Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snow Report: May 5/10

They said we'd get 10cm and we did. Some had melted by this morning but it was snowing hard last night. Forecast is for rain and temps increasing from 4 to 14 above incrementally by next Tuesday. Traffic is moving slow up top but the plough trucks gave it a once over last night. Still snowing up top a bit this morning. Fish will be biting! (Don't worry Chris....this will be gone by end of May - LOL). Cheers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Snow Report: May 4th/10

Well the gang from Brooks, our locals and Ezzy and Tyson were out sledding this past weekend with snow in spots up to the knees - fairly set up but lots of good riding for hardcores. The Flathead is gravel for about 2-3km (not able to drive all the way into Barnes turn-up) and trailers made their way in. Curt very sad about broken thumb watching all of them leave to ride. There is no avalanche report this time of year but beware and watch for signs - the heat and wet snow will cause releases but there are lots of great places to ride away from iffy terrain.

Fishing is incredible - on the BC Summit Trophy Trout lake 2mins walk from us they have been pulling great fish out. Cooper and Kale caught 4 this past weekend (catch and release - the limit is 1 fish) and they talked to some guys who had caught (and released) 25 fish one day. Check out the Alberta Fly Fishing blog to get the inside scoop on what is hatching for flies right now.

Bears are awake now. Quadding is pretty good - over 6000ft you will likely run into snow but the Crowsnest Pass is dry with alot of kms of lower elevation riding.

Top Gunn Mechanical is opening a Motorsports division to their shop to fill the hole left by BSL Industries. They are located on 20th Ave (the main street through Blairmore) in Blairmore and will be carrying all the parts, tires, belts and some clothing to ensure that a breakdown won't hold up your vacation winter or summer. Stop in and check out Doug and Sherry's store!

After July 31st we are saying good bye to the Doublewide trailer and building a new cabin with 3 bedrooms, kitchen & livingroom in its spot! The Doublewide is for sale and must be gone by August 1st - the price is $10,000 and includes all the furniture and beds except for the double bunkbed and lamps. We have Dan & Sheila Hall of Countryside Homes out of Cranbrook who will break it apart, seal it, move it, block and brace it and put it together for under $10,000 depending on the new site location and within 150 miles or you are welcome to find another mover. This is priced to move!

Sorry I have been lax on blogging. Tis the season to dirt bike, quad, fish, hunt, snowmobile, ride horses and even golf all in the same weekend! Cheers!