Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 28/11

Can you see the CPR shack across the tracks from us? neither. It is snowing big flakes and lots of them and blowing a bit also but its warmer lol! Its about -14 right now and supposed to snow and flurry all week getting to zero around Thurs. It was supposed to be warmer than this by now so maybe zero is a stretch but I am guessing -4 range is possible. Roads were open this morning but travel was sketchy at our area. The causeway between us and the Welcome to Alberta sign was very bad and it seems to get worse the further west (into BC) you go from us. Glad I brought the kids home from school as soon as I dropped them off because it is getting more and more difficult to see. We aren't even going to bother blowing snow as it fills in as fast as you move it. We have easily 6 inches of new snow on top of what we had yesterday. The horse trailer is 22inches high and raised on the jack so the 2 ft drift infront of it looks little.
Can't tell that Page has the lights on on the tree at their place on the other side of the creek.
This will be so awesome in the trees when visibility improves and we can get out riding! Don't drive this way today or tonight if you don't have to. Cheers -V

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 27th/11

Sorry no pics from the guys' ride today but they finally made it to Alexander. Said there was 4 inches of fresh snow between 5000-6000ft. Above that it was wind blown and set up or as Lou said - "hero snow" up top and they ride Alexander all the time. Cranbrook had their poker run this past weekend and the boys said they went into the backcountry and the snow was phenonmenal.

It has been warming up and snowing all day. Started out around -14 and is now -8. Snow was icy crystals to start but is now into the nice flakes and it got heavier throughout the day. Likely another inch or more on top of the 4 inches new to mid altitude. Forecast is for snow daily and temps going up to -4 mid week.

The Moose Jaw crew rode the Rolling Hills two days in a row and said it was good snow. The consensus among all was that the trees were fantastic.

The Fernie Snowmobile Poker Run starting at Coal Creek staging area runs on Sat the 5th and its Griz Days in Fernie this coming weekend. Cheers -V

Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 25/11

Unbelievable! It has been snowing an inch or so all week daily - more up top and blowing a bit on and off down here. Now yesterday it was -24! This morning it is -30! Supposed to go up to -15 today though and given the weather last weekend when it went from -29 to -6 in 8hrs I believe this new forecast. The gang showed up from home and rode yesterday - are planning to go to Alexander today once it warms up and they get over last night!

Saturday is supposed to be -9 with it warming up to -4 this week and snow everyday. We have openings this coming week so take advantage of the warm snowy weather! Got the Crow Snow Riders groomer to come out and cut out a the sidehill that Robert, the girls and Coop dug out last weekend - it is all better now! Thanks Shane!

The doublewide will be gone at the end of March so we will only have two cabins (log and new) available for the summer and early fall likely while we build a new one.

Cranbrook Snowmobile Club has their poker derby on this weekend - they should have good weather - always a bit warmer there. Cheers -V

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 21/11

Great Poker run at Corbin yesterday and Sat. The morning started out on Sat at -29! OMG! But they just started a little later and by 2:30 it was -6. Crazy. We were at +1 yesterday and -1 today which has been very nice. It has however picked up the winds up top and Limestone was a bit windy on the top 1/4 of the slope. Rain Gauge and Heartbreak were super windy and not much fun because of it. That should settle down as the temp evens out and maintains.
First photo is of Jen winning a Teck sweater, end of the poker derby handing out prizes (Hi Ken and Annette! we see you waving you big ham), Perry scarfin' down a hot dog at the McClatchie/Lodgepole turn off and Sommer in the lead with big brother Cooper hanging out behind her on the Upper Harvey leg of the derby. We had 24 vintage entries with the oldest being Ken's 1967 Mercury and 84 regular riders Sunday. Thank you to all who donated their winnings back to the club to help us pay for the repairs to the Bombi - what fantastic spirit!
Thanks to Robert and the girls and Cooper for shoveling out our sidehill on our trail that blew in - TROOPERS! We have the big bombi coming to cut it out so we can maintain it. And thanks girls for the horse magazines - Sommer is loving them. Cheers to all! V

Monday, February 14, 2011

Snow Report: Feb14 Valentine's Snow

I got my Valentine's gift - it is snowing right now and supposed to snow 30cm at least over the next week with temps from +2 to -6 as the week progresses. It was clear today but the snow switch just went off.

I went snowshoeing today and it was heavy snow but I was still sinking 4 inches. We have openings this week but are booked solid 18th to the 20th with only the doublewide open 21st to 24th then booked solid again.

Poker Derby on at Corbin this weekend with Vintage on Sat and Fernie Drags are on Sat too. Lots to do in the snow! Keep an eye on the avalanche reports and "know before you go". Looking really good out there. Cheers -V

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Report: Feb13/11

Last night the winds were easily over 100km/hr and it was raining in Pincher Creek through to Coleman but we are just high enough that that changed to snow between us and Coleman, AB. Today it is +1 and mostly sunny. Last night we got grauple which is not a solid as hail but still little balls of snow instead of snowflakes. This heated up to form a lattice of crust. We got another inch of snow last night and the snow is dense but not wet. We still have not gotten rain.
We heard that hwy #1 is closed - not sure where right now but it has foiled some plans for people leaving Calgary to head west so we are getting calls about coming south. Our hwy #3 is open and there is regular moving traffic on it. We are not losing any snow to the warmer temps over the past few days as it replenishes itself overnight. Forecast is for more snow tomorrow and overcast. Waterton area is getting 154km winds but we are calm. Hope this helps you make plans. Cheers -V

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 12/11

Fast update: it is zero here and beautiful out. We got another 2 inches of snow last night and it is wet snow but holding - was blowing hard last night late too. I went for a ski and it was sticky but I was sinking in still 3-4 inches - not slushy but heavy. Check avy reports for South Rockies - it was snowing up top this morning still. Flathead should be groomed. Hopefully lots of stuff has come down on its own - if it hasn't and it is wind loaded from the past few days and then this heavy bit is added to it it will be not wise to be riding on. Again - lots of great slopes and trees to ride - safe areas. Great day to go for a ride. Cheers - V

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 11/11

First photo is of this afternoon - it is snowing big flakes and about -1 out. Was +1 earlier this morning and I went for a ski on our trail - was about 2-3inches of soft snow on the base of the trail and you would sink to your knee off trail still in spots. Been blowing a bit from the 7th when Cooper took this bottom photo - the brown stuff at the far left in the pasture is a huge herd of Elk. Watch out driving west of Coleman for them - they are down daily (also the sheep are out at the Lakes east of us).
Temps are beautiful for sledding. Check the avy report for your area before you go and then enjoy yourself this weekend.
Corbin Poker Derby is the 19th (vintage that day) and 20th - regular ride. They are grooming tonight and then again before the derby. Fernie Snow Drags are on the 19th also. We are booked solid for that weekend and the last weekend of Feb but the Doublewide is available during the Feb break week. Weather forecast is very favorable. Cheers - V

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 7/11

Quick update. Hovered around the -8 mark most of the day. Visibility this morning delayed the kids going to school but it cleared by 9:00am and remained snowing up top all day and still tonight. Snow is supposed to stop by morning and then more snow in the forecast for Sat and Sun. Temps to go to zero and +1/-1 by late week/weekend.

Blew snow today out of the yard. We got about 3 inches down here but it was blown in in areas a foot or so deep.

A bad accident at the Lakes halted traffic over the Pass most of the day - please slow down when traveling through that area when you come.

We are getting snow and good temps - should be good riding this week and weekend.
Cheers - V

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 6/11

Snowing late yesterday and last night lightly and still today - visibility low up top. Just a bit more than a dusting - an inch down here.

All our guests were thoroughly impressed by the snow they found in Rain Gauge, Heartbreak, Limetone, Alexander and even just playing on Barnes Lake. The word Epic was used again for the amount of snow. Its about -2 and no sign of this light snow ending. The forecast looks favorable temp and snow wise. We have openings this week and weekend. Cheers -V

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 4/11

The Peter Randall crew went riding with Curt.....god help them. After riding Alexander yesterday they were hesitant to head out to Limestone today but after a morning coffee they are gungho again. LOL - they had lots of laughs and found all the snow they could ask for. The middle photo is the "drainage" that Curt thought "what's down there?" Luckily it opened up at the bottom but there was some boulder hopping on the way down and lots of snow!
Today is fantastic! It is zero and snowing lightly down here and more up top. Unbelieveable swing in temps this past week. Snow is in really great condition and you will find powder. Cooper taking the day off school to go ride today with Curt. Too good to pass up.
The doublewide booked for Feb18th weekend but is still open the Feb break week starting the 21st (could have an arrival date of the 20th late afternoon). Cheers -V.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Report: Feb 2/11 - Opening for Feb Break

Hi Gang,
Just had a cancellation for Feb 19th (Corbin Poker Derby and Snow Drags in Fernie) through to the 26th for the DW (everyone's favorite). I strongly suggest that if you were considering booking that you call soon!

Sunny and -24 today YIKES but supposed to warm up to -10 and tomorrow it is supposed to be -7 and Friday zero with flurries on Sunday. Snow is in great shape and hardly touched - Flathead was groomed and has had a foot of snow on top of that! Cheers - V