Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29/13 - New Restricted area - Wheeler Creek

Hey Gang - just got an email from Corbin Country Club from Teck regarding a newly restricted area. The pipeline is open but adjacent to Coal Leach Road is a newly restricted area to protect Teck workers during their new mine exploration. Wheeler Creek winds in and out and back into this area and Wheeler Creek road is pretty well completely in the restricted area. There is an electronic map available at and you can call 250-433-1614 for further info if you are planning to ride near there. Please respect this boundary. Teck supports ATVs and Snowmobiling and sponsors a lot of Avalanche awareness courses. Lets all work together! Cheers - V

July 29/13 - Neil and Al trek through on Horseback!

Well I got a very pleasant surprise this afternoon! Al and Neil had called us after speaking with Joe the BC Conservation Officer about their trip from around Longview to Rooseville. They would be passing through and hoped to get some trail info. We assumed by quad! They were delightful and left me feeling energized by their adventurous spirit. They are on our trail today hoping to make it to Corbin staging area. They are headed down the Flathead to McClatchie then Lodgepole and eventually to Rooseville - I assume they will pass by Silver Springs Lake at Elko. So please watch out for them and the horses and give them a wave. It is overcast today with a bit of spitting rain only on and off so travelling is good. If their wives see this then I just want you to know they are in good shape for food and oats. Wish them the best - proof that the West lives on! Cheers - V

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23/13 - HOT HOT HOT

Man is it hot during the day here! Nights are cooling down which is great. Rod and Jay are helping Cooper and Curt put a light kit on his bike and they said Trail of 7 Bridges is soooo technical now after the point where you could get off and walk up to the caves. They loved it but said they had the shakes at some points. These are photos taken by Terry and George down at Corbin. The Flathead took a beating! The road to Corbin was actually washed out for a week before they got the mine buses going through. The bridge just installed in the fall to go to Barnes is now downstream. You are going to be having some new challenges when you go out. Don't be afraid to turn around if you get to a tough point and you have inexperienced riders with you. Pick and choose as you go now. B road is fine all the way to the Corbin highway but the B road cut off has a 5 foot drop in it at the culvert. I took the photo of Curt & Sommer at the Elko track on Friday. We had a blast but were worn out from heat by days end and Cooper had a pretty good wipe out - that didn't stop him though. We met up with Roe and Luc from Sask. Roe is associated with the Nipawin BRP dealership. They were great and Cooper rode with them all afternoon. Curt and Sommer rode to Silver Springs Lake to watch cliff diving and then went for a dip in the creek before riding the side by side back to our "camp". That would be a cool long but refreshing ride from our place. We'll have to scout it out more. Curt has done it once coming to our place from Cranbrook by quad with the crew out there. Anyway....just thought I would share some photos of the flood results. Hint....bring an air pump & slime cause tires are taking a beating! Cheers - V

Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20/13 - Availability

Hi Gang. We got a shower last night but its scorching hot again today - running in the mid twenties. Our groups are reporting that there are alot of changes to the trails that head up into different areas due to the flooding. Its a new adventure out there! We have had a cancellation for August 1-6th in the Flathead cabin and I know I had had lots of calls on it and if you hadn't booked somewhere else then jump on this availability! Highways have been quieter this summer than normal so weekend driving isn't as bad as you might have experienced it in previous years. Just something I have noticed. I am having groups book already for next year so if you already have your dates and were considering our area...its not too soon to book. Just please read the cancellation policy and the no pet policy. We off to the Elko track today and will post photos/video on the blog and facebook. Cheers - V

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14/13 - Reports from Riders

Hi Gang - sorry its been so long but we have been busy off the property. Racehorse Pass is now passable. Snow has receded but the one slope is pretty sketchy going up or down. We have been told that the Trail of Seven Bridges is now a new ride. The water has carved out about 4-5 drop offs of a couple feet and the riders told us that they were holding the back of the quads and "lowering" them down in places. They only went up to the bottom of the trail where you hike up the cut line to the caves or go down to the left and continue on quad. The old trail is visible here and there. It is getting a bit dusty and a little night rain would be good. We have the Divide cabin open this coming weekend and almost all of next week. Weather has been hot during the days and cooler in the evening so sleeping is great! Happy Trails! V