Friday, March 30, 2012

Snow Report: Mar 30/12 - Out like a Lion

When I say there is a line where the snow starts and we are on the snowy side's proof! Hank, Shawn, Austin, Shannon and Sheldon reported 2ft of fresh new snow up in Alexander. They said they ripped it up in Alexander yesterday and then came back for more and their tracks were gone so they ripped it up again! A bit heavy but snow coming over the hood. Castle reported 36cm of new fresh powder and Fernie 30cm. Snow report is more to come. It was raining steady down here this morning but he frost line was at about 5500 just looking at the trees on the mountains. Then it changed to snow quickly. Its +3 and has been between 1 and 5 all day. Supposed to keep snowing tonight and be warmer on Sat then cooling a little bit on Sunday but all in the plus temps.

Shawn made a believer out of Curt on his Timbersled! Curt had an awesome time and noted that the different track shape makes a huge difference in handling. Check out Timbersled and be ready for some serious demo riding next year here - we'll give you lots of notice when Shawn can come out with all his new toys.

The other photo is of the Elk - only a fraction of the normal numbers that come down to those pastures by the Devon Gas Plant. Always beware driving through that stretch as they like to go back and forth across the highway and they don't move much for traffic.

Avy reports are looking better but keep an eye on them and then be conservative picking your terrain. There are tons of great spots to ride right now - kicking rock at the top may not be one of them....Cheers -V

Friday, March 23, 2012

Snow Report: Mar 23/12 - still snowing

Hi - quick note - snowed 6-8 inches yesterday - Curt pushed snow before he had to fly out. Got another 2 inches overnight in the yard and it is still snowing. Trail was great two days ago so it will be even better today. Have our two new cabins available March 27th week and weekend. Have log cabin available April 5th weekend. Zacs Tracs hosting an AST Level 1 class & Field course in Fernie March 24th & 25th - Lori, Cooper said your presentation at Crowsnest Highschool was great! Cheers -V

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snow Report: Mar 20/12 Snow Snow Snow

Hello Sledders!
So we were in balmy Saskatchewan for a week where it was +12 and sunny and while we were gone it snowed 4 days out of 6 and Leipert says Limestone was amazing! The trail is in excellent shape with new snow falling on it still tonight. To recap...The 12th we got 6-8 inches, 13th - another 6 inches, warm day took about 6 inches back and then we have gotten about 18 inches minimum since we have been gone and then another 8 inches at least in the yard today and lightly snowing. Forecast is for more snow - a little bit each day but not huge dump for the next 4 out of 5 days. Shaping up to be a great spring like last year. Call and leave a message for bookings - I will call you back in the evenings. Don't put your sled away yet! Cheers -V

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow Report: Mar 13/12 Snow all week

Flurries. Sunday night it was snowing and blowing and it was Monday too and I thought oh here it comes. I drove to Hilcrest and the roads were summer time dry and it was sunny. Crazy. I drove back from Calgary today and same thing. Blairmore was fine and just past Devon Gas Plant it was snowing and blowing. Matt and Curt were pushing snow for hours. 6-8 inches last night and again today. Wet wet snow so avalanche danger will be very prevalent. Supposed to be between -8 and +1 all week with flurries. Flakes are getting a bit bigger as it cools down a bit tonight. Cheers - V

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snow Report: Mar 11/12 - Dangerous Conditions

Hello - sorry I have been remiss. It warmed up to +9 here on Sat and the yard was a layer of slush on a couple layers of compressed snow. Today it snowed all day - wet big flakes. Not accumulating a whole bunch down here as it was so wet. Couldn't see the mountains at all.

There was a SPAW (Special Avalanche warning) for the weekend with the sudden warm weather acting on the big dump of snow we got and winds moving things around. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the sledder caught in the Corbin area avalanche. Please if you can hold off of sledding for a few days I would - just let this weather play out and watch the reports daily to gauge your next outing. Especially if you are in unfamiliar territory. Knowing the history of terrain (that comes down often, that every now and again) and the prevailing winds is so very important now that even below treeline the danger is serious and on most unsuspecting slopes and convex aspects. Frequent discussions with other members of the local sledding community is always a good idea. ALWAYS wear your beacon and carry your shovel and probe on your body not your sled.

I was in Pincher on Saturday and it was +11 and no sign of snow at all and we still have a lot of snow - you can ride out the back gate easily although with this warm weather and lots of guests it has gotten rougher. When it cools down we'll be able to groom. The Corbin groomer is down for a repair so it has gotten a bit rough there also.

So be careful, plan your next avy course, buy equipment you require and practice with the guy or gal you ride with. Thanks gang. Verlee

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snow Report: Mar 6/12 - Lots o Snow

An hour after I said the snow was tapering off it started back up and I woke up to 18-24 inches (knee deep doing chores)and unable to see the CPR shack across the way. It continued to snow while Cooper and I were pushing snow with the commander and tractor - thank you George for bringing it with you!!! We pushed snow from 8:30 am to just after 1pm. Our guys arrived and Cooper took them to Tent where they experienced a slide on a convex simple slope with no consequences. So Cooper said lets go and took them to cut blocks which were full of fresh powder - a bit heavy but it did get lighter with altitude. The guys had a blast they said - thumbs up all around. So beware the heavy wet loads on any slope right now. Primed and ready to slide. At 5:30 Cooper and I and a couple of the guys rode B road to the Corbin hwy and it was coming over the hood - fantastic! We were only out for 90 mins but it was wonderful. Temp is -4 and supposed to go to -11 tonight and then back up to 3 and later in the week 8 degrees and then supposed to flurry with a little snowfall accumulation Fri and Sat. Jeesh. Point is is there is still lots of snow and just look at last years photos from late Mar and April. You may have hero snow typical spring riding or you may have an awesome fresh dump like last nights snow! The next available cabins I have is for March 27th. Cheers Gang

Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Report: Mar 5/12 - Results of Snowfall

Well it was a slow drive home tonight - roads are a bit icy and we have a solid 6-8 inches in the yard. More up top as it was snowing all day. Per the forecast it has dropped off tonight. Temps are supposed to get up to +8 this week! Sleddin in t-shirts. Snow is really wet and heavy - likely lighter the higher you go. Here is a photo of the front of the house tonight. The other photo is when Curt and kids went grooming on Sunday. There wasn't much snow even in the Pass on the roads and ditches but it blanketed that too tonight. Again - watch the roads - drive slowly and avoid the accident that may be ahead of you around the bend. Its zero and going to -5 tonight. Levi - have it in 4 wheel drive when you pull into the yard tomorrow! Cheers -V

Snow Report: Mar 5th - Snowfall warning

Sorry about the no photos of late - all work and no play...ya know.

Snowfall warning today for 20-30cm and I believe it the flakes have doubled in size in the past 30 mins and increased in intensity. Wet snow right now and 3 degrees. I would be considering that anywhere where you may have to through a Pass you may find the road closed this afternoon and overnight. Just a heads up.

Derrick I heard you and the guys had an awesome time this weekend! LOL

Curt and the kids groomed the trail yesterday and it was great to the creeks and then after that it was too warm and started balling up so he just did the first 5km and back but this snow will fix that!

We are booked this whole week solid already - those guys are gonna get some great snow. Cheers - V