Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec 23/14 - Snowfall Warning Elk Valley & Crowsnest - Snowing

Good Evening!

Its started Snowing!  And we have a Snowfall warning for Elk Valley and Crowsnest amongst other areas like Pincher/Waterton.  It is zero out right now and we are supposed to get 15-20cm of snow over tonight and tomorrow.  Temps will be at zero and then cool off with a front from the north to -5 and then -9 by Sunday with more snow in the forecast.  They are saying driving conditions will be very compromised so proceed with caution if you are out on the roads.

The guys tuned up all the sleds (vintages and new) and we are ready!  Curt has the groomer ready to go as soon as we have enough snow...they were out today and the trail was getting thin.  Still not an issue to head out on them but ripping it up on them would dislodge some rocks.  Not after this snowfall!  Will be fun for our guests leaving from here.

Up top is supposed to get 30cm (1 foot) out of this storm BUT....avalanches will be easily triggered with the new snow load atop the old crust...give it a few days to bond and always test out the snowpack at lower altitudes so you are making decisions based on the most relative and current snow conditions.  Everyone goes home gang. That is the rule.

Curt and I are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary tomorrow and likely won't be around to answer the phones - I will post snow photos in the morning and maybe some in the evening if we get out.

Cheers and Merry Christmas! - Verlee

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