Oct 20/12 In with a Bang snowed, is snowing and will continue to snow til Wed per the weather report. We just got a ton of rain the past 24hrs and then today per my driving photo it changed to snow and then just now it let up for a bit but its supposed to snow more. Good for hunting....will make quadding a bit cold but not impossible at this stage. My recommend is to hold onto your vacation days now for sledding. Hardcore quadders continue on but for the guys that like the change of season...its the call of the wild for sled season. Now it will be a while til you can ride the trail and break in that new engine and bit longer til you can ride off trail but don't worry we'll keep you informed. Start checking out your avy training dates at Zacs Tracs. Cheers -V

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quad Report: New Arrivals & Renovations

CONGRATULATIONS to Roger and Dez on the arrival of RYDER FOX Sept 13th 6lbs 15oz! Roger and Dez are longtime guests and got married here at the cabins. They got married really early in the morning so they could still get a full day in of sledding so you can imagine the life Ryder is going to live! Roger even build a huge motocross track in their yard and rides snowbikes and sleds. Ryder's Mommy Dez is a mountain sledder too. Congrats you guys he is adorable and has a "loving life" smile already! We have some new stuff happening here at the SUMMIT CREEK CABINS too! Gable ends on the newest cabin THE FLATHEAD are being finished and a new floor will be installed in the middle cabin THE DIVIDE to complete it and the kitchen upgrade in the log cabin will be done today! We installed a 42" Plasma in the log cabin too!!! Sleeping arrangements have changed so now there is only one of the double bunk beds left and it is still downstairs in the same room as the kitchen but you won't believe the kitchen....and the two queens are upstairs in the loft but now there is a double bed and a single bed up there too - not in a bunkbeds though. You can put the snoring guy downstairs LOL. We are not going to replace the hot tub at this time though. Look for our new ad in the newest issue of Snoriders West. Check out Zacs Tracs as they have set up new training dates for avalanche safety. Its still quadding weather out here. Cool in the mornings and evenings but we aren't getting that Calgary weather that has been happening. Our roads have been dry and the afternoons have been T-shirt weather. Oh we are thinking of doing up new shirts so be on the look out for them! Cheers -V

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quad Report: Oct 6/12 - Building Bridges

Great day - the Corbin guys were out building new and fixing access to two bridges on the Barnes trail. The little one further up is new and 6 inches wider. It was a lot of fun and there were 7 side by sides, a quad and a dirtbike out with the crew. Cooper and Cale were ahead of Sommer and I on the trail waiting for us and got howled over by a wolf and there was some BIG bear tracks and scat fresh on the trail. Lots of grouse - one was a tasty treat over the fire. Still some snow all day in places and it was zero coming home tonight on the machines. Still wonderful ride if you are dressed for it. Hunting improving with this cooler weather but its supposed to go back up to plus 11 to 18 all next week. Pontiex crew put on lots of miles quadding and we look forward to having them back! We won Platnium award again this year for Favourite Hotel/Motel in Alberta as voted by riders in Snoriders West magazine! Thank you gang! Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving - V

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oct 2/12 : SNOW

It has been beautiful weather right up until yesterday around 2pm. We went from warm breeze and hot afternoons to instant sleet and snow - it was snowing steady last night. Still a dusting of it on the vehicles this morning but that is all supposed to go away and we are to get to plus 16-18 through the weekend. Hunters will be happy that it has cooled off. You can get some more quadding in but I think after Thanksgiving a warm day will be more rare. Dust off the sled and start watching the weather blog more often! Cheers -V