Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 29/10

Snowing again today and -2 - likely another 3 inches down here and alot more up top. The Elk are even down just above the highway at the shack across from the house. Grooming at the Flathead and they now have the Fernie maps available for purchase there too. I think all the close spots have seen a fair amount of action over the holidays so don't be afraid to head further down the trail - try out Shepp Creek area maybe. Think I will be blowing snow out of the yard either tonight or tomorrow morning. Drove to Fernie today and highway was really good. Clayton reported on his way home to Arizona that at Idaho Falls ID last night they got almost 2ft of snow and they were driving 30mph and cars were in ditches everywhere - good system to be benefiting from here. Cheers - V

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 28/10

Another 4 inches of snow down here easy today - continued to snow for the morning at -1 temps. Just a quick update - likely will ride tomorrow to Corbin and get an update but won't be headed up into the bowls so my info will come from those who have been out over the next few days. Our trail is in fantastic shape with all this snow added to the groomed base. Watch for avalanche signs with all this new snow loading. Cheers! & Bye Clayton - miss you already!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 27/10

Hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a safe and Happy New Year!

Our trail was groomed Dec 23rd and has held up really well. George just stopped in and he is going to Corbin and will groom the Flathead once or twice in the next few days. The collection from the other weekend is making that possible - thank you to all who anti up!

We are at -1 and it snowed a bit of graupel yesterday afternoon then about 3 inches of big flakes down here overnight - likely more in the alpine. Bit hazy up there today. Supposed to start cooling off - good for grooming. Avalanche report for Corbin & Fernie area is coming down to moderate in alpine - go to and south rockies for the full report. Heard Barnes was tracked out a bit but Limestone still fresher. Rolling Hills has likely seen a fair amount of action also with Morrisey being shut off as an access for Teck's active logging but I have not had a report on that to confirm it.

Up Coming Events: SLED HEAD THINK TANK - Watch a slideshow, hear from avalanche survivor Jeremy Hanke, Listen to helicopter pilot on heli evacuation of stuck sleds, participate in open forum on values based safety, backcountry snowmobiling in the media. $15 per advance ticket 250-425-8217 or $20 at the door. FERNIE: Jan 7th Park Place Lodge 6pm, SPARWOOD: Jan 8th Causway Bay Emerald Room 6pm, ELKFORD: Jan 14 Elkford Motor Inn Meeting Room 6pm and BLAIRMORE: Jan 15th Lions Pride Hall @6pm. They will also have the newest trends in safety gear with great prizes! Cheers! V

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 21/10

Cooper out enjoying Barnes and Limestone with his Dad today. Was about -5 no wind at all and about 6-8 inches of fresh snow. Some spots had more snow than that - new that is. Coop said he still felt a couple of stumps but only two all day and that was in a tracked out spot (had his sled ghost ride on him when he got bucked off after thumping a stump - no carnage). Not bad for 12 eh? Barnes creeks were open so watch but it was still fun and the way in is no problem. Drainage to Limestone was easy to find. Flathead was groomed yesterday. Temps to remain in the -1 to -8 range with snow in the forecast the end of this week. We booked the new cabin so we no longer have it available from the 27th to 1st as we had a couple of days ago. Mark Andrews and his grandsons were out rippin it up and had a blast - said Tent area was deep. Cheers - V.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 19/10

Chilly! -19 today & lightly snowing but....Tues -Sun is supposed to be -1 to -4 with flurries and snow on and off all week. Terry is down in Corbin so the Flathead will be groomed shortly. We have been getting 1 to 2 inches of snow daily down here over the past few days and more up top. Rolling Hills is getting ridden, reports of less snow at the Notch but Rain Gauge area is very good. Pipeline is a bit rough but the trails are still in really good condition with depth of snow - a bit rough from being ridden. This week will improve that. Cheers! V

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 18/10

Yesterday was clear and -18 warming up to -13 but the guys had a great time riding the pipeline from the B road. Said there were 8-10 inches of snow but the hill was a bit icy underneath that. They loved it though.

Today is warmer but blowing a bit but it is Snowing! -10 and snowing down here - small flakes and snowing up top heavier though. We got about another 1inch or so down here overnight.

We have the 27th of Dec to the 2nd of Jan now open in the New Cabin! Hurry and book it. I will be in and out all day so leave a message! Cheers!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 15/10

Went for a quick trail ride out to Rain Gauge and back and our trail and the Flathead are in great shape. Snow got lighter and dryer and deeper the further south you went. Fire Lake had been ridden that weekend was now filled in again and I broke trail up to it.

Barry Forge gang went up into Rain Gauge and had their hands full with snow - got stuck lots of times and it was snowing up top more than down on the trail. Clayton reports that it snowed all night up at the Elk Valley mine. -2 and snowing lightly down here on and off. We got an inch more over night down here and I am guessing another 5-6 up top for sure. The south side of Rain Gauge has come down so watch for more instabilites in those areas still clinging to the slope. Cheers - V

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 14/10

I took this photo 20 mins ago and now the snow is falling hard here - you can see it coming down the valley. South Rockies avalanche report is High in Fernie area in the alpine and Considerable on the Crowsnest Elk Valley area - big storm is forecasted to bring in 10-30cm on both sides of the Divide today and tomorrow. We had 1 inch this morning and are accumulating fast on that. Clayton said it snowed from about 2:45am on up top at the mine. No worries about scratchers now. Temp is +2 and I am hoping that the Forge gang here from SK has a great day riding. Corbin has been groomed this weekend. Wow - I just looked out the window again and it is even snowing heavier now! Wahoo! V

Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 13/10

+4 and was spitting a bit this morning - this will be our base and you will need to pay attention to the avalanche reports as Clayton said that up top at the Elk Valley mine it rained for 3 hrs after snowing most of the night. We are supposed to get mixed precipitation (rain/snow) today, then temps are dropping gradually over the next few days to -10 with more snow forecasted for the end of the week.

Bring scratchers. Snow will be heavy in mid altitudes and a bit icy down lower. School was cancelled today not because of highway - it is in really good shape but because of all the hilly roads into the acreages. Hope that has painted an accurate picture for you. Cheers - V

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 12/10

Hey Gang - just a quick note - it is snowing here. Blew out the yard yesterday and will likely be on it again later today. 6 inches of new snow in past 24hrs at least - more on the trail as you head up. +2 and snowing here and up top and drizzling rain at Crowsnest Lake and lower into Blairmore etc. Roads will likely be a bit sketchy tonight but right now they are fine -just slow down and your good.

Clayton reports from the mine today that it is snowing like crazy up top there so the alpine is getting a great shot. Happy Birthday Clayton!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 10/10

We had 6 inches of new snow yesterday and overnight. The previous snow was given a shot of warmer temps and firmed up a bit with all the new snow on top later - very good. Fernie got 19cm and Castle got 18cm and Corbin is in the middle of that. Trails are in great early season shape. Cold tonight at -12 but more snow is forecasted. Start checking the website for the areas you plan to ride - we are the South Rockies. Here's Curt and his Dad Boone catching up in the bombi to the kids and I out to get a Christmas tree out behind our place at around 4600ft - the snow increases fast as you go up from there. Cheers -V

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 9th/10

Been snowing all day lightly @+2 but now it is turning it on - think we'll get that 5-10cm tonight. Greg Hertz from Medicine Hat Harley Davidson updated me on his ride a few days ago. They said Barnes and Elliot were good but they were enjoying breaking into Heartbreak. On the way up they could still feel the lack of base, occassional stump but the farther and higher they went back into it the better it got - Thanks Greg! This weekend should be good. Highway was great today but it may degrade as the night goes on - just take it easy. Kids are off to ski the first night open at the local Pass Powder Keg ski hill and then we are all going for a midnight sled ride- Cheers!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 8/10: Morrissey Trailhead

Snowing big flakes! Curt just got back from the Pass and it is raining there a bit and it is snowing up top all over. No rain here - it is zero though and is supposed to flurry and snow for days. They were calling for 5-10cm today. Picture doesn't do it justice. Curt's bday today - birthday wish came true.

Message from Fernie Snowmobile Club: "Please note that TEMBEC is using & plowing the Morrissey Rd all the way to the pipeline. At this time TEMBEC is denying us access from the Morrissey Trailhead for this year (including weekends). Please contact TEMBEC: Ken Sterloff @ 250-529-7211 ext 225 or Steve Drader@ 250-529-7211 ext 226 for comments or questions on the closure."

"Our regular trailheads at Coal Creek, Hartley Lake Road and the Lodgepole/Ram will of course be open. We are working on a program to groom an alternate route to the Wranglers Cabin. We will be grooming up to the Coal Creek Summit in the meantime."

It is important to support all the clubs grooming activities - it costs a lot and is accomplished through many volunteer hours and the difference between groomed access and not makes a huge difference to the quality of your daily ride in and out to the alpine off trail areas.

Sparwood & Elkford were talking about grooming the pipeline - if so please come prepared with some cash in your pocket to donate to their efforts - the sled community needs to stick together! Cheers - V

Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Report: Dec 3/10

Good Afternoon - it is cool and clear here -4 and we got about 3 inches of snow over the past couple of days but it was snowing more up top. Our local group of guys went up into Barnes and the creeks are open but they got stuck like crazy trying to get up into Limestone - too much snow! They have been to Rolling Hills and it was alright - lots of snow for early riding. Curt groomed our trail again - helping it to set up. Great time to break in a sled. Off trail you are going to hit and miss with deep snow and no base but we have more snow here than most places. Hope you have all ordered your avy equipment for Christmas! Cheers - V