Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Report: Dec 28/09

Temps still pretty cold in the mornings -18 and they warm up to about -10 in afternoon. Little bit of new snow up top on top of the rest daily. Mad Dog on his snowbike and photos of Limestone and entrance to Barnes, Cooper boon docking on the Arctic Cat and climbing with his Dad's 800 XP. Conditions are fantastic!
Flathead getting groomed often so please buy passes and/or contribute to the grooming fund in the box at the Corbin Staging area. There is also now a groomer that can be towed up and down the Barnes trail. Please support all the volunteer efforts that have been made to make everyone's riding experience that much more enjoyable.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow Report: Dec 26/09

Merry Christmas! Mad Dog's crew (Braedon, Vickie, Jay & Steve) was out in Limestone, Jerome Bowl and Rain Gauge and said it is all boon docking with about 1.5 ft of fresh snow ontop of the base. They didn't run into any rocks or stumps - just each other! They were in Elliott and it is deep and all the snow has come down with no cornices left. Barnes is deep and a boon docker's dream. Good News for sure! It is a bit cold today -18 but it is on a warming trend. Happy Sleddin!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snow Report: Dec 16/09

Got an inch yesterday and then another 4" last night on top of that down here at the Inn. Temp is -2 this morning - drastic change from -25 48hrs ago! There will be knee deep snow on the trails and likely similar snow in the alpine as shown in Harvey's photos of Cranbrook area that I included in this blog. Too busy with kids Christmas concerts and now blowing a bit of snow to get out back but it is warm enough now to say it would be worth riding. Expecting snow all week still. Watch for black ice on hwy 22.
We are booked over Christmas and New Years and until the 7th of Jan. Just a reminder that we book up about 3 months in advance for that time slot. Special rate still on til Sunday and the log and new cabin are available til then. Cheers!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Report: Dec10/09

Poppa Boone, Granny and Matty out on Christmas Tree search. Trail riding today and snow was 6-8 inches on the trail - didn't go up into the alpine but heard 4ft off the pipeline right now. Reports of 4-5 ft in trees to the Notch. Still really break in mode early season riding here. Warming up - currently -10 at 9:30pm tonight from -25 yesterday!
We aren't hosting an avalanche clinic at our resort but there are some Field Classes planned for the Fernie and Crowsnest areas beginning and end of Jan respectively.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow Report: Dec 4/09

Well the "southern AB" storm isn't hitting us very hard. Started in with fury but died out. I was in Crowsnest and Fernie today and the roads were pretty good - very normal and visibility started looking bad at around 11am but then improved by 12:30. We haven't gotten really much snow out of it. Up top maybe an a few more inches. Heard Calgary, Airdrie and Lethbridge were harder hit. Maybe we'll get some more tomorrow - hasn't stopped yet so that is promising and isn't blowing it away either.

Fernie Ski Hill opens full time tomorrow and the snow up top is amazing for this early I am told - similar stories with sledding out back in various areas up top and in the trees. Fernie ski hill is saying this is the best snow this early in the season that they have had since 1986.

Will update tomorrow. Curt home on Monday so we'll have photos on Tuesday/Wed - CURT and CLAYTON turn 40! on the 8th and 12th respectively! Cheers.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snow Report: Dec 2/09

Curt and Coop put on 30 miles on Sat. They said the trail was rutted up a bit from hunters until the second creek to Corbin where it became knee deep snow (Cooper made sure he jumped out in front for the fresh tracks!)

We got another 3 inches of fresh snow Monday night and it is snowing lightly this morning.

Remember you have a limited amount of time to take advantage of the shoulder season special flat rate on cabins (log and new $125 and doublewide $100)valid for dates up and until the 20th of Dec. Cheers!