Friday, June 24, 2011

Quad Report: Jun 24/11

A bit cooler temps today but that was +14 so not bad - breeze was cool and it would spit for a few minutes but never actually rained. Hot yesterday at +24. Weather moving steadily toward constant warm sunny temps.

After only two days of warmth Curt and the Moose Jaw guys - Randy and Murray, were able to cross at the 6000ft mark - snow was minimal and is likely gone now - waterfalls were roaring but the creeks are a bit slower with the cooler entry into summer. Trail of 7 Bridges was just right for challenge and being able to still cross.

July openings are as follows: New Cabin available evening of the 4th to morning of the 7th, evening of the 10th to the 13th, evening of the 18th to the 28th. Log open evening of the 10th to the 13th. If you are interested in any of those dates let me know. THE DOUBLEWIDE IS NOW GONE - Yahoooo! Cheers -V

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quad Report: Sunny Days!

Hi - we have had overcast with short spotty showers for the past week but nothing that kept you from being out and doing stuff. Today is 21 and warming up fast with the forecast for 27 tomorrow and hot all week. I think we have arrived at summer.

July may have a few spots available but August is booking up fast now. I think September will be really good too as we have been a month behind from full on snow and sledding all through the month of April.

Our guys from Moose Jaw have encountered some snow around the 6000 ft mark and couldn't make it fully to the plane crash on the York Creek Trail but they have been a lot of other places. Curt headed out with them (Randy and Murray) this afternoon to Trail of 7 Bridges and B road. Cheers! V

Monday, June 6, 2011

Quad/Fishing Report: June 6/11

Hi - sorry it has been so long! We have had great weather the past 4 days or so. +18 to +23 and smokin hot. Today was a bit overcast all day but still warm and no rain. We have availability in June - give us a call.

Summit Lake - a two minute walk from our place was restocked with 3,200 Gerards and Fraser Valley rainbows the other week! 7-8 inches and some 16 inch too.

We only have the log cabin and new cabin available over the summer as we are building a new one where the doublewide was so be sure to call in advance. July is pretty well booked up. June is turning out to be sunnier than in previous years so far. Check out the CNP Quad Squad's website for all the quadding info for the Pass. Support their club - its very low cost and they do fantastic work for keeping quadding alive and well in this area. Cheers -V