Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Report: Jan 31/10

2 cm of new snow last night and likely a bit more than that up top - it was snowing all day. More snow forecasted for the next few days. Temp is -7 this morning and visibility is low up top right now - looks like snow!

Reports from the Calgary Club was that the Flathead trail was in very good condition - they were pleased.

Greg from Medicine Hat Harley Davidison said they were up in Rain Guage (it was a bit windy) & Heartbreak (good & looked like no one had been in there) but they were able to go everywhere and still found spots to get stuck.

I am looking for check point volunteers for the Alberta Snowmobile Jamboree Feb 27th & 28th if anyone is interested in volunteering - need groups of 3-4 at each (us girls are doing one) don't hesitate to call me - 403-563-3101! Cheers

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Report: Jan 30/10

Calgary Club here today to ride down the Flathead. Very organized group if you are interested in joining - they were safety checked, pre-trip meeting and planned route discussed with everyone and off they went with guide in front and back. Bow Cycle from Calgary joined for their Demo Days!

Temp is -3 and it is lightly snowing - hopefully that is going to build into some accumulation since we have not really had any noteworthy new snow in over a week. Up top will see more than us down here. Trails are set up but not icy - scratchers still a good idea for any long trips.

Fernie Club did their grooming on Fri and had their moonlight ride to the cabin for midnight brunch last night - that club does a lot of fun activities if you are looking to join. Pipeline is rough but if you go past cabin and ride groomed trails please donate to the Fernie Club - having fun on well taken care of trails only works if users contribute.

Medicine Hat Harley Davidson group coming tonight and will get an update from them and the Calgary Club when everyone returns tonight!

Fly Fishing has started! This is the perfect place to live eh?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Report: Jan 23/10

Paul & Bayden, Curt & Cooper, Amber & Keith went out today to Heartbreak & Rain Gauge and there was a lot of snow it is just set up - there is soft and deeper snow in the trees. You have to get off the trail and look for it. Sign up for an AST field course with Amber at
Flathead is in great condition - was groomed on Thurs. Just a reminder to drag up (and down if you come that way) the mini groomers at Barnes, Heartbreak and Rain Gauge to invest in maintaining the trails up to the alpine. Just remember to stand the drags up against a tree where they will not be buried by a big snowfall or by snow falling down off the tree.
We are supposed to be getting more snow - a light amount over the next few days but at least it is accumulating and not melting. Temp was about -5 Cheers!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow Report: Jan 22/10

We haven't had any accumulation of new snow since my last report but there is supposed to be some on the way either this weekend or early next week.

Temps have been holding at the -3 to -8 range so we haven't had any melting either. The trails are in good condition - not icy but I would have scratchers just incase. There is still snow up in the trees and traction is great but you can still find places to get thoroughly stuck.

Flathead is to be groomed this weekend so have some cash in your pocket. Fernie club's family day ride is Sunday.

Here are some photos of Steve-O & Gas Man touring the cut blocks all around our place. They find all kinds of riding within 5km of our place. Steve scopes out places in the summer on his motorcycle and then rides it in the winter!

We are heading out tomorrow and will have alpine photos for you. Amber Wood is here and has an AST 1 course running in Fernie on Sunday. Be safe!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snow Report: Jan 17/10

Report from guests that went to Barnes and Limestone was that there was 6 inches of new snow on top of the set up snow - they enjoyed it.

Tent had a bit of fresh snow on it too - was fun for the group that did a bit of late afternoon riding.

Temps are dropping a bit now ....-3 this morning and cloudy up top - would guess it is snowing up there. Things will be a bit crispy at lower altitudes but up top you'll find patches of soft snow for carving and also traction where it has gotten some exposure. Not going to be powder but you'll be able to go a lot of places and get stuck alot too if you aren't on the throttle lol.

Avalanche report for this area on - go to public site, then look up bulletins and then we are South Rockies. It has been "moderate" for Elk Valley and Crowsnest. Always wear a beacon though - better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it right? Cheers!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow Report: Jan 15/10

It is snowing here. Has been snowing all day up top and reports from our guests riding the pipeline is that there was a couple of feet of newer great boon docking snow in lots of places. The trails are soft from the warm weather but holding up really well. There are some icy spots but in all they are very good. Keep in mind - trails cannot be groomed when it is this warm. Fernie and Corbin have ramped up their grooming so please contribute.

We had our first rain down here at the Inn but it was rain/snow flurry at 6pm tonight and still snowing up top. It is now 9:30 and it has dropped off to a fine mist at +4.

Be aware if you have friends riding the Selkirks, Cariboos or North Columbia regions this weekend - there is an extreme hazard warning for this weekend from the group. Check the website for details and be sure to talk to local resources.

Be safe & have fun!

Snow Report: Jan 15/09

No rain here at our place. Temps were up but now they are down to the +2 and it was cooling off yesterday also. We have a dusting of snow down here but it was snowing up top.

Our guests went to Limestone and had a great day said the snow was deep enough and when they were on their way back their tracks were covered (up in the alpine). Still going to have a lot of traction from the previous warmer weather but our snow is still here and you can ride from our place.

Note: TECK @The Coal Mountain active mine at Corbin has posted a sign saying no trespassing on mine property or they will close down the staging area which is on land they own. Stay off the banks of the Flathead trail to the east (or on your left heading into the Flathead) - there are open ponds on the other sides of these banks all the way to Barnes turn off - just try to hold on to the ripping around till you are out of their active mine area. They have also sent the Corbin club a notice as there has been activity even after they have posted their sign. We don't want to lose the staging area or other riding areas on mine property so heed the signs and closed off areas. This does not mean that the Flathead trail is closed and some riders thought when they saw the sign. Cheers!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Report: Jan 13/10

Good Morning, We have gotten a couple of days of +6 and the snow has set up down here at the Inn. I would bring scratchers if you are going to be riding trails at lower altitudes just incase. The snow up top will still be thick - we are not talking exposed rock warm temps - just more like traction to go a lot of places.

Temp is cooling tonight and snow is expected. If we don't get it down here we will surely get it up top.

Just a note so everyone riding this weekend can know what to expect and aren't afraid of the conditions. Always good to check south rockies before you ride. Cheers!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Snow Report: Jan 11/09

Roger, Neil, Rob (The Crew from Gray, SK), Curt and I headed out to Heartbreak and it was fantastic! The snow in the trees was wonderfully carvable and stable on the slopes. We tore it up all day in there. There is a drag that you can pull up and down to keep the trail in shape. Great contraption! The trail and flathead were in great shape too - remember to bring cash for trail fees because if it is groomed they will be collecting and credit cards don't work. Believe me it is worth it - they have groomed LOTS already and the ride in is fast and flat! Temps were warming up the day we took these photos (Thurs).
Today it was +5 and the snow was melting. Still would be good riding up in the alpine and hopefully it snows this week with the warmer temps instead of -18.
Remember Corbin Poker Derby on the family day long weekend - Feb 13th & 14th. The Alberta Snowmobile Association Jamboree is in Crowsnest Pass Feb 27th and 28th.
Sled rentals are now available at Mountian Memories - Mr. R's of now Lethbridge is supplying sleds out of their location in the Pass. Tim at Over the Top Rentals has sleds for rent out of Calgary to this area as does Ghostrider Motorsports in Fernie.
Just a reminder....we only rent cabins(self sufficient with BBQs too) and avalanche beacons and backpacks with shovels and probes. We no longer have sled rentals, the restaurant or bar although the Rum Runner, Vinnie's Pizza(they deliver), Chris' Restaurant etc are 10 mins away as are all the big chain grocery stores - 10 mins in either direction. Cheers!