Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snow Report: April24/12 - Light Rain

Good Morning, It was hot hot this Sat and Sun. 30 above at Koocanusa where Cooper got a really good lobster burn while dirtbiking. Today is 7 above and light rain. Thought I would show you that the ice is just coming off Summit Lake. Fishing will soon commence. Still have some snow on the trail in the trees out the back gate but you will have to trailer to higher elevations if you still want to ride. Save your vacation days and dollars for the summer quads & bikes. Thunder in the Valley is cancelled this year - a reminder. Rum Runner days will still go on during what used to be Thunder in the Valley. Cheers -V

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snow Report: Apr 18/12 Light Snow

Good Morning,
Light snow this morning down here and up top. It is -1. It usually snows the weekend of the Kananaskis Rodeo on the 28th of April but maybe its early this year. It is supposed to go to +18 this weekend! It is the mountains though and it could still snow a week later. Down here it is like riding concrete but further up it softens...a bit...LOL. Save vacation days and dollars for summer fun now unless you are the type that rides almost year round and have tons of days to burn up from work.

Heads up....Thunder in the Valley has been cancelled. Rum Runner days still go on but the actual fireworks show has been terminated in the Pass due to increased costs of policing and other event costs. The Pass loses another thing. Cheers -V

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snow Report: April 15/12 Some Fluff

Good Morning, It is +2 and we got a good inch of fluffy snow out of last nights snowfall but it was still snowing up top this morning. Frost is right down to our altitude and there is a cool breeze. Likely got a few more inches up top to sit on the hero snow that is up there right now. Still fine to ride and you could ride from our yard but the trail would be rough from all the action it got from being full of guests Monday. Trailering is the best bet right now to save your body at the end of the day. Cheers! V

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snow Report: April 14/12 Its Snowing!

Well its about a week earlier than last year and I don't think it will be our 3ft overnight that we had in 2011 but it is snowing. Big flakes since the afternoon and it is supposed to stay in the -5 range so it shouldn't melt too much overnight. You can't see the top of the mountains and it didn't rain here today before hand. I will update everyone in the morning as to how much we got down here. Roads are good. Cheers -V

Monday, April 9, 2012

Snow Report: Apr 9/12 Hero Snow

Hey Gang,
Well all the new snow has set up and we are heading into warmer temps. If you like to go up all the way and over the tops then the snow is perfect. If you are not accustomed to bumpy hard trails, slush in the afternoon at lower altitudes and hook up unforgiving if you make an error go anywhere snow then time to stabilize your sled and fire up the quad.

I have a booking for the 22nd of April and then the we are going to take some time off between seasons. If it snows 3 ft overnight like it did April 21st last year then I will blog it and the cabins will be ready. I wouldn't deny anyone that but otherwise we are going to let the bears wake up and prep for May bookings. Thanks for a great winter....don't worry its not over yet by a long shot but just so you know we have had another fun season with everyone....Cheers -V

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snow Report: Apr 3/12 - Cabin rented

Hi Gang,
The cabin got scooped up for the weekend so we are booked but we are wide open after Monday the 9th so if it snows alot I will let you know so you can still get some spring riding in here. Per the blog photos from last year we had a huge dump of snow in 2011, April 21st - keep your fingers crossed.

Okay right now it is +9, melting a bit but not as much as I thought +9 would make it. Flurries are forecasted for Thurs and Friday as temps go down to 4 degrees - great big snow temp. Supposed to rain a bit Wed and Sun - hopefully it is snow up top at higher altitudes. You can still ride easily from our yard and that photo I took a few days ago from the tracks to show that the snow starts here at our yard still stands true today.

George is out grooming the Flathead tonight if it gets cool enough. He is grooming it for the BRP Invitational Ride to try out the new models being held at Corbin tomorrow. Our trail may be rough as it has not seen a groom in these warm temps for a week now. When Curt was out with the boys on Sat he was cruisin with the commander and a few km back and up the snow was heavy and blanketed the trail. Cooper said it wasn't bad on the XP. Do the snow dance gang - summer will come fast enough! Cheers -V

Monday, April 2, 2012

Snow Report: Apr 2/12 - Big Snow & Availability

I tried to upload some photos from the guys out riding but couldn't so here are the photos of Cooper and Tanner out back country skiing just behind our place about 4km on Sat and Sun. Trail is rough - been a bit warm to groom but still rideable - Perry's neighbors rode in from Corbin on Sunday morning. Temps are -1 in the morning and 2 above during day - still chilly. Supposed to warm up to 11 by Wed and then down to 7 by Thursday but it is supposed to snow 15-40cm then too! Avy report says it will start out as rain but turn to snow - ya know spring snow storm. Here is the next news....WE HAVE A CABIN OPEN NOW...our Divide cabin (ya the one in the middle LOL) with room for 3-4 guys (4 if you use the hide-a-bed couch). It was booked but now is open so if you want to take advantage of what could be a big dump or just come and spring ride if it doesn't the snow is waiting and its still deeper than expected!