Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doublewide Update: June 15, 2010

Well we haven't had snow for a while now....lol We are getting just enough drizzle here and there to keep the dust down and the forest wet - perfect!

The doublewide will see ONE more season! Curt and his Dad - Boone are the carpenters and they now find themselves looking at a Sept shutdown and late harvest and have decided to hold off on building a new cabin till next spring. So for all you who love the doublewide (it is our favorite accomodation)...book now for August and further. We will still be looking to sell it in the spring so if you have a property that needs an economical home or cabin on it give us a call.

The gang did the Cranbrook Quad ride to here and back to Cranbrook ride and they were COLD! Fun was had by all and a there was a razor roll amidst the riding. A fall trip is in the discussion stages.

It is June 15th and so the north side of us and Alexander is open to motorized vehicles.

We have one opening for July 1-6th for the new cabin but then we are booking into August.

Cheers and have fun!