Saturday, August 14, 2010

Roughrider Quading: Aug 14/10

Rob and his crew from Gray & Regina, SK show their Rider pride with the cold air inflatable and note the muddy flag on the back of the razor from the day before. It rained yesterday on and off and last night and today is beautiful and warming up steadily! Trails a bit greasy but fun - Crystal got her first taste of mountain dirt biking and is hooked! They are headed up Alexander over Racehorse and onto the 7 Sisters trail today - big ride but they are hardcore frequent flyers here. Cheers!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Quad Report: Aug 7/10

We have been getting a bit of short gentle rains in the evenings and sometimes in the early morning then warm and humid during the day -perfect for the trails and keeping the dust down. Trails are quiet - the July rush of traffic has subsided and now is a perfect time to ride.

BC has an open fire ban - not to be confused with forest closure - just don't start an open fire in the forest. These rains are great for keeping things moist and are always welcome.

Clayton and Curtis have been fishing up a storm! They have been catching alot too but I haven't gotten the photos off Curt's phone - sorry - I have seen the photos and they are real! LOL We are booking Sept and Oct. The Log Cabin is getting the love it needed and getting sikkened (treated and sealed) here in a week.

Sled shows are announced: Alberta Sled Show in Edmonton is Oct 22-24th, Saskatchewan Sled Show is in Saskatoon Nov 5-7th and Rocky Mountain Sled Show in Calgary is Nov 12-13th.

I am going to sell off a bunch of restaurant chairs (many recovered) so if you are interested just drop me a line. Cheers! V

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quad Report: Aug 1/10

Miranda and Dean, avid ATV'ers, stopped by checking the trails out behind us. We loaded them up with maps, CNP Quad Squad raffle tickets and the cheat notes we give our guests and they will be out riding for another week - sorry just had to get a dig in on their friends that had to go home to work already LOL. If you want to hear about some of their finds go to Snow and Mud and they'll share I am sure. A good down pour last night with a bit of hail cut the dust on the trails and the weather has been good outside of that. Good people, good riding! Cheers!