Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 30/11

Well I would love to tell you we got dumped on as Hwy 22 was closed today but....we didn't. We only got a dusting of snow down here and it is very lightly snowing. Likely got more up top but it wasn't the 4 inches we were expecting.

Terry is coming tomorrow so maybe we'll be able to get a report from him. Watch the avy reports - the talk is the Oct icy later. Watch for slabs and with wind watch for lee and crosswind loaded areas. Curt would love to get out but the cabin is requiring all of his attention and there isn't enough snow falling right now to entice him away from finishing the cabin.

Hopefully I will have some good news on snowfalls soon. Cheers -V

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 27/11

Well it was +5 this afternoon around 5pm. Raining again mixed with a bit of snow. Its icy/slushy and the fresh stuff got heeeaaavvvyyyy again down here but up above 5500 its snowing. All day. Checkin out the trail the trucks are on it still hunting so it makes it rough but they can only get so high and then it was 18 inches total pack with 6 inches fresh - likely more down the Flathead but didn't go that far. Cooper here playing on the road up to Tent Mtn. Enough to go LOL. Temps to drop to zero again with more snow forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday. Looks like it will try again near the end of the week too. Dec is usually colder especially over Christmas so I hope the temps will start to drop enough to give us a good bunch of snow and no more rain before Dec 25th. Keep up with the avy reports gang! Cheers -V

Friday, November 25, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 25/11 Yahooooo

Well I have good news and I have excellent news. It snowed overnight and then snowed again hard down here and is still snowing up top. We got about 6" of new snow down here - Curt's been blowing all day. Rhonda and Matt with "THE BETTIES" from the Betties Power Sports Network from our place today and the trail (photos just above) was really good - pictures speak for themselves. They then went up the Flathead to Rain Gauge. The Flathead was a bit bumpy but there was a foot or better of new snow on the edges and the trail itself was based up with fresh snow on top. Been snowing on the guys up top all day.

Rain Gauge has over 4ft of snow total and likely 1.5ft or better is new snow. First and Third photo is the trail in. Look at the edges to gauge it. The creek is covered over and there is more snow further back in. Still a bit bottomless as Rhonda stepped off and was up to her waist or better and wiggling her toes not finding the bottom.

Hopefully we do not get the +7 temps but I think the alpine is a go. Just check the avy report first and ride conservative terrain as it is high and considerable for Lizard and the Divide ranges and that was yesterday's report. More snow is forecasted.

Check out "The Betties" at where you can view video and even purchase sled videos. We are going to have some here for sale. So rev 'em up Gang we're good to go! Cheers -V

Snow Report: Nov 25/11 - Snowing again

Well it is snowing again and its nice dry fluffy stuff. It is snowing right now although this shot doesn't show it. But....the temps are supposed to go to +7 on Sunday - what the h.....! Then it will go back to hover around the the zero to -2 mark and we'll get snow from that. So its just going to keep us waiting a bit longer. Base is building. Cheers -V

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow Report: No 23/11 or should I say Rain Report

Hi - was having a few calls and emails and as I was telling Kirby in Lang, SK.....hold off! Those dots are not snow - those are rain droplets. Hard to tell in the evening shot like this but you can see our steps are bare and the road is slush. It has been raining for 2 days here and temps were +4 at 7am and still tonight. Supposed to go to +9. It is snowing a bit up top but getting there would likely cost you a few parts or you'd run the risk of overheating. Just save your vacation days and dollars til it will don't worry. If you do go out somewhere please please please read the avalanche reports. Slides would be short but heavy and this weather is creating dangerous conditions. Our new cabin may not be ready til later in Jan. Just trying to do everything skookum so it is right for years and years to come. This just gives you time to buff your tunnel and brush up on beacon skills - no worries. Cheers -V

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 22 - Rain bah

Well.....I was going to report on the 3 inches of new slightly damp snow we had this morning when I walked out the door at 7am but.....I got home at 5pm and more current would be to report the rain.

Above is Terry and Bob who rode over on our trail from Corbin and reported a foot or better of snow on our trail - I can confirm that from my snowshoe on Sunday. The other photos are of Curt pushing some snow and the newest cabin that replaces the doublewide trailer. Boone, Big D and Ron have been working tirelessly on it and it will be ready for rent after the 9th of Jan 2012. It has a queen bedroom and two other bedrooms each with a double bunkbed in them as well as a full kitchen open to the living room.

So okay the snow. You can ride it but its not worth travelling for and we called our guests that were coming the first weekend in Dec to tell them it likely won't be worth it. We are supposed to get rain all day tomorrow and then it only will get to -1 mid next week and then back up to +5! Jeesh - hard to snow at +5. It can be snowing up top with the lower temps and raining down here but I am going to look at it as +5 will just be settling that base for better snow to come.

Also - be very very wary of avalanche right now. Check out for the updates. This wet snow and loading with dumps on top and then temp swings set up heavy slides. If you are breaking in a sled on the trail you will likely want to watch your temp gauge and sliders.

Well that is the latest. Hope everyone is ready for a great season! Cheers -V

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 17/11 Snowin'

Here's what is going on this morning at our place. Got about an inch and a half last night with a little grauple falling on top of it after it blew a little bit. Yehaw! Cheers -V

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 15/11

Hi - today we got a little dusting of snow even though it got really dark around 2:30pm and looked more promising than that. Temps are cool. Below is a bit of a list of Zac's Tracs schedule for Avalanche classes. There is also a new ap out for bulletins ready to go on your smart phone. We are getting bookings for mid January now. Cheers - V

Nov 17 - 20 - Fort McMurray - full variety of courses

Nov 20 - Grassland - Patterns to Prevention
Nov 25-26 - Calgary - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Nov 27 - Red Deer - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 1 - Yorkton - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 2-3 - Regina - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 4 - Saskatoon - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 5 - Saskatoon - AST 1.5 Classroom Session
Dec 7 - Lloydminster - Patterns to Prevention Workshop
Dec 9-10 - Camrose - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 11 - Edmonton - AST1 Class & Indoor Rescue Workshop
Dec 12 - Edmonton - AST1.5 Classroom Session
Dec 16-18 - Valemount - AST1 Class & Field

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 13 - Corbin photos

Made a trip to Shepherd's at Corbin and took some photos of the staging area. Sledders at Corbin and snow in Rain Gauge but stick to the trail. First photo is of where our A road trail/McCool Pass comes out at the Corbin hwy near the Flathead. Second is of where our B road trail comes out at the Corbin hwy close to the Pipeline. Third photo is of the Tin Shack start of the Pipeline. Last two are of the Corbin/Flathead staging area and some of the sledders in the staging area parking lot. There is enough snow in the ditch to ride from A road intersection to Corbin staging area - go slow though LOL.

Teck has put up fencing to prevent trespassing that first 5km in on the east side of the trail. They do a great job at supporting snowmobiling and we ask that you respect the active mining areas and DO NOT TRESPASS. Was in Fernie again today and it was snowing up top and a little bit down in town. Lightly snowing still here at our place today. Alexander looks a bit thin still but the road at the gun range has snow on it. Guys are working on the cabin trying to have it ready - will be booking it into January. Cheers! V

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 12/11 - Still Snowing

Hi, we went to Fernie Ski Swap & the Gear Hub (they will be renting sleds this winter! open 8-8 everyday) today and it was snowing all day there as well as here. Supposed to get another 5cm overnight but I think it will be more. We have a good 8 inches now and Curt was out blowing snow. This will be the start of a very good base. Highways are good just drive slower and save someone elses life if not your own. Will try to get out and get photos of Corbin staging area tomorrow. Still snowing tonight lightly. Cheers -V

Friday, November 11, 2011

SNOW report: Nov 11/11

11/11/11 and Remembrance Day and SNOW!

We have about 5 inches of snow. Heard that the #1 has closures and that #22 is really bad. #3 still pretty good and plow trucks are out. Here it is! Will make a really nice base. Its +2 and no end in sight. Cheers and Thank a Vet that we have the freedom to enjoy this! Verlee

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow Report: Nov 6/11

Hi Gang,
Well we lost the snow we had from my last post but we have a skiff that fell on Friday and it is still here. Only a dusting though. Temps indicate that the snow we get from here on will stay though. Horses have all puffed out with winter hair. Get your vacation plans going, your avalanche course lined up and start checking your gear. Good idea to PULL YOUR CORD on your avy inflatable back pack at least once to know it works, feel what it takes and to have a refill inspection.

Cabin has been a lot of work for our family and it will be worth it. They are back at it again this week after a few days off to run home to Sask and vote.

Our Christmas and New Years and first week of Jan 2012 is already booked up. Looking forward to sending you big snow photos!
Cheers - V