Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19/14 - Guests had lots of mud & fun

Morning, our guests have checked out and I got it wrong - they didn't go over McCool Pass they went over Tent Mtn Pass aka B Road. Yesterday they went up Trail of 7 Bridges and they said that was the best part of the whole trip and they had a blast daily. They came back thoroughly covered in slurry. We had rain on and off but mostly at night and yesterday was sunny for the most part of they day. Today is overcast and +16. Supposed to be Sunny all week except for Friday that has rain forecasted and then +21 & sunny on Sat. We have this coming weekend open and now that I know you can get around I say have at it! Cheers - V

Saturday, May 17, 2014

May Long Weekend/14 - Snow still above 5500

Good Morning Off Road Vehicle Enthusiasts....well its May long weekend and temps are in around the +15 here but Cooper said it was super hot at Elko Motocross track yesterday when he and Jesse took the bikes out for the day. It rained last night and this morning but it has stopped and its warming up a bit. Nice day out for getting a bit mucky. Summit lake has seen some winter kill - Eagles and Bears are getting their fill. Fish will be looking for some munchies so these cool temps should make for a bit of good fishing in some of the hot spots. We have a big crew here this weekend as you can see from the photos. We don't allow RV's unless you book the entire resort and then for a fee you can bring RVs. They made it up to the Tent Mtn gate yesterday and had to break a bit of trail. Today they are going to tackle McCool Pass to Corbin and they know they will be using the block n tackle lots and still may not make it but they are a skilled and determined bunch! Cooper and I are driving around to see Archie at Corbin from A&E Racing - I will get a few photos of the staging area. Ride safely and only on open trails. Don't muck around in the creeks or rip up on the roads/hwy - we want to keep the privileges we have and conservation agents will be out in full force to ensure those who abuse it get fined. Support your local clubs and the - memberships are super inexpensive and they lobby on your behalf and maintain trails with volunteers. Get ready for a great season! Cheers -V